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Winter is coming for streaming music

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Winter is coming for streaming music

Digital Algeria Phone Number List evolves hand in hand with technology and developments on the internet as well. Let’s not forget that the internet connection was dial up (by dialing) until 2000. We already know that everything related to the internet evolves at different speeds than the real world, a few years ago we were browsing Netscape , Altavista was the standard search engine But those of us who wanted to be somewhat more in the forefront used Yahoo or Lycos , Facebook was nothing more than a dream of Mr. Zuckerberg , we all chatted on icq , we chatted on msn and there was no technological person who did not use Blogspotto make yourself known or write down your thoughts. We downloaded music through Napster since the recently created mp3 format that allowed us to download compressed songs in a “reasonable” time, half an hour or forty minutes, something that today we see as ridiculous and unthinkable. Today all this is part of the past and many of these companies do not even exist and between yesterday and today there are only a few years.

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This vertigo of news and disasters makes it essential to be very aware of the news and trends in the market. Since for all of us who are linked to digital Forex Email List it is necessary to properly monitor all the trends that are emerging and that are currently perceived in this volatile market. We say this taking into account that in each of them the exploitation of online advertising can be developed , these are opportunities that we have and being first can give us an important relative advantage. A clear example is the phenomenon of online videos , a trend that is constantly evolving and in which our clients invest large millionaire figures annually.

figure 1

The billions that there are in dance advertising mark the importance that exists around these trends, today we will focus on the beginning of a battle around a service that has given much to talk about, streaming music . As if it were the beginning of “ Games of the Throne ”, the month of May has meant the setting of a scenario that will give a lot to talk about in 2015.

And it is that nowadays every digital platform must bear in mind that to survive it is necessary to constantly reinvent and innovate, something that is undoubtedly very clear to the Swedish Daniel Ek , director of Spotify . We affirm this since, as many know, days ago the streaming music server announced its opening to video, with its own audiovisual production, information services, podcasts and a much more emotional approach to its users.

In short, with this measure, the application means between the lines “Dear Google , I am not afraid to battle with YouTube .”


And the fact is that the site , considered the invention of the year in 2006, has every right to take the action of its “rival” personally, if we take into account that Spotify has contacted companies dedicated to generating content for YouTube , in order to produce own videos.

But you have to wonder what caused the application of European origins to change its focus on music, since it can basically be argued that desire is focused on massification. Its growth since its inception has been more than remarkable and reaching the figure of 60 million active users (15 million of these are paid subscribers) has been the perfect excuse to refresh its philosophy.

Now, the action of the Swede Ek cannot be classified as the beginning of the battle, far from it, at the end of 2014 Google had already struck the first blow with the announcement of what will become YouTube Music Key.

This subscription service, which is planning to launch in September, will be the integration of Google Play Music with the ability to view music videos without ads and even download them offline. In the same way, it can be said that the Mountain view company waited for the movements of its rival, in order to prepare a counterattack to what will be considerable damage in the market share of its streaming service in these months .

Without a doubt, we await the new updates from Google to be able to develop a face-to-face comparison of both services (As if it were Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen ).

Apple, the enemy everyone fears in the battle for the throne.

Without a doubt, given all these events, no one was going to think that the little apple was going to be just another spectator. And it is that from the first moment in which Apple made the purchase of Beats Music (LINK), it was known that its objective is to develop a mixed service, which offers to listen to songs by streaming and also the possibility of buying them for less than a dollar.

A move that will come after Apple assumed to be hit with both Spotify’s sweeping advance as well as Google’s new initiative , but Tim Cook and his team are preparing a revenge. We do not want to point them out either, but this action will be based on two fatal factors for its competitors: Firstly, putting pressure on discographies to withdraw their licenses in the European application, and secondly offering them the payment of the income it generates. music on YouTube , with the only condition that they remove your free music on the web .

In short, Apple is pulling out all the artillery to unseat its two rivals, prior to what would be a hypothetical launch of its new streaming music service . And how not to do it? If we take into account that the income generated by Itunes has reached over 5000 million dollars, in a few words the company founded by Steve Jobs wants to continue reigning in the world of music.

Now, for us marketers we cannot observe without concern how this dispute for the throne unfolds, because the battlefield is the terrain on which a large part of our advertisers seek to position their products. We will look closely at the new contenders and position changes in the remainder of 2015.

In this way the table is served, a lot of money is at stake and those who will have the last word will be the users, but you have to be very attentive to the next actions of each of those involved.

Honor is in dispute, as Cercei Lannister would say “When you play the Game of Thrones you can only win or die. There are no intermediate points ”.

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