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Will customer engagement shape the future of e-commerce?

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Will customer engagement shape the future of e-commerce?

The way of buying has changed. Consumers do not have to go to the store, or even sit in front of the computer, to make their purchases. Mobile devices have revolutionized the way customers discover products, stay informed of news, and place their orders. For this reason, retailers face the challenge of meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding and experienced customer, in a situation of empowerment hitherto unthinkable. All this thanks to the development of social networks and new technologies. More than half of oman phone number format traffic already comes from mobile devices . Customers can shop at any time, from anywhere. Therefore, companies must be able to respond in a timely manner to their requests, be present through all contact points of the purchase process and guarantee the same experience, regardless of the device chosen. With all this, the objective is not to make a sale, but to promote engagement with the customer, in such a way that a relationship of trust is established that encourages repeat purchases and, with that, customer retention.


Electronic commerce is no longer a complement to the business of the company , but a basic piece within the sales strategy, which drives the growth of the company, and its presence in a mobile world in permanent development and evolution. Likewise, it is an advantage available to any company, regardless of its size; one of the advantages of the online world is equal opportunities. The customer has the last word. For this reason, it is advisable for companies to strive to obtain favorable treatment for the client ; in this way they will ensure their survival. They must work to make a hole in their mind; a goal for which social media can be very useful. They constitute direct communication channels with the company, in an agile and simple way, in a medium where the customer has a voice and vote. The influence of social networks on purchasing Forex Email List decisions is a reality. 63% of Millennials stay updated on brand news through 2.0 platforms; while 46% affirm that they trust the recommendations obtained in these channels, when deciding what to buy. Therefore, developing an effective online presence is an imperative for companies and brands. But just being there is not enough, they need to encourage engagement with their customers, talk, listen and, above all, respond. The best way to generate opportunities to establish contact with customers and open a door to dialogue is through a comprehensive content strategy. It is about inviting conversation, opening a door to interaction and, from there, continuing to maintain the interest initially created, in such a way that it leads to regular contact. To position itself as a preferred option in the mind of the consumer, it needs arguments. The company needs to cultivate differential values, and connect with its target audience. The key is in engagement.

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