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Why should your business advertise on YouTube?

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Why should your business advertise on YouTube?

The era of ” free digital marketing ” ended a long time ago. In fact, that era never existed – that’s why we use the quotation marks ???? -. What there was was a misinterpretation of digital by some business leaders, who noticed that most tools and platforms were free for users and believed that this was extrapolated to business. But no, that for people the use does not cost does not mean that companies can use these platforms without investing a peso. Fortunately, today, many of those dreamy executives better understood digital scenarios and went to the other extreme, that of marketers who know that to make a profit you must put resources in people and platforms. That reality – that of paying to achieve goals – is more than evident in all channels and Tunisia Phone Number List marketing actions . Currently, no scenario is out of this trend. It is simply more aggressive in some than in others. For example: on Facebook you have to hire advertising to be able to impact, otherwise the visibility and scope of the messages published would be negligible. In email marketing , too, but not to a network, but to a tool. Those who use this tactic within their digital ecosystem know that to do it well you need some budget to hire a database management system and to send emails. In conclusion, today it is impossible to do digital marketing without resources. Free is — and has always been — a utopia. Believing that high levels of exposure or involvement can be achieved without investing a dollar is neither realistic nor sensible. Fortunately, now few have that longing.

YouTube is an optimal channel for digital marketing
YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, which was later acquired by Google in late 2006. Originally, it was born as an online video sharing platform; later, it became a powerful social network; And perhaps, inadvertently, it took some giant and successful steps as a search engine. Currently, YouTube is the most popular video platform, one of the most consumed social networks and the second search engine in the world – the first is obviously Google. Given this panorama of penetration and digital dominance of the platform, it is inconceivable that a company refuses to have an active presence there. Now what does this mean? One of two: participate in the platform with the creation of a channel in which quality content is published and produced or advertise on it. Yes, with the first mechanism you can achieve high levels of exposure with an apparently low investment, but make no mistake, achieving visibility and relevance with the content – betting on a possible virality – is a titanic task and, in many cases, frustrating. On the contrary, with advertising, it is possible to achieve a high penetration of the message for a sensible cost and with absolute control over the type of public that will see it.


The 10 arguments that motivate advertising on YouTube
Is YouTube really worth the time and money? Definitely. It is a powerful tool that contributes a lot to the exposure of a brand, product or service to an audience. In addition, the platform has audiences with high levels of engagement and its exposure times to the messages are high —according to ComScore, an average user spends five hours a month to watch videos on YouTube ????, not a lesser figure—. As if this weren’t enough, YouTube also offers advanced mechanisms for advertising segmentation – demographic, psychographic and consumer – that allow targeting marketing efforts to small niches. This simplifies the process capacity uptake leadsand even improves conversion rates. Yes, some of their methods may seem intrusive, but this is mitigated with a good segmentation exercise and conscious work on the type of piece and message that is presented to the public. The good news is, like Google Ads, you don’t need a big budget to advertise on YouTube. Creating advertising campaigns on the platform is a simple process and the results are immediately measurable. Here you should already be convinced of the suitability of this promotional tool, but in case it is not so we will add another ten arguments:

1. Video is a winning format and very attractive to users
Creating a video ad can serve as a means to achieve multiple digital objectives: achieve high closeness and empathy with the audience, achieve enormous social visibility, obtain a lot of virality, achieve high communication efficiency and produce high levels of interaction with the message. Only the video allows you to attack those five targets simultaneously. Videos – as advertising pieces – can transform the way you communicate and talk with users. Wait no more, jump in; incorporate video into your promotional strategy as soon as possible.

2. More than half of YouTube traffic is mobile
Why is this important? Because you need your brand to be exposed as many times to your audience and, today, mobile devices are essential to achieve this visibility. The behavior of  Forex Email List audiences shifted towards consuming content from devices a long time ago. That is an undeniable reality. Consequently, platforms that are consistent with this change in behavior should be preferred by marketers . Limiting itself to designing advertising actions in desktop environments, ignoring mobile consumption trends, is a monumental mistake.

3. People spend more and more time watching videos
To talk about the time invested, in marketing terms , you have to refer to two things: (i) the time of exposure to the content and (ii) the number of people available to convey the message. And, in the case of YouTube, the growth of the two metrics is overwhelming. Every day that passes, more people are exposed to the content generated and published on the platform and, also, they spend more time consuming it. This scenario leads us to conclude that advertising on YouTube can increase the opportunities to reach new people and achieve a complete transmission of the messages broadcast.

4. Video improves the reputation of a brand, product or service
A study by the Animoto platform – a tool for creating online videos – found that 71% of people say that “watching a video produced by a company leaves a positive impression on them.” This obviously translates into improved reputation and increased trust. Both —reputation and trust— are critical elements when recommending and making a purchase decision.

5. Video is useful for conveying details and communicating benefits
In the same Animoto study, it is clarified that 96% of respondents find the use of videos by companies extremely useful to teach users to better appropriate their products or services. Here we are discovering warm water, because it is clearly easier and more fun to watch a video than to read a manual, but it is not enough to emphasize and make visible this virtue of the contents in an audiovisual product. In a short video you can easily expose details of use, benefits and competitive advantages of a product or service, a task that is difficult to execute with simplicity in other content formats.

6. With videos, the content strategy is strengthened
These days, it’s hard to come across a marketer who doesn’t advocate content generation and delivery as a business mechanism for customer attraction, conversion, and retention. For everyone, the importance of content as an asset for marketing is clear . In addition, they have gradually understood the importance of video as the main format for the construction of these contents for digital environments. Well, if that is the panorama that you are living in your business, the leap towards advertising with videos will be natural. If not, throwing yourself into video as an advertising weapon will help you kill two birds with one stone — advertising and content strategy.

7. Before investing, you can learn from the mistakes of others
The free documentation – in text and video – on the successes and failures with advertising on YouTube is enormous, even within the same platform. Thanks to this, it is possible to study and learn from what others have done so as not to waste our resources and to reduce the risks of error. These days, it’s really simple to look at multiple cases to fine-tune the ads, investments, and segments that will be targeted by advertising before putting money on the platform. With this we can guarantee better results with lower investments and without waste.

8. Conversion levels and catch rates are higher
According to a study conducted by Digiday – in which the conversion results obtained with half a billion ad clicks were measured – YouTube surpasses Facebook and Twitter in the ability to introduce new products to the market. In other words, YouTube is the best mechanism available to put customers in the early stages of the funnel – the recognition stages – and in the later stages – the consideration and conversion stages. Additionally, according to other research by the YouTube team, the platform can help increase website traffic by 20%. This denotes that, adding these two metrics – greater conversion capacity and better attraction rates – YouTube is today the most efficient and complete digital weapon for business.

9. On YouTube you only pay when the message is transmitted
If a person skips the ad, you don’t pay. YouTube has been making this clear for a long time – the concept behind this discussion is called TrueView. The platform will only charge the value of the ad to the client when a viewer watches 30 seconds of the video, the entire video —if it lasts less than 30 seconds— or if there is an interaction; whichever comes first — and clicking “skip ad” does not count as interaction. With this it is clear that your brand can be exposed to an audience for free – although this is not what you want with a digital endeavor. The goal with YouTube advertising is to create highly engaged or interested segments with one type of product or service to present a well thought-out and enticing message to them.

10. YouTube allows pinpoint segmentation
We have already said it many times throughout this article, but we want to insist on this because we consider it transcendental. The great difference between analog and digital advertising is in the possibility that the second offers to reach only the people who are likely to consume the products or services. With this advantage, the resources invested can be reduced, since there will be no waste on people who are not suitable for the message being broadcast. Well, YouTube – and Google Ads in general – has worked intensively on designing tools for targeting in recent years. Today it is possible to segment by demographics, by interests, by current consumer behaviors, by themes and many more options; a possibility that makes advertising on YouTube irresistible.

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