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Why is # YaMeCansé not a Trending Topic?

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Why is # YaMeCansé not a Trending Topic?

Tendencious —or at least inaccurate— is the statement that the most important trending topic in Mexico has disappeared from Twitter during the last month: we are talking about # Yamecansé. This story began on November 7, when the Attorney General of the Republic, Jesús Murillo Karam, during a press conference in which he reported on the Cayman Island Mobile Number List Ayotzinapa case, declared the phrase: “I’m tired of it” referring to the fatigue caused by the investigation, the continuous questioning, as well as the brutal violence that is going through the country. Brother cell phone list phrase caused strong criticism among public opinion so that it detonated in social networks with force and became a trending topic for more than 26 days, which after being among the first three most commented topics on Twitter for almost a month, disappeared.

Brother cell phone list although the reasons for the extinction of the hashtag are unknown, Twitter users accuse the use of bots. The hashtag generated more than 3,525,000 impressions on Twitter in the last 26 days. Given the disappearance of the hashtag yesterday from the list of the main trending topics, as a reaction, Twitter users created a new phrase # YaMeCansé2, which has generated more than 148 thousand impressions during the last 48 hours. One of the reasons that could explain the exit of “Ya me tired” from the list of trending topics on Twitter is the decrease in the slope of accumulated Brother Cell Phone List mentions on said social media platform. In the course of the last five days, the total of mentions increased less quickly compared to the other topics of the national conversation on the microblogging network. According to data collected by brother cell phone list Magazine, from the complete information of mentions on Twitter, it can be seen that the total conversation around the hashtag “I’m tired” was beginning to show signs of wear and tear. Compared to a new hashtag “I’m tired 2”, just over 148 thousand mentions during the last hours, it once again placed the concept within the national trending topics as a benchmark for comparison. It is worth mentioning the hashtag #MTVStars, which has 196,549,896 mentions in the last 30 days.

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