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Why are the people of the River Plate choosing prefabricated houses?

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Why are the people of the River Plate choosing prefabricated houses?

The most obvious benefit we all know: they are cheaper. And it is this same advantage that generates the greatest mistrust. What we save in price, do we lose in quality? The answer is no. Although the final quality of the work depends of course on the materials we choose and the professionals we hire, the truth is that the construction of prefabricated houses is increasingly sophisticated and the design that we can achieve today is just as reliable as the offered by the traditional construction system.

For this reason, manufactured homes are a growing trend in both Argentina and Uruguay. It is an Malaysia Phone Number List construction for those who are looking to buy their first property since, investing much less, they can have a personalized house, of excellent quality and ready in record time. In addition, being composed of modules, the house can grow in line with your needs. In contrast, in traditional home construction , adding space or remodeling can be a much more complicated process. Today we tell you all the reasons why prefabricated homes are being a preferred option for the people of the River Plate.

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They are ready in record time
This is one of the greatest advantages of manufactured home construction. As they are usually industrialized, they arrive factory-made at the assembly site and are quickly assembled. A Singular Housing prefabricated home , for example, can be ready in less than 90 days, since the industrialized construction methodology has the advantage that climatic agents do not affect the task. In this way the work becomes very coordinated under the strict control of our Production Director. As a general rule, prefabricated houses are made in less than half the time than traditional ones, which saves us time without losing quality.

They are customizable
There is no single manufacturing system for manufactured homes. Most companies, despite having their own production system, give the customer the freedom to choose finishes, materials, interior and exterior finishes. That is, without giving up speed in construction, customers can customize their home according to their needs. These may be related to the characteristics of your land, the urban regulations of your municipality or the composition of the family. Singular Housing designs adapt to the needs of the contemporary user with dynamic constructions that adjust to the speed of current change.

They are adaptable
Manufactured homes can grow with your family. As we discussed above, in traditional house construction, annexing spaces can be very complicated but prefabricated houses, being made up of modules, offer the possibility of expanding in the future and adding new units. Singular Housing’s prefabricated homes are designed for a permanent evolution of the houses, they are implanted in such a way as to be able to attach modules of bedrooms and / or common spaces and thus accompany the growth of the client.

They are transportable
Many Forex Email List also offer portable manufactured homes. That is, if the client wants to change the location of the house, it is as easy as ordering the truck.

They offer quality
Industrialized parts tend to have more controlled standards than other traditional construction methods. Singular Housing has a team of professionals in the construction of prefabricated houses in constant training.

They are more ecological
Because manufactured homes are built separately from the natural soil, they experience no complications with foundation moisture, which translates to lower maintenance costs and a reduced carbon footprint. In addition, the Singular Housing industrial plant is supplied with solar energy through photovoltaic panels, considerably reducing the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

One of the most prestigious methods of prefabricated house construction is the Steel Framing system . It is a structure formed by structurally capable galvanized steel profiles coated with different plates depending on their location. Steel Framing finished houses have a versatile and adjustable system to the needs of each client: endless designs, interior and exterior finishes can be chosen. Singular Housing staff is trained to carry out all tasks related to the execution of the construction system. To do this, they have health workers, electricians, finalist bricklayers, Steel Framing installers and architects to guarantee a product with premium finishes.

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