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What trends in digital marketing and online advertising will mark 2015

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What trends in digital marketing and online advertising will mark 2015

Next year we will have better marketing data and more automation: more complete and accurate measurements will shed more light on the buying behavior of online consumers, at the same time that it will improve the qualitative analysis, and the relevance of online advertising. In addition, it will become more and more convenient to buy online, increasing mobile ads, as well as tools as effective as coupons.This is demonstrated by the Sizmek company , which has just carried out an analysis of how to get call data record in pakistan advertising trends for 2015. Based on market data obtained from campaigns around the world, the key trends we expect for 2015 are the following: User behavior can be tracked across multiple devices using more sophisticated attribution models . Every step that consumers take in the sales channel from their smartphone , tablet or computer can be followed, instead of focusing only on where the last conversion took place. Multichannel marketing will allow advertisers to tell sequential brand stories, as well as update brand messages with real-time data to make advertising more attractive, differentiated and relevant.

Advertisers will expand brand activity in programmatic environments thanks to its inherent efficiency and better performance . According to the latest AOL survey, approximately 86% of agency executives and 76% of marketing team executives say their companies use programmatic purchases for their digital advertising campaigns. 60% of agencies also cited programmatic buying for both mobile and video ads, while 56% of marketers said they use it for mobile and 48% for video. As advertisers focus more on brand building, programmatic advertising will include more rich media and premium inventory to become a value strategy. More and more videos will be moved to programmatic environments, as advertisers see the price of the video pay off . TV metering will also be more like an online currency, giving traditional TV buyers more confidence to show advertisers the effectiveness of online shopping. The GRP used to measure audience will also be used for programmatic video commerce, establishing a common language that will help advertisers compare the performance of online and offline video ads.


Unfortunately, fraud will continue to occur in the coming year, although we will hear less about it . We will continue to play cat and mouse, but more sophisticated anti-fraud solutions will be developed to combat the efforts of hackers and technology will advance to make their jobs more difficult. Professionals will better understand how to detect and prevent fraud and will gradually replace hysteria with elements of control. Forex Email List will enhance the value of all points of contact with the consumer , such as CRM data, online purchases and responses to online advertisements, as well as control and analyze said data to allow marketing experts to increase the cohesion of experience. Big Data will become a main factor in online advertising, as it will enhance information within the company to increase effectiveness and decision-making.

In 2015, we will see a large number of campaigns run flawlessly that will take advantage of available data to create stories across all devices . As technology removes the barriers to serving multichannel campaigns, marketers will be creative with engaging campaigns that reach audiences across all their screens. The ‘ shoppable windows’ will add to the online sites a user experience similar to the traditional to drive sales through mobile . An example: In order to generate a purchase value of 5 billion dollars through its mobile applications, eBay designed shoppable windows that they placed along Park Avenue, especially in the Juicy Couture and Kate Spade women’s clothing stores , with examples of products that can be purchased via mobile phone. This trend will continue to be used in 2015 by major brands. According to eMarketer, almost 9 out of 10 respondents say that receiving coupons and special offers is a strong reason for consumers to allow advertisers to follow their movements, even to the detriment of their privacy. In the next year, more customers will receive ads on their mobiles that will automatically go to the closest physical store with a valid coupon to redeem at a local store.

A faster checkout process is every buyer’s dream, and in 2015 more and more brands will partner with mobile payment companies to benefit from more convenience . In the United States, for example, there are already 220,000 merchants that accept contactless card payments, as well as a group of brands that will partner with Apple to begin accepting their payment method, such as Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Staples, Walgreens and McDonald’s. that is adding the payment system within its restaurants as well as in its McAuto. This trend will continue in 2015, so that mobile will become more attractive to advertisers. “We see how in 2015 advertisers will have more data on the online shopping experience that will allow better decision-making in terms of attribution and budget optimization. The ability to track consumers throughout the purchase process and then optimizing each scenario with specific offers, a price comparison and faster deliveries, will undoubtedly allow us to offer consumers a more rewarding online shopping experience “, concludes Pedro Travesedo, country manager of Sizmek Spain.

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