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What is transcreation and why is it key in your international marketing strategy

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What is transcreation and why is it key in your international marketing strategy

When talking about translation, one does not usually look very closely at what we are really referring to. We do not take into account that there are several types of translation and that you have to differentiate them to verify that we are talking about the correct concept.videocamVideo version of this post play_circle_outline WATCH VIDEO list_altIndex of contents Definition of transcreation or transcreation Why is it important to know the difference between translation and transcreation? Why should you opt for transcreation in your international marketing strategy? Tips for starting a transcreation process Examples of transcreation in international Hospital Mailing Lists Did you know that advertising and marketing translation is called transcreation ? Or transcreation , if we take his name in English. A type of translation that requires certain skills on the part of the translator beyond the knowledge of languages ​​and the countries in which the translated material will be consumed. Throughout this post you will discover what transcreation is, how it differs from translation (although we have already made a small spoiler for you), some tips to master this technique and real examples in which it has been applied successfully in different countries . At the end of the reading you will know what transcreation is and why it is key in your international marketing strategy . This interests you! Definition of transcreation or transcreation Although I have already introduced it briefly, we can define transcreation as translation that does not only require the mere fact of transporting a text from one language to another. You may be thinking: but this is required in all translations, right? Yes, but up to a point.Outside of the field of marketing and advertising, when we speak in a different language, the way in which we communicate, direct and interact with the other person changes .You don’t just do a literal translation in your mind; In a sense, your attitude and your way of thinking change, as does the way you convey words. Although, in essence, the objective of what we want to say is the same, our communicative intention and our own personality remain the same.Now yes, in the field of marketing, for a transcreation to fulfill its purpose, the professional who performs it must also have skills and knowledge related to the discipline of marketing, advertising and sales.The explanation for this is that this professional, beyond giving the correct meaning to the translated text, must ensure that it meets the objective defined in the briefing that we will have previously carried out together with the client. All to reach the final objective, which is that the target audience receives the messages the same as the public of another language does , that they understand it in the same way, even if this means having very different texts in several languages. In the end, what counts is representing the project’s message in another language, keeping the context, intention and objectives. Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog! EMAIL * your email I have read and accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy .Why is it important to know the difference between translation and transcreation?With the premises made and the first definitions given, it is quite evident.The translator is in charge of replicating the text given in the target language “in an equivalent way”, reproducing exactly the same content. Unless it is a very specific case, in translation the degree of reinterpretation and reformulation of the text is limited to certain paragraphs or specific expressions. In this case, the mission is none other than to deliver a correct text from the orthographic, grammatical and terminological point of view.The transcreator, as its name suggests, carries out work that combines translation and writing in a creative process of adaptation. So that we understand each other, it has the main objective of creating a new message based on the objectives and characteristics of the advertising project. In other words, so that the work does not lose the sense of transcreation , it must be able to reproduce the tone, the message and the intention of the original also in the translated text . This is your mission. In this way, with transcreation, the transcreator tends to also work as a copywriter in their language, and their work has to be more creative, daring. The process goes beyond translation, and that is why it is essential to prepare a briefing together with the client.Defining both terms in this way tends to generate controversy among those who are dedicated to translation, since theoretically these professionals also include all these factors that we have mentioned to refer to what transcreation is .However, when it comes to the creative realm , there is much more freedom in transcreation than in translation. And if you continue reading, you will understand that these two concepts, despite being complementary, are very different when you have to adapt an advertising piece to another language commercially speaking: a television ad, an advertising poster, a web banner, a call to action On a website…In transcreation , language and translation are linked to culture and a specific context . To understand this, we must refer to the way in which the elements of language vary from one language to another when using metaphors, onomatopoeia, rhetorical references or jargon. Since the culture from one country to another changes, the way of understanding a joke, a joke or irony also changes. And it is that sometimes it is not enough to change an expression from one language to another to understand a joke because, perhaps, in that country that joke is inappropriate and we would have to tell a different one to reach the same conclusion without hurting the values ​​of the public . This is something that we can extrapolate to the case of advertising slogans or the whole message of an advertising piece.On the other hand, beyond just attending to the words or the written content, the transcreator can also provide useful advice on visual elements : for example, regarding the clothing of the people shown in the images. I list some keys that will help you even more to differentiate between a transcreator and a translator : Professionals who specialize in offering transcreation services are often also copywriters and have marketing skills. For their part, translators do not have to be part of the same professional family.

It is recommended that transcreation work be carried out by those who write in their native language and, at the same time, know how to translate from the original language. This is important, because these people will not only know the target language, but will also have lived and understood experiences, anecdotes and trends in the country of that language.Transcreation provides new messages , new proposals, with clear ideas about the original creative concept.Transcreation directly impacts the same emotional level on the new target audience.There also has to be an advice on visual content .Therefore, in transcreation we must adapt to the target audience of each country in a much more profound way than we would do with a translation. As long as we respect the original spirit of the advertising content, with the transcreated we will find the desired response of the new target customer.This is how transcreation is situated between translation and copywriting. Rather, it is a fusion of both, since, in addition to taking a text from one language to another, for the tone, style and objective to be respected, it is necessary to rewrite and re-elaborate the texts from scratch, almost forgetting about the original and detaching from it. Click here to download the guide “Contents: the pillar of inbound marketing”Why should you opt for transcreation in your international marketing strategy?The basis of any marketing and communication strategy is knowing how to give the right message at the right time to reach a specific emotion in users. If you have an international marketing strategy , you will be interested in this happening in all the languages ​​in which you have a market. Thus, while copywriting is the means to achieve this objective in the main language of your business throughout your communication strategy (web, social networks, emails …), transcreation is the means to achieve the same in the other markets in which that you also have a business.These are the benefits of applying a good transcreation method for your international marketing strategy:Far from being a paraphrase, you make sure that the message is not only translated, but rewritten . In return, you get the original intention and strength to be maintained, while taking into account the mission, vision and values ​​of your company (with all aspects included in the briefing). Whether it is for a specific campaign or to develop your entire website, your landing pages or your product pages.Play with the elements of the culture of the destination country at 360º . Although cultural aspects are always present in translations, transcreations go a step further in order to maintain irony or include current issues, those nuances that arouse certain feelings, cultural references, etc.A transcreator knows the rules of the medium for which he is working. For example, in the case of mailing, you know that subjects and meta descriptions play a fundamental role in achieving a good open rate for an email. At the same time, you are aware of how to use verb tenses for the target language or of more technical aspects such as character limit. The same happens for the body text of the email and even for the call to action. At first glance, the latter may become the elements in which the difference between a translated and transcreated text is most noticeable . He also knows that the text cannot be very long so as not to lose its immediacy.A good transcreator will give their clients several options for slogans, copies, etc. to be sure of meeting what the client is looking for.Tips for starting a transcreation process As we have been commenting, we must always start from the campaign briefing , with content that provides us with detailed and relevant information about the creative objectives of the advertising proposal, as well as the buyer persona of the new destination country (age, gender, purchasing power, interests, concerns, etc.). Of course, the team in charge of transcreation will have to know everything about the product or service to be promoted and, in addition, a style guide can be useful to know in depth the values, missions, personality and objectives of the brand.On the other hand, it is very important to be clear about the channels and means in which the campaign will be used, since it is necessary to maintain consistency in each project. What types of platform will be used? Social networks, YouTube, television, web, press … All these guides involve a necessary research process, which will save a lot of time and make things much easier for the transcreator. New call-to-action Once all this information is provided at the beginning, the transcreator will soak up the project, analyzing the source text so that they can fully understand the message, tone, style and intent. Afterwards, you can even work with diagrams and graphs that reinforce the main ideas that cannot be lost in the new communication piece. This way you can adapt them to the metaphors, sayings, references and target cultural “rules” so that the audience can feel that it is not a translation and that the text is made for their language. To reach an optimal result, it must be a process in which you can work together, although the final person in charge of this transcreation is a person or two native speakers of the language, it is convenient to gather a brainstorm and reach an agreement between the agency and the client.

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What about the downsides? You will think that we are avoiding them. However, the truth is that if your goal is to transfer your business and your texts to other markets to increase sales, we cannot say any! Just keep in mind that a transcreation service usually has a higher cost than a translation. Logical if we take into account that it is twice the work. Ultimately, the scenario in which your company can find itself is to hire a translation agency / translator and not be satisfied with the result. This is not because the quality of the translation is poor (please, it is not usually this far from it). Simply, the reason for that dissatisfaction is that you need a transcreator. A specialist who can take your texts further, who knows how to grant them that touch of persuasion and knowledge typical of the buyer persona they are intended for. All this will end up benefiting your international marketing strategy and will make everything invested in increasing the market a real success. Examples of transcreation in international Forex Email List Haribo A well-known example of good transcreation is the slogan of the German candy brand Haribo. In the original language, German, the slogan is → “Haribo macht Kinder froh, und Erwachsene ebenso”, literally means “Haribo makes both children and adults happy”. haribo transcreation Let’s see the transcreation of this slogan in other languages ​​and markets: Spain → “Live a magical world, come to the world Haribo” Italy → “Haribo è la bontà, che si gusta ad ogni età”, which means “Haribo is the sweet flavor that is enjoyed at all ages” France → “Haribo c’est beau la vie, pour les grands et les petits”: “Haribo is a beautiful life, for adults and children” English → “Kids and grown-ups love it so … the happy world of Haribo”: “Children and adults love … the happy world of Haribo.” haribo transcreation 2 What we do see that they always try to respect is the meaning and identity of the slogan . They also manage to maintain the fact that sweets are appropriate for all ages and make everyone happy. Although it changes in each language, what is always present in the slogan is the name of the brand, since it is the only word that cannot be missing. It is evident that a literal translation would have lost both the meaning and the message in the various languages.Schweppes Do you remember the famous Schweppes campaign with the jaguar? In this case they also had to do a great job of transcreation for the different destination countries. Let’s see the examples of the slogans according to the country in which it was used: Spain → ”Schweppes, one of a kind”. With the word species, they refer to the animal that is the protagonist of the advertisement. Germany → ”Schweppes, erfrischend bissig”. In this case, it refers to both the refreshing drink (erfrischend → refreshing) and the animal featured in the advertisement (bissig → that bites). transcreation schweepes germany English → ”Schweppes, just a little more bite”. With the word bite (bite), they allude to the animal that is the protagonist of the advertisement. We have given examples of slogans because it is where the need and the result of a good international marketing strategy is most evident, which is inserted within a correct localization strategy. To delve into this topic, I recommend you read this content .Australis In this example we can see a transcreation strategy at the Call to Action level for France and Germany. The objective was to encourage the download of the same content using two very different languages. In these images we see the different copy of the CTA to encourage the download, a text that is fully adapted to what has worked best for them in each country according to different tests that were carried out. australis transcreation Other brilliant examples are Coca-Cola; We will not go into detail because we would need another article to talk about all their slogans and how transcreation has been achieved in this case. What we are going to do is leave you this Wikipedia link , in which the slogans in different languages ​​are compiled. Once you have seen all the above, you will know why the key to success in an international marketing strategy begins with having persuasive and well-crafted texts to impact the target audience in each situation.Have you ever thought before about how important the role of transcreation is in this regard? Did you know the profession of the transcreator? Let me know in the comment section!


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