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What is the HubSpot tracking code and what is it for?

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What is the HubSpot tracking code and what is it for?

The HubSpot tracking code is a unique code for each of the accounts you have in the tool that allows you to monitor the traffic of each of your pages. Thanks to this application you can use smart applications, such as Chief VP Operations Email Lists from pageviews, have metrics or create forms, among others.

If you are new to HubSpot and have questions about how to install it, this is your article. Shall we start?

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How to install the HubSpot tracking code
What to do once the HubSpot tracking code is installed
Recommendations to take into account when installing your tracking code
How to install the HubSpot tracking code
If you use HubSpot tools like landing pages, thank you pages or the HubSpot blog, the HubSpot tracking code is already installed, so you don’t have to do anything to get it.

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If you are working with pages outside of HubSpot, you must install it manually . It is done like this:

Go to HubSpot.
Go to Settings.
Select HubSpot tracking code.
View the corresponding embed code.
tracking code hubspot

Here you will see the instructions, which are:

Copy the embed code and paste it on all external pages before the end tag of the body .
If you are not going to do it yourself, you can send it to the person on the team who will take care of it. You will see that there is an option to send the email to that person directly through the tool, with which all you have to do is enter your email account and you will receive the embed code and the instructions to follow.
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In case of using WordPress, I recommend another type of installation, which is through a plug in. The steps to follow are:

Do a plugin search with the keyword “HubSpot.”
Select the one called “HubSpot – CRM, Email Forex Email List, Live chat, forms & Analytics”.
Install it, as it will be much easier to install the tracking code.
Once installed, by clicking “activate”, either confirm that you have to log in to HubSpot or, if you are already logged in, it will ask you to select the account you want to link this WordPress with and you will see it there.
hubspot tracking code

➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guide
What to do once the HubSpot tracking code is installed
Once you have installed your tracking code, I recommend that you test it to see if it is installed correctly. To do this, you have to check the source code of the pages outside HubSpot if this code appears.

Go back to the page where you have copied the tracking code and, depending on the type of installation you have used, either the embed code or the HubID code, you can copy it, go to your web page and click the “inspect” button.

tracking code hubspot inspect

Once there, do Ctrl Find and look for the code. If you see that the HubID is there, correctly in the source code, it is that the HubSpot tracking code is correctly installed.

hubspot tracking code inspect

Once you have verified that the code appears in the source code of your pages, I recommend that you visit several of them, also those with embedded CTAs, to verify that it works correctly.

CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle
Recommendations to take into account when installing your tracking code
Only one tracking code per page. Do not use more than one on a page: only the first will work and the others will be distorted.
HubSpot account. If the person who is going to install the tracking code is a member of your technical team, you should know that they will need to have a HubSpot account to be able to do it.
External subdomains. If you are hosting external domains and / or subdomains, you must also add them to your HubSpot settings.
AMP. HubSpot’s tracking code doesn’t work on AMP sites.
I hope that it was easy for you to follow the instructions that you found in this post and that you do not forget to apply the recommendations that I give you to optimize your work with the HubSpot tracking code.

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