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What is the DISC methodology and how to apply it in sales and HR

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What is the DISC methodology and how to apply it in sales and HR

Perhaps it is the first time that you have heard about the DISC methodology , however, for many companies it is already one of the most effective tools for developing and evaluating their human talent or they use it as an aid to close sales.

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What is the DISC methodology
The DISC methodology is now over 80 years old. Its first intrusion into the world was at the hand of William Marston in 1931 and since then it has continued to grow and develop. This methodology allows studying the natural behavior of people in different situations . It has been used especially in personal, professional and educational settings.

There is the so-called DISC test with which you can find a set of evaluations that determine your behavior at the individual and group level . With this tool, a Iran Phone Number List can better understand the reactions that its employees have with others and with themselves, just like a teacher with his students.

The introduction of the DISC methodology in the world of sales has also been greatly promoted; that is, applying the test to the customer so that companies know him so well that he cannot resist their products.

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DISC methodology: How it helps companies

What data does the DISC test provide us?
The acronym DISC comes from the combination of the first letters of these 4 words:

D ecision: how we respond to challenges and challenges.
I nteraction: how we relate to and influence others.
S erenidad: how we respond to the pace of things and changes.
C OMPLIANCE: how we respond to established standards.
What is the DISC methodology and how to apply it in sales and HR – disch grafico min
Do you know someone who is expressive, popular, and friendly? Then you are in front of an Interactive profile. Thanks to the DISC test you will be able to identify it and adapt the way you address that person. For example: an Forex Email List person loves that you give them the opportunity to talk about their ideas, people and emotions. If he shows acceptance, you acknowledge him and listen to him, you will have him happy . However, if you don’t let him talk, if you don’t give him space for his social time and ideas, you will cause him to walk away and be frustrated and pissed off.

How to use the DISC methodology
DISC for team management
As we have already seen, identifying people in a profile in the dis test helps us to improve communication with them. In this case, we can use the data to create more efficient work teams . Among the things we can find out about employees, we find:

The behavior of the person according to their environment.
The strengths and weaknesses of the person’s character and personality.
The knowledge it brings to the organization.
What is the work environment that allows you to develop your skills to the maximum.
The image that person has of himself.
The influence of our character in labor relations .
How the person reacts to other types of people.
This part is a bit tricky. As we have seen, the DISC test is somewhat “meddlesome” with the life and way of being of others. Do your employees want you to know so much about them? The truth is that a debate could be quietly opened on how advisable it is to have this degree of knowledge about employees, something that, used in a bad way, could become an unnecessary control and with harmful purposes for the worker.

Ideas for welcoming employees

A good way to use the data obtained from this disc methodology is to take advantage of it to create new team management strategies at work. I mean, do you want to keep your best workers? And how about making those who need it improve… With this new data you can get to know them better and find out what they like, what motivates them and with what factors they react better or worse. The idea is to improve work environments and equipment so that work dynamics are more pleasant and efficient.

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I want to know more!
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DISC for candidate selection
The use that can be made of the DISC test in this regard is evident. Perhaps you are interested in creating a template in which very different or very similar personalities converge. The decision is yours, however, I recommend that you assess the pros and cons of each one.

Having a diverse team with different personalities can seem like a headache; misunderstandings, arguments, disagreements … But not everything has to be this way. That two people are different does not imply that they have to get along . If you make a bet on differentiation, you will also be betting on generating more ideas with different points of view.

On the other hand, if you choose a similar team, with harmonious personalities and that can be easily understood, their tastes and ideas of how to work and what to do are probably also similar, so the work will be less risky and less varied. Balance is always the key to everything.

DISC to get sales
Now suppose that all that information we have been talking about we have about our clients and potential clients. Identifying and knowing the profile of a client implies that we will be able to carry out a much more effective communication with them.

Obviously, we cannot appear in front of a client and ask him to fill out the test of his life , thanks to which I will know more about him than he probably knows himself. So you have to think of one more alternative, let’s say subtle. To begin with, we can establish some guidelines that allow us to identify the different profiles; that is, what are the main features of each profile? We have to work with less specific data than those obtained in the test, but it will already be much more specific than if we do not work with anything.

The rest will depend on your persuasion skills or if you want to ask your clients some questions, especially if you have the opportunity to talk to them because more personalized and direct deals are closed in your company.

For example, imagine that you are dealing with a client who asks you a lot about the numbers and analytical data of your company or the agreement that you are going to sign. If you notice that she is suspicious and asks a lot of questions, go ahead and think about what profile she fits into. Is it decisive, interactive, serene, or compliant? Tailor your reactions to his personality. Prepare the data you want in advance, be clear and direct, do not tell stories that are far from what he or she cares about, be precise and realistic, etc.

The DISC methodology or test can help you generate more sales or better work teams, but you must know how to manage the data correctly. Do you want to learn more? Train with the Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources and Recruitment 4.0 and recruit the best talent to add value to any company.

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