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What is remarketing , what is it for and why use it?

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What is remarketing , what is it for and why use it?

With the explosion of digital marketing, many promotional tactics have appeared that we did not even dream of in the past. Social media, search engines, email marketing, and South Korea Phone Number List are just a small group of examples of what is available to everyone today. The first three, very clear and popular in companies, but the fourth is still confusing for most. What is remarketing or retargeting ? That is what we propose to solve. We are going to delve into the definition of remarketing and give you many clues about its best uses and the benefits it offers to companies.

In the huge universe of advertising possibilities – analog and digital – marketers have at their disposal two very different paths from each other. The first is the traditional effort aimed at achieving the greatest possible scope; a tactic that focuses on trying to reach the largest number of people in a population that is previously described in a specific profile or buyer persona . The idea is to impact the majority of individuals in that universe of potential new customers with a message with the products or services offered. The second way is to reduce the segment of people, giving up volume to focus on the quality of prospects.

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In the first case, the marketer concentrates on finding more people; while, in the second, the focus is on getting people more likely to become users or consumers of the brand. Well, remarketing has more to do with the second than with the first. Both routes have defenders and detractors. Both are valid and useful for organizations – for us, they are not mutually exclusive; in fact they are complementary—; But in this publication we will concentrate on the second one, in which it focuses on a small audience, but clearly interested, because insisting with advertising on an audience that showed interest shortens the difficult route to conversion.

What is remarketing ?
People are more likely to choose products or services that they already know, that is an irrefutable fact. That is why remarketing has a lot of value as a promotional action for businesses. The Forex Email List or retargeting is a technique of the marketing digital, originally called behavioral retargeting which could be translated as reorientation of the behavior-. This technique is responsible for emphasizing advertising efforts in those users who previously interacted with the business, reducing the population segment that will be exposed to advertising actions, to be limited exclusively to people who have a history of relationship with the brand, the product or the service.

The objective of remarketing is, then, to remind those users who at some point showed interest in the brand, that it is still there and that it has an interesting offer for them. In other words, the tactic seeks to tell the prospect: “Remember me, I know you’re interested, but you haven’t made up your mind yet.” The retargeting -called remarketing by Google Ads and Facebook ADS is a kind of highly effective advertising campaign today, because it reduces the audience to a more appropriate, minimizing wastage of impressions in low – interest population segments. This tool works in a simple way; When a person enters your website, the platform inserts a small piece of code in their browser —Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome or another— known as a cookie.. That line of code allows the digital advertising provider to track the user to reprint advertising on their screen when they are browsing other websites that accept third-party advertising or when they enter social networks.

Curiously, this type of powerful action is not as crowded as it should be within the range of digital advertising tools. Yes, there are already many companies that use it and take advantage of it, but there are also many that miss it. It may be due in part to the fact that implementing the tracking codes requires minimal web programming knowledge or that the concept is initially difficult to explain.

What is remarketing good for for companies?
Well, just the definition of remarketing gave us a clear idea of ​​its incredible potential. Reaching the public who has had a contact with our brand directly with a promotional message is a possibility that no business should waste. There is another obvious benefit after reading the definition: remarketing is cheaper than any other type of advertising; But not because of the cost per click (CPC) – in fact, this is generally more expensive – but because of the total amount of the investment. The resources needed to do retargeting are less, basically because the population universe to which the effort is directed is smaller.

But that is the least important benefit, because more than economy, what companies should look for when doing digital marketing is the efficiency of their investments. Here are three advantages that make remarketing one of the best options in digital advertising. Why should your company advertise on YouTube? Let’s reflect on the reasons that justify advertising on YouTube as a tactic for acquiring prospects and reaching out to audiences.

1. Perfecting segmentation
One of the keys to not wasting the resources available for digital advertising is the segmentation of an audience. Most advertising platforms – Google Ads, Facebook Ads and the others – offer the ability to segment by demographics, attitudes and interests of the audience to which the banner will be presented. the remarketingallows this segmentation and, in addition, puts the condition that the person who receives the message must have had some kind of interaction with the brand. Marvelous! Not? By adding this small range of conditions to the segmentation, the quality of the public receiving the advertising message is significantly improved. With this detail, the chances of wasting advertising resources on a disinterested audience are almost nil, because the audience has already shown some kind of interest in the products or services offered by the business.

2. Increase in click and conversion rates
Continuing with the game of probabilities raised in the previous point, it is definitely much more likely that a person will click on an ad and become a business customer after having had some contact or relationship with it. It is not that waiting for the click or the conversion of someone who has never had an interaction with the company is a utopia, not at all; But clearly someone who already knows you is more likely to end up buying from you. Familiarity with a known and trusted organization lowers barriers for users, increasing clicks and conversions. The 10 principles for effective digital advertising. Let’s work on a basic and accurate methodology to do effective digital advertising that attracts customers and real sales to businesses.

3. Design of the customer journey
The last attractive advantage of remarketing that we want to present is the possibility of establishing individualized offers for each audience segment. A company can create a personalized message and breadcrumb for people. With remarketing, you can design a customer journey in a millimeter way. The advertiser can make a differentiated offer for each audience, time and circumstance. A functionality that is quite useful to deepen the efficiency of the promotional effort, because it gives greater importance to those visitors who had a specific behavior – such as adding a product to the shopping cart or browsing a particular content – over others who did not. . The retargeting well implemented and used enables companies to achieve a high level of specificity in the message that it is impossible to achieve in other promotional scenarios. An advantage that makes the distribution of resources incredibly efficient. Why is it important to implement retargeting actions ? We believe that the benefits we just described present three powerful uses for businesses to start using remarketing within their digital ecosystem . However, they are worth supplementing with a few additional reasons.

Multiple studies by the ComScore firm have shown that remarketing is the most effective mechanism to increase user engagement with the website, products, services and the brand. This involvement leads to conversions and engagement, two of the critical results for any digital strategy. In addition, the same company affirms that these types of campaigns are highly appropriate for the branding efforts of organizations, since they serve to activate memories and that permanent activation simplifies decision-making processes and reduces buyback cycles.

Other reasons that business leaders and marketing teams should take into account when defining whether or not remarketing is implemented are: (i) this type of action increases the probability that the curious, who at some point visited a website, come back with a better preparation to become clients; (ii) remarketing achieves a significant increase in image and brand awareness —increasing the chances of building a community—; and (iii) by reducing the size of the niche of recipients of advertising messages, the effort to build loyalty is made more vehement.

A structured and disciplined remarketing strategy – without overdoing it, because it could saturate the audience – is a type of advertising action that brings measurable returns in the short term. Professionals in the marketing need to understand this and jump without fear to design campaigns focused on higher quality segments. The longer it takes to incorporate remarketing into your digital strategy, the more distance your competition will have taken you. Launch today!

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