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What is a chatbot and what is its contribution to digital marketing ?

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What is a chatbot and what is its contribution to digital marketing ?

There are two resource-intensive tasks in digital marketing : content generation and attention to interactions. The first is very demanding because doing it well requires a lot of creativity and planning. The second is often neglected and its preparation is reduced to hiring people to carry it out. In addition, little is said about it, because it is considered a result and not something that must be planned, which is clearly a huge mistake. Planning attention Sri Lanka Phone Number List to interaction is a task that must be thought about from multiple fronts: how to increase it, how to attend to it and how to do it so that it is an entertaining experience for the interlocutor. In the first, what are designed are tactics that encourage users to interact with us. These tactics can be: initiating conversations, making dialogues with other users visible — to motivate others — or rewarding those who get involved. The second and third tasks to consider when planning the interaction — caring and enhancing the experience — will be our focus in this post.

Unlike the other tasks associated with interaction, attention and improvement are difficult to plan, because they appear as a surprise, in the way and when the interlocutor chooses. Consequently, companies need to have many resources available to respond in a timely and correct manner to each of the interactions. For this reason, most of the time this area of ​​digital management is inefficient and exhausting. But this can be solved simply and cheaply, you simply need to rely on the new technologies available. Today, thanks to chatbots—Automated response mechanisms—, businesses can interact quickly and in advance with their prospects or customers to guide them through conversion or service funnels. These automated mechanisms reduce response times, increase the quality of the relationship experience and optimize resource consumption. Some immediately oppose this alternative, because they consider it a dehumanization of the relationship with users. However, this generalization is not in accordance with the current reality. Today, the development of chatbots is so advanced that many times it is almost impossible to realize that we are interacting with a machine and not with a person. Advances in automated response mechanisms are so profound that they allow very detailed and complex logic to serve a company’s prospects or customers.


What is a chatbot?
A chatbot is a program capable of holding dialogues with users. These conversational robots are small programming tools and are very useful for digital marketing actions , especially in the customer service area. Advanced applications can understand the language of people within a specific field —for which they were programmed— and provide timely answers to the questions of their interlocutors or guide them through a decision-making process. The chatbotsThey can detect words, decipher combinations and interpret situations and then respond accurately and in a timely manner. Typically, these interactions are established through texts, but robots are already being used in conversations in multimedia interfaces. Obviously, this is a technology in development, which still has some limitations or difficulties, although they are becoming fewer and easier to solve. Around the corner, chatbots will give businesses the tools they need to limit their resources for customer service. These robots will be able to replace people, not because it is cheaper, but because they can offer better and more agile experiences for users.

What are the most popular chatbots on the market?
The offer of chatbots is huge; there are for all budgets and for all business requirements. They are all easy to implement and available to any type of business. Adding them to marketing activities does not require advanced programming skills or sophisticated infrastructures. Incorporating this type of technology is a simple task for anyone. The only thing that is required is will, planning and some weights. Here are the most popular – listed in no particular order – and functional ones on the market for your Forex Email List team to explore and compare. Our idea is to show you the options so that you can evaluate them and choose the one that best suits the particularities of the business. The eight alternatives we recommend checking out are: Converse AI , Mobile Monkey , Botsify , ManyChat , Chat Fuel , Xenioo , DialogFlow, and Voiceflow .

How do chatbots work ?
More than understanding how the tool works – the coding and all the programming logic behind it – the important thing for marketers is to know how it is configured and the possibilities it offers to companies. Setting up a chatbot is a fairly simple task because the process of programming the responses is made from the detection of keywords in the questions asked by the user. That is, the company simply must work on building a detailed list of words that could be in a question, and then design a timely response. The chatbotYou will go to this database to do your job and thus have logical conversations with the customer. A process that becomes more natural when we give the robot different versions of the answers, so that they can better adapt to the circumstances. Another configuration possibility offered by chatbots are the questionnaires with multiple-choice questions that become decision trees as large and complex as the company wants. These types of conversations develop thanks to the user choosing a topic or answer within a multiple-choice scenario and then following a route that resolves their concerns or desires among the alternatives offered. This is a less conversational process, but just as effective for the consumer.

A good example to visualize the reach of a chatbot within a digital strategy is to imagine an online store in which we offer printed t-shirts. A user who wants to buy a shirt in the store would have to enter the platform, browse the options, choose the one they like and then buy it. A process that today seems slow and boring to many. How to solve it? Simple, with a chatbot. The prospect would enter the Facebook page of the t-shirt brand, for example; open the chat to talk to the store and find the product options — basic t-shirts, polo shirts or printed t-shirts. By clicking on the option you prefer, you can begin a journey through which the robot identifies what you are looking for and, at the end, presents you with the URL of the shirt you want, ready to add it to the shopping cart and process the transaction. As if this were not enough, chatbots also incorporate artificial intelligence in all their interactions; therefore, they will be able to learn from each of them to improve and offer a great user experience in the future. This is evident in highly advanced chatbots —such as Siri or Cortana—, which with the passing of days and interactions offer more accurate responses to users.

Relevant data on the use of chatbots in marketing
Conversational robots are more common than most imagine and, in addition, they are more well received by users than anyone thinks. A study by the firm OneReach ensures that 64% of customers prefer that companies solve their doubts or problems by chat before calling customer service by phone. The causes of this preference are the immediacy, simplicity, and high availability of conversations through these platforms – compared to the unattractive experiences that call centers offer today.

Other relevant data on the use and preference of consumers for chatbots is provided by research by the company Retale. The study showed that 58% of millennials are familiar with automated chat systems and find them useful for engaging with a company. The analysis also found that 86% of respondents believe that brands should use chatbots to promote or sell products or services. The last of the discoveries of the research promoted by Retale was no less important than those previously stated: 71% of millennials said that they are very willing to buy a product or service using a chatbot. Still not convinced of the convenience of using conversational robots? Well, there are two more studies that provide reasons to decide on its implementation: that of the Gartner firm , which ensures that in the next 5 years 85% of the interactions of companies with customers will be managed by machines; and a Narrative Science report , which states that 44% of entrepreneurs believe in the use of chatbots because, according to them, these tools generate data that can be used to make business decisions.

Top 5 benefits of using chatbots for customer service
We’ve already talked a lot about how successful chatbots can be from a user perspective. They love the prompt responses, the diligence in meeting requests, and how successful those interactions are. But why are chatbots useful for businesses? Which provide? A lot of! The automation of the tasks of service to the customer saves time and money and simplify all processes relationship with audiences. They also offer five additional benefits that make them very attractive:

1. They allow documenting consumer behavior . Conversational robots are capable of multitasking, for example, interacting and documenting everything that is said – something that is difficult for people – and even asking and tabulating responses. With the implementation of a chatbot it will be possible to have a detailed file of all the conversations to use it as feedback or to do small market research.

2. They generate empathy with the user . Robots do not have moods or get tired, therefore their interactions are configurable and replicable, without limits. The chatbots not lose patience and go out of their boxes are tools that always will behave with empathy and be concerned for offering a superior experience for customers. This advantage makes a profound difference with people and reduces reputational risks.

3. Minimize response times . The time between question and answer will approach zero with the incorporation of chatbots in customer service. If the robot’s programming is detailed and extensive, the user will receive what they are looking for almost immediately and that is a competitive advantage that is difficult to match.

4. They assist people in making decisions . The chatbots also serve to reduce the friction that can occur along a funnel. If the user finds the answers quickly to the questions that arise during the purchase process, the attrition rates decrease and the conversion rates increase. Accompanying the buyer during the decision-making or transaction is possibly the most important advantage that a chatbot offers to companies.

5. Reduce training costs . People have long learning curves and the costs of this training are high. For their part, machines are easily replicable and learning costs decrease over time. By implementing a chatbot , customer service learning times disappear and investments in training become investments in programming — which can then be applied to all chatbots in the organization.

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