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What Background And Qualities To Become A Butcher?

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What Background And Qualities To Become A Butcher?

Those who buy their meat from a butcher have already understood that they are generally people who display a joie de vivre at all times. Indeed. Butchers are often bon vivants who like to interact with their customers and share their know-how. Here’s what you need to know to become a butcher in france today. The butcher: above all a craftsman we sometimes forget. But the butcher is above all a craftsman. Who. Thanks to his know-how. Prepares and resells the meat he has acquired from a wholesaler or directly from a slaughterhouse. If he works on his own. The butcher will have to take care of the butchery equipment in order to be able to serve his customers in a qualitative way. All the knowledge of the butcher will not be useful. If the knives and other machines he uses are not up to standard. Otherwise. He could also work for a supermarket.

It Is Necessary To Master

In which he will take care of serving customers. At the meat counter. How to become a butcher like any trade. The work of butcher is learned through schooling. We will reach the title of butcher by a cap butcher realtor mailing list or a cap butcher-caterer. Otherwise. There is also a technical certificate. For the butcher trades. Which is carried out over a period of two years in alternation. This is organized by the permanent assembly of chambers of trades. You can add to your butcher’s skills by participating in an additional catering employee mention. This grade is acquired over one year and is carried out after the cap. Then. You can continue your studies with a professional butcher certificate which lasts two years. Always after the cap or the bac pro. The same goes for the master’s certificate which will follow the professional certificate. But this takes place over a single year.

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Finally. Let’s also mention the possibility of choosing the bac pro butcher-charcutier-caterer. What are the roles of the butcher? When Forex Email List you see the butcher behind his counter. You can imagine that his role is to cut the meat. Before giving it to the customers. However. This is only one of the many tasks of the latter. Indeed. Their work includes a multitude of defined actions. Which must occur at different intervals. First of all. It is he who will have to select the meat carcasses that he will obtain from wholesalers or slaughterhouses. This selection of cuts is certainly one of the most difficult and important actions. Because the quality of the meat sold to customers. Subsequently. Will largely depend on this choice. Once the selection is complete. He will have to complete the purchase by negotiating the price with the seller.

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