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We will all be millennials or derivatives

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We will all be millennials or derivatives

Millennials are a target of people who are characterized by being young (born after 1982), so their relationship with new technologies is something so common and normal, and they are even so integrated in their lives, that it makes their commercial behaviors are distinguished from the rest of the population. Generation Y, as they are also mobile numbers for marketing known, are entering the world of work, they have suffered the global crisis that we have all suffered, but with the difference that they have not lived long in times of economic boom. This generation is occupying a multitude of media space because their customs and consumption habits, as I mentioned, differ from the rest of the target or at least we can frame them as a form of consumption different from the traditional one.

It is undoubtedly a very attractive segment for companies, due to its consumption possibilities, its potential, as well as because it is the beginning of something that I believe will undoubtedly mark the marketing of the future, the integration of new technologies in the behavioral paradigms of consumption of the population. That is why I believe that in a short time, this is a segment that we could enunciate if we follow the life cycle pattern of customers, as a segment of “innovators” in relation to new technologies in commercialization. At present it is not even massive in terms of number of members, but without a doubt due to the development of new technologies, their application for consumption, as well as the integration of these in our lives, we will all be millennials, or something similar to time, yes, That is why companies are very attentive to their behaviors and habits, not only because of their current consumption capacity, which is increasingly important, but also as a model of where the needs of these customers are directed, who are the prelude to customers. consumers of the future, so this monitoring is important to learn and be prepared for when the segment is massive and generalized in many aspects.


This generation Y currently has very specific characteristics, among which I can advance some according to a consumer study by the Food Marketing Institute in the USA:

They consume nearby, organic products at low cost
They buy according to a specific need, quality prevails over quantity
They are not forward-looking and planned
Worried about not putting their savings in jeopardy, so they don’t visit unsafe sites
They care more about quality than bargain
Online shopping is the queen of your consumer habits. It is what allows you to buy the best at the best price, have more information, showrooming
They are multiscreen client. Interact with various media at the same time
Social networks have an important weight in your purchase decision
New technologies are naturally incorporated into their way of consumption and life, so they take advantage of everything that technology gives them, such as looking for highly personalized products at a good price.
According to the study, they are very conservative in their forms of investment, preferring safe formulas in exchange for low profitability, rather than risky investments
They invest in pension plans due to the possibility of being homeless in the future
Very good company, this is a segment of the population to which we must be very attentive (as with all those who are becoming significant in the market), we must review its evolution Forex Email List as it will undoubtedly mark the way to market in the immediate future or at least very close, as well as because every day is a segment with greater potential and commercial performance.

In the same way, we must always keep in mind that this target will evolve towards other premises of consumption and needs, as well as we will not lose sight of new segments of interest, such as generation Z , which would be people born after 91 and that are characterized among others things due to their connection (much more than the challenge of generations) with social networks and how these affect their purchase decisions and opinion (they have different behaviors from millennials although they share the use of the internet as a means of consumption). It is therefore important not to lose sight of all these market segments due to their great potential for consumption and that they already offer so many commercial possibilities, but above all, in a short time, a large overcrowding is forecast in terms of the number of members in these segments and the creation of different ones, so we must be continually observing which paths they travel, respecting their habits and habitats from our company, to market in the media used, after all, in a short time all millennials at least or an evolution of these.

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