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Visual trends in 2020 that will last in 2021

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Visual trends in 2020 that will last in 2021

Customize your content, adapt it to new trends and adjust it to what your buyer persona expects of it brings you closer to achieving your goals . If you want to generate engagement and gain relevance with your brand, you need to know the visual trends in 2020 that will last in 2021.list_altIndex of contents Examples of upward animations on our web pages Trends in graphic design Prints & Textures to apply to the visual of your brand Full color: an imperative in visual trends in 2020 that will endure in 2021From concept to image The importance of being up-to-dateAnd, so that you know which ones will have an impact in the coming months, in this post I have made a selection that you can implement on your website, increasing the creativity of your content.Media Directors Email Lists me! We will delve into 5 visual areas in which you will go deeper with examples, so that you can quickly recognize the different trends when you see them.We started! Examples of upward animations on our web pages Animations help us with the storytelling of our product or service. Thanks to them, the understanding of the information that we want to share with the audience is facilitated. That is why it would be interesting if you consider introducing these visual trends in 2020 that will last in 2021 on your website .I show you some examples of animations:1. Microinteractions (microinteractions)Micro-interactions are, as our colleagues at Hiberus explain, “subtle design elements that convey the status of a digital product. Their main purpose is to provide a visual and instantaneous response , thus creating a pleasant and surprising moment for the user . “A very clear example is that of the Apple Card website .

2. Explanatory motion graphics This style of animation has very striking benefits, since its attractiveness makes visitors stay longer on your website. A visualization focused like this helps to understand the information in a much more dynamic and precise way.You can check it yourself in this example .3. Live data The use of this style of animations in presentations or in the data sections within your web page helps the user to always stay focused. Thanks to them, we ensure that something is always happening , we keep monotony at bay and we make data consumption much more enjoyable.What do you think of this live data trend example ?4. Chatbots evolve There are many ways to introduce the chatbot factor on your services page. It is such an essential element that, although newer than the other types of animations, it has been going strong.I show you in this example a very fun way to incorporate this factor into your website.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!EMAIL *your email I have read and accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy .Trends in graphic design Graphic design is one of the strong points of the visual trends in 2020 that will last in 2021 , as can be seen from the list published by Ionos for this 2020 .Among all the novelties, the liquid trend stands out. It is a technique applicable to many styles, such as:Typography a background Movement Photography The great thing about this trend is that it can be applied in many different ways. It’s easy to find the best one to create an interface that works with your content . For example, here you can see one way to use Liquid.What do you think of the application they propose here ?Prints & Textures to apply to the visual of your brand Two of the visual trends in 2020 that will last in 2021 that will attract our attention the most are those that transmit, through texture and print, the concepts of transparency and multicolor. I leave you some visual examples so that you can soak up these trends:Transparency It gives that ultra-light and soft feel that draws attention due to the light effect of the texture. Moject Multicolor effects If you want to apply this trend with the help of the one you have chosen, among the best CMS, we recommend that you combine different multi-colored layers and complement surfaces and patterns.Moject What does your website need to get more traffic, leads and sales? Find out in this PDFFull color: an imperative in visual trends in 2020 that will endure in 2021 Some of the colors for 2021 have already been released at the Pantone Color Institute and companies have started incorporating them into their repertoire. In the new palette you will find tones such as amberglow, samba, sandstone, classic blue … Discover them all at this link .The colors of the future As a curious fact, we found an article that talks about the colors of the future . The project is called Tides – Maree, and behind it are the artists Kwangho Lee and Wang & Söderström, who work in collaboration with Noroo, a Korean company expert in color.His project proposes fluid colors that change with the rhythms of nature, such as the movements of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth that produce tides. I leave you its link , so that it serves as inspiration when creating content for your brand.From concept to image If the image hits you, you are much more likely to pay attention to the rest of the content, right? When a photograph or illustration attracts you, the chances that you will be informed of the messages and later click on any of the links that the text may have increases. That is why the trends that we present below will be so important in the coming months.Specifically, these are 4 concepts, which will guide you to find those resources you need to keep up with global trends.

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I will briefly detail them below, but I recommend you take a look at this article , where you will find more extensive information. Playful Living / More is More Our lives are becoming more informal, hybrid, nomadic, and entertaining. People, especially millennials, whether at home or at work, want to have fun and express their personality.Do you know how to satisfy all these needs with a more experimental, interactive and playful design?Becoming Human / BiotechnologyBiotechnology is also pushing the boundaries towards products that are a true expression of our bodies and needs (have you heard of footwear or fabrics that breathe?).All of these new technologies are impacting the visual side of design, and new colors, shapes, and textures are emerging as a result. According to the Korean Forex Email List Noroo, a leader in the paint sector, the colors of the future will be fluid, nuanced, undefined, metaphysical and lunar, just like the tides.Designing Well-Being / SoftnessDesigning for wellness is becoming an important goal within the field of design. Brands and designers are exploring how environments can affect our well-being, how technology in conjunction with interior and furniture design can be used to enhance our well-being. Research on this topic spans different fields, from home design to workspaces and hotels.The Future is Circular / Biomaterials Biomaterials, such as manure, hemp, vegetables, mushrooms, plants, are also being reused and turned into beautiful designs and also biodegradable. Minimizing waste and giving it a new life can be a new perspective to successfully manage your online content.The importance of being up-to-dateIt is difficult to narrow down the trends for a whole year, since, being alive, they vary in a matter of months or weeks. In addition to staying up-to-date , when choosing which ones to implement, it is important to be clear about the objective being pursued (connecting with the audience) and the tools that are needed to achieve that goal.Today, in different industries, change occurs rapidly. For example, in the world of fashion there are firms that are already distancing themselves from the four-season production system. The content of any brand must ensure its adaptability to new trends to ensure that the offer will meet the expectations of users..At the present time, going through a crisis, we could affirm that the liquid trend is a way of being, and not just an artistic movement or something applicable only in the field of creativity.This article talks about liquid people, how we adapt to continue growing and improving. Do you consider yourself a liquid being? Do you know how to flow? Although we have focused this article on the visual trends in 2020 that will last in 2021, do not forget that staying attentive to change, not stopping the movement, is the essence applicable to the way we live, work and buy.What do you think of the visual trends that I have collected in this article? Let me know your opinion in the comment section!

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