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In this article, we will explain how a quiz can benefit your Facebook Lead Ads. At Roas Hunter we love to use this tool for our clients’ ads. We also show you the steps to make this process as simple as possible.

1. Establish a Facebook Lead Generation campaign
2. Create a Lead Form for your quizz In summary Why use qun quizz for Facebook Lead Ads? Using a quizz for how to buy a mobile number Lead Ads has many advantages. They are short and pleasant : The quiz is pleasant for users and they do not ask for too much information. Therefore, they are perfect for mobile devices. Unused and an unpopular marketing tactic: Competition at this level is very low. The result is that sharing a quiz is a perfect opportunity to give your audience something fun and new. Very interactive : Audiences will actively engage with your content. There is a much higher probability that someone will stop and take a quiz than they will stay for an entire ad . How to add a quiz to your Facebook Lead Ads

1. Establish a Facebook Lead Generation campaign
Access the Facebook Ads Manager and choose the Lead Generation option .
Name your campaign and continue
Set a target audience to reach the right people.
Choose the placements and choose a budget for the campaign.
Select Ad creative for your campaign.
2. Create a Lead Form for your quizz
Promoting a Facebook quiz for the lead generation is a bit different from other types of Facebook ads . The main difference is that you fill out the form with your questions directly from Facebook. Select the “new form” button and choose the type of form you want to use. “More volume” or “High intent” are the options, therefore choose the one that best suits your goals.


That said, if you select “More Volume”, you will generate quick and easy forms for mobile devices. Therefore, it is used quite a bit. Create an introduction. Write the title, select an image, and choose a format. Then add the questions. Start by choosing the information you are looking to obtain through the lead . Collecting names and  Forex Email List  addresses is something that is always recommended so that you can use the information obtained for future campaigns. Select the type of question you want to add and then fill in the question and answer options. You can add as many questions as you want. Still, too many questions can be ineffective, as many users will not want to complete the entire quiz .

Finally, create and customize the screen that your audience will see when they finish the quiz . This is a great opportunity to redirect them to the landing page . Finish when ready! In summary Like everything else, this marketing tactic takes time. However, if done correctly, analyzing the performance of the lead of an ad can lead you to obtain information that will help you in your future campaigns. Would you consider using a quiz in your campaigns? If you are already using them, do they work for you?

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