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TOP 5 September – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

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TOP 5 September – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

For many, the month in which to set new goals, face new challenges, and start over with clear goals is September, not January. Do you recognize yourself in the September team?

For the world of digital VP Maintenance Email Lists, on the other hand, each month is a January or a September , and each month is good for innovating, changing, testing and much more. In this TOP 5 we bring you some very relevant news: changes on Facebook, news on Pinterest, a study on voice search … keep reading so you don’t miss any!

I hope you enjoy reading and that you find them interesting 🙂

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1. How to meet Google’s quality guidelines in 2020
2. Voice Search for Local Businesses [SEMrush Study]
3. Facebook limits the amount of ads it will show on its pages
4. 7 signs that you should re-evaluate your sales metrics
5. Pinterest launches its biggest update to date with the arrival of Story Pins
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1. How to meet Google’s quality guidelines in 2020
Those of us who manage web pages or create content are already very familiar with the fact that we must be up to date with all the changes, updates and guidelines indicated by Google, since this is where the results of our work live.

Chief and VP of Maintenance Email Lists

Google specifies several categories of specific guidelines for websites to appear correctly in the SERPs and, in this sense, the category of “quality guidelines” takes on a very important weight, since knowing the guidelines indicated in detail allows you to quickly identify what are the techniques that can negatively affect the positioning of a website :

Automatically generated content.
Misleading redirects.
Link schemes.
Hidden text and links.
Door pages.
Copied content.
Excessive use of keywords.
Creation of pages with malicious behavior.
Guidelines for Spam in User Generated Content.
To go into detail in each of the quality guidelines, I invite you to consult this Human Level article , in which you will be able to obtain all the information you need.

2. Voice Search for Local Businesses [SEMrush Study]
Voice search is one of the trends that has been talked about the most in recent years and that has resulted in the rise of voice assistants in the market: from Apple’s Siri to Google’s assistant, these functionalities help us on a day-to-day basis, so much so that 20% of the world’s online population already uses voice search, and 58% of voice users use it to search for local businesses .

In the study carried out by SEMrush , whose main objective in 2020 has been to understand how different voice assistants compare to each other by presenting local results and discovering how the algorithms behind them work, we found very interesting information. Here are a couple of insights that have caught our attention:

Alexa can’t give results for every fourth question – this may be because it’s a smart speaker initially designed for the home, so it’s hard to compare it to Google and Apple devices.
The average response length that a voice assistant returns for a local query is 23 words .
Because different voice assistants (Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.) rely on different sources of information to choose answers, most return different results for the same questions .
I invite you to enter the study, you will be surprised with all the potential that voice assistants have and how they differ from each other.

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 10.39.03

3. Facebook limits the amount of ads it will show on its pages
When it comes to digital advertising, there is no doubt that social networks are a very powerful tool, since they allow you to run very granular campaigns and reach very specific profiles and buyer personas. However, this reality will change very soon as it will no longer be possible to launch many campaigns simultaneously.

The question arises almost spontaneously: is this not against the Facebook business? Facebook itself responds that the change is aimed at improving the way in which the platform distributes advertising. In other words: when a campaign is in the learning phase, if too many ads are served simultaneously, the system is not able to learn what happens with each campaign and how it should be improved and which one is the most appropriate to display. With this new method, you will gain in efficiency, thus improving the service and also the results .

I invite you to read the post from Puro Forex Email List to find out in detail this novelty that Facebook has just announced, although I anticipate that it will begin to be launched between February and the summer months of 2021.

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4. 7 signs that you should re-evaluate your sales metrics
How to know if your business is going according to your expectations? Exactly, a key aspect is to analyze sales. Having a measurement system for a commercial department is essential both to continue improving sales processes , and to understand when it is time to realign the metrics based on objectives or based on radical changes that may occur either within the company. same company or in the market in general (as in a crisis).

According to HubSpot, these are the 7 signals that you must detect to adjust your sales metrics. If you want to know them in detail, I invite you to read the full article on the same Hubspot blog :

Radical impacts on sales
Sales team rotation
Imbalance in the mix of products or services
Missed opportunities
Alteration of the sales cycle
Customer experience index
Loss of recurring customers
5. Pinterest launches its biggest update to date with the arrival of Story Pins
Pinterest is also joining the wave of social networks that have embraced the highly successful Story format in an attempt to make the platform more interactive.


The Story Pins, like the traditional pins, can be saved in boards and thus users can return to these content whenever they want. It is the main difference with the stories of other social networks, in which we are used to disappearing after 24 hours. At the moment, this functionality is available in the United States, and in the coming months it will reach all Pinterest users globally.

This update is relevant because, for the first time, the social network has a more dynamic type of publication that encourages interactivity . There are also interesting news for content creators in the Analytics section of Pinterest: it will allow them to have greater visibility and better measure engagement with publications. To get to know all the new features in detail, I invite you to read this ReasonWhy post .

And so far the compilation of the TOP 5 of September. Have you read any other interesting news this month? Share it with us here in the comment section!

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