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TOP 5 October – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

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TOP 5 October – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

This month it was difficult for us to choose only 5 items, it seems that 2020 does not stop bringing news!

I’ll tell you some without spoiling much: the new Google Analytics has arrived, users increasingly value respect for the privacy of their Chief VP Compliance Email Lists, Instagram Stories take a large part of all the advertising investment that takes place on the internet. .. and much more!

I hope you are curious to discover the news of the month and, above all, that you enjoy reading! đź“š

list_altIndex of contents
1. Hybrid events: guide to attract qualified leads
2. Prioritize the privacy of your users and accelerate the economic recovery of your company

Chief and VP of Compliance Email Lists
3. Stories: a third of Instagram advertising
4. 7 web design mistakes that influence SEO positioning
5. We present the new generation of Google Analytics: GA4
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1. Hybrid events: guide to attract qualified leads
In the context of the pandemic, many sectors have had to reinvent themselves to cope with the new situation, as far as possible. One of these is the events sector , which has had to adapt from face-to-face to virtual almost overnight.

However, apart from online events, there is another option represented by hybrid events , which allow both face-to-face sessions, with limited capacity, and online at the same time.

In order to take full advantage of the full potential of hybrid events and reach your target audience, you will need to know some key strategies, such as the ones I tell you below:

Create a specific landing page to present the event and capture the leads that want to participate there.
Spread through online advertising.
Share the event on social networks.
If you are interested in knowing more about this type of event and how to carry it out, I recommend reading this article by Antevenio .

2. Prioritize the privacy of your users and accelerate the economic recovery of your company
Everyone, as a user, values ​​privacy on the internet. Especially now that we are more connected than ever and taking advantage of digital commerce.

In the context in which we live, building trust must become a priority for brands. Investing in privacy is a worthwhile effort, not only for ethics and legal issues, but also because it conveys to clients the perception that there is a relationship of transparency between them and the companies , in which they themselves decide what to do. what can and cannot be done with your personal data.

To delve into this topic, I invite you to consult this post from Think with Google , in which you will find interesting statistics and guidelines on how companies can improve Forex Email List management and increase their ROAS.

3. Stories: a third of Instagram advertising
The Stories format is here to stay: taking inspiration from Snapchat’s limited-duration content, it landed first on Instagram, then on Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and now more recently LinkedIn. Each social network has its own version of content that lasts only 24 hours .

According to an analysis by Wave.video and SocialInsider, the Stories format accounts for a third of Instagram ads. Everyone has copied the format, the last one, LinkedIn, just in this month of October.

Some data? 74.6% of campaigns on Instagram Stories are videos and their CTR is double that of images: 0.59% click-through rate for videos versus 0.29% for images. If you’re interested, find out more in this Reason Why article .

New Call-to-action
4. 7 web design mistakes that influence SEO positioning
The web design and the interfaces of the pages with which we interact play a very important role for a good user experience . However, there are some errors that can cost web pages very expensive, since they also impact SEO positioning. Of these errors, we highlight the following:

Charging time too slow.
Not being adapted to the Mobile First Index and having pages that are not mobile-friendly.
Bad navigation.
Image characteristics.
Invasive pop-ups.
Infinite scroll.
Not having a 404 error page.
If you want to go into the detail of each of them, access this Thirteen Bits article .

5. We present the new generation of Google Analytics: GA4
Google Analytics is changing, and with the changes comes new features capable of providing highly relevant insights.

The greatest novelty has to do with the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning , which will make it possible to obtain predictions of results, trends and user behaviors. It will also be possible to know much more in detail about the customer journey , with the aim, by Google, of offering a more complete view of how users behave and interact on different devices and channels.

To learn more about these and the other changes to the new Google Analytics, or rather Universal Analytics, check out this Making Science post .

Here ends the compilation of the TOP 5 of October. Have you read any interesting post or news this month? Share it with us and the whole community in the comments section!


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