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TOP 5 January – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

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TOP 5 January – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

For the first TOP5 of 2021 we have compiled some news to update you on digital marketing and see where the trends are heading for this year. In this compilation we show you the consequences of Google’s algorithm change, which has brought a lot of movement, as well as the main trends for 2021, such as SEO in Spotify and news regarding applications, ecommerce and sales.

Enjoy the reading!

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list_altIndex of contents
1. IndexWatch: SEO 2020 winners
2. 20 sales tactics that don’t work anymore (and how to replace them)
3. Google Shopping 2021 and the best techniques
4. What do we expect for app Jordan Phone Number List in 2021
5. How to SEO for music and podcasts on Spotify?
1. IndexWatch: SEO 2020 winners
We started the TOP5 of January with the news with which we had left it in December: the change of Google’s algorithm and the web pages that were affected the most and those that were least. In December there were still not very obvious results, but now the panorama already allows us to see more clearly what has happened.

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The major affected by this latest change have been image banks, dictionaries, translators and pages from the health sector, as in 2019. One of the keys to understanding in which cases web pages have benefited from the algorithm change is the correct response to the user’s search intention , a factor that is gaining more and more weight.

To consult the complete list, I invite you to visit this Sistrix article .

top5 sistrix

2. 20 sales tactics that don’t work anymore (and how to replace them)
Consumption habits and buying trends change very quickly, especially in a world that is hyper-connected and as fluid as the one we live in. Although it is usually more evident for B2C businesses, B2B businesses are not excluded from experiencing such changes. Here are some examples of sales tactics that were common 20 years ago and now don’t work as much:

Cold door knocks.
Do not ask questions of the potential customer and talk only about what you sell.
Go to trade shows.
Over-selling the product.
In this HubSpot article you will be able to delve into them and, above all, learn how to substitute these techniques to empathize and meet prospects’ expectations.

New Call-to-Action
3. Google Shopping 2021 and the best techniques
With the context experienced in 2020, many businesses have understood the importance of having an online presence, not only to take care of their image and branding but also to have an always active sales channel , 24/7. This is why services like Google Shopping in 2021 will become even more important.

Therefore, it is relevant to know which are the most appropriate techniques to achieve sales from this channel and, above all, to know how to compete within it. Here are some examples:

Use keywords correctly.
Maintain a competitive pricing strategy.
If you are interested in delving into all possible techniques, we encourage you to read this Forex Email List Branding article .


4. What do we expect for app marketing in 2021
Although App Stores are dominated by the big players and applications that occupy the “top of mind” of users, there are thousands of applications that could achieve better results by performing optimization actions and implementing an app marketing strategy .

Looking ahead to 2021, the most relevant trends in mobile application marketing will be to give more importance to the ASO (App Store Optimization), the subscription format as a means of monetization and to test new promotion channels (such as TikTok Ads, for example).

To find out about all the trends and learn more about those mentioned, we recommend reading this Pickaso article .

5. How to SEO for music and podcasts on Spotify?
Exactly, you read that right, SEO has also crept into Spotify. Did you know that it is also possible to work it for music and podcasts? Do the same rules apply for images and texts as we are used to or is there something different that we should take into account? Spotify has a search engine, like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and as such, its results are also based on an algorithm.

The Spotify algorithm , as you can imagine, is based on the behavior of users, their interests and what they usually listen to.

In this SEOCOM article you will be able to delve into how to do SEO in Spotify, a very interesting topic especially if we take into account that the podcast market is increasingly booming.

And so far the TOP5 of January. Has this news already reached you? Have you read any interesting articles this month? If so, we invite you to leave it in the comments section to share it with the other readers of our blog.

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