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TOP 5 February – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

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TOP 5 February – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

In this new edition of TOP5, we bring you the news that have starred in the month of February, among them, the rise of the audio format, the possibility of capturing leads directly from Google and the Colombia Cell Phone Numbers List-First indexing, which we already talked about in summer, but now it will be implemented definitively. Let’s see if next month we can see the impact of this change or if it will be too soon to draw new conclusions.

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list_altIndex of contents
1. Digital audio, the format that resisted and won during the pandemic
2. Ads opens its form extensions for Search, Video and Discovery campaigns
3. Mobile-First Indexing: What You Need to Know
4. The keys to mcommerce in 2021
5. 24 questions to identify the needs of your customers
1. Digital audio, the format that resisted and won during the pandemic
Surely you have heard of the platform of the moment, Clubhouse. This new social network, available at the moment only for those users who own an iPhone and who have also been invited in the app, is based on the exchange of voice messages that cannot be saved and that reproduce an experience that combines podcast radio and interviews.

We can understand the boom of this platform if we look at the context in which we find ourselves: 2020 has been the year of podcasts , whose consumption by users has skyrocketed.

In this Direct Forex Email List article you will be able to delve into surprising statistics and data about digital audio, and here are two of the most interesting for us:

In 2020, active listeners of content in audio format dedicated 2 hours and 5 minutes a day to this medium.
In 2021, 50.8% of the time dedicated to audio is expected to be in a digital environment, thus surpassing radio for the first time.
top5 february audio

2. Ads opens its form extensions for Search, Video and Discovery campaigns
The functionality that Google has been working on for a long time has already arrived: it will be possible to capture leads from the same ads in Google Ads, YouTube and Discovery through a form integrated in the same ad.

How does it work? The client will not even have to access the ad’s website, as they will be able to fill out a form from the search engine. The advantages would be several, such as saving browsing time, achieving a more direct reach on the really interested public and potentially improving the conversion rate. To find out more, I encourage you to visit this article .

Good news or a sign that the relevance of web pages is less and less important and that everything will end up in the hands of Google? We can see it only with time.

New Call-to-Action
3. Mobile-First Indexing: What You Need to Know
Google has been optimizing search results since 2016 to give more and more weight to the mobile environment, and last summer we had already discussed the news that March 2021 would be the final date for the implementation of Mobile-First in its entirety.

The main issues to consider to avoid problems in the final phase of this transition are:

Technical verifications that you can review with tools such as Google Search Console, to make sure that there are no errors robots.txt, page speed, length of meta descriptions, etc.
Maintain important content through pages with designs adapted to mobile screens.
Navigation and links . Although in this case it is possible that everything is already optimized, it never hurts to take a look to be sure.
To find out more details, I invite you to read this Ahrefs article in which this important topic for anyone who manages a web page is explained.

4. The keys to mcommerce in 2021
We continue with the news related to mobile, therefore, you can imagine what the word “mcommerce” refers to. Mobile commerce (or mcommerce) is the future of ecommerce, that is, electronic commerce through mobile devices.

Generation Z has already been born with a mindset aimed at doing everything through mobile, and millennials are going the same way. In addition, a new segment of “senior” consumers has appeared who had had little penetration so far and, out of necessity as a result of the pandemic, have begun to make purchases online also from mobile phones.

Among the factors that have driven this trend, we highlight the ease of making in-app purchases, one-click purchases, social commerce and omnichannel , or the ability to offer a product or service through different channels. To delve into each of these aspects related to mcommerce, you can consult this Adsmurai article .

5. 24 questions to identify the needs of your customers
Understanding your client’s needs is essential so that you can approach your audience more effectively and know how to offer your products and services . Today’s buyers are demanding: they always lack time and are reluctant to share information, but at the same time, they have access to a large amount of information and demand it from brands.

In such a complex landscape, the questions posed by HubSpot in this article take on a very important weight to listen, understand and satisfy your customers. Do you already know the answers or is there one that you will start answering from today?

And so far the TOP5 of the month of February. Were you already up to date with the news discussed? If you have read an article that has caught your attention this month, do not hesitate to share it below, we will be happy to read you.

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