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Tools for teamwork

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Tools for teamwork

Working as a team is becoming easier, the tools that we present below will help you to improve management and communication processes. The goal is to optimize both your time and that of your colleagues.

One of the most used and most efficient tools on the market
Slack allows you to share information and content with your business colleagues. Through this you can access files, mobile number data information and allow real-time decisions for your company. You can create different custom chat rooms and manage private groups.
From this tool you can access documents from Google Drive, Dropbox or Keroku.

It is a project management software with a web interface.
Trello allows you to generate an activity log as virtual cards. With this tool you can add lists, tag events, attach files, add comments, and even share boards. One of its best features is the tool’s functionality and ease of use.
It is especially useful for those projects in which several departments or managers or projects in which there are dependencies between several must participate.


You do not need advanced programming skills to use this tool. This will help you generate impressive designs for your newsletters. Mailchimp has a free version from which you can manage up to 2,000 subscribers and monitor up to 12,000 shipments every month. You will also be able to know who opens your emails, and the interaction of your users with those emails.

For those who are passionate about metrics. It will allow you to link different accounts to keep track of your KPIS in real time. You can also link other accounts from Google Adwords, Forex Email List Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and your own CRM, such as HubSpot. The graphic and visual content of Databox will make it easier to interpret all the parameters in the online environment.

A password manager with which to share profiles and / or users without the need to share passwords. The Lastpass user may or may not have the necessary permission to view a password.
It is a perfect tool to work as a team in those projects in which the passwords of several platforms must be shared.
There is a version for Chrome to access quickly with an already predefined user, without having to return to the control panel.

This Teamwork Tool has a simple platform for exchanging video, audio or seminars on mobile and desktop devices. Video and audio quality is HD with dynamic detection. It allows access to the conversation through various accesses.
With Zoom you can make videoconferences and web conferences without problem.

The best known or one of the best known. It is a Google file hosting service. Google docs, prior to this one, has several functionalities that make this tool the most used in the world, along with dorpbox.
Google drive has a free service of up to 15GB of storage. Through this, you can edit files in real time with other users. It has an automatic backup, massive uploads or downloads of files, among others. These are some of the tools we work with at ROASHUNTER. They help us optimize our time and improve work management between departments, contacts and clients.

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