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Tips to expand your e-commerce to international markets

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Tips to expand your e-commerce to international markets

Internationalization in an increasingly connected world is a must in the management and growth of brands; it is part of the life process within a company. A couple of years ago, talking about internationalization was reserved for large buy uae number online , but thanks to the massification and trust of e-commerce , brands and projects of all levels and sizes, it can reach new nations much faster than before. And it is that the importance of talking about the internationalization of brands is part of a process and a necessary conversation by CEOs or entrepreneurs that is happening more and more frequently and on an exponential scale.

At Roas Hunter, we have accompanied companies of all sizes to develop and consolidate brand expansion processes at an international level. Here are some of the tips from our learning: Work through the process gradually. Internationalizing is not a milestone that you will achieve overnight, it is a gradual process in which you have to work hard and have clear medium-term projections. Both financial and time resources must be progressive and adjustable based on the results obtained. Planning the process in phases or based on objectives will allow your expansion to be successful. Analyze the market Understanding that each market is variable and diverse is necessary. Be very clear to which market you consider that your product / service can best fit due to factors such as: proximity, cultural connection, tax benefits (Tax Free), among others. Understanding the behavior of the «new potential consumer» allows you to create a realistic, correct strategy adapted to the specific needs of each country. Understanding topics such as: Unique promotions calendars in the country, consumer behavior, market trends, competitors, among others, are necessary to find a focus in the internationalization process.


Prepare your brand to expand Many times, the failure in a process of internationalization of the brand in e-commerce happens due to the lack of preparation in the operation. This situation clearly impacts the results obtained. To prevent this, it is necessary to prepare your e-commerce at all levels. Topics such as language, currency, shipping policies, exchange and return policies, among others, are vital to achieve a Forex Email List proper result. Prepare yourself on a legal, team management, communication and technical level in order to avoid results being biased by business aspects. Work on brand recognition Before talking about sales and investment returns, it is necessary to work on an international branding strategy which will allow you to obtain recognition and especially audiences, which you can attack when you want to generate revenue. Find out how it is possible to communicate your brand by showing what makes it unique. Create content so that your users want to interact with you, not so that they buy. (For the moment).

Look for allies or multi-brand The online presence in e-commerce is vital, however, penetrating physical markets makes it possible for digital communication to obtain more strength, relevance and support. Identify possible multi-brand stores or allies, who wish to sell your products in a specific market. Find an ally that fits within your buyer persona and works to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. Work on attracting new audiences In order to achieve the necessary recognition to be able to generate sales, it is vital to work on attracting new audiences. Through various ad platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google ads, invest in the recognition of your brand by segmenting the new audience outright. Graphic and written communication must be specific for this phase, considering that the user is in a brand recognition process. Win audiences and work for them with valuable content
By working to attract new audiences, you will be able to find different users who are interested in your brand. For this to be sustainable over time, attracting new audiences is core . With these audiences, he works on valuable content both in social networks and in emailing strategies . Make them feel part of your brand. This will get you to start bonding with your potential users.

Work with conversion tests with controlled budgets After you achieve a volume of interaction, recognition and audiences, develop conversion campaigns in test mode. It raises segmentations based on the results obtained in attracting new audiences. Work with these campaigns and analyze the results. Based on them, it optimizes and executes the necessary changes. After finding expected results in a stable way, increase your budget and work on strengthening your presence day by day in this new market. At Roas Hunter we help various companies to achieve a stable and effective internationalization process. We have achieved internationalization processes in various countries in Europe and America in women’s fashion sectors, the “eco” sector or sustainable consumption, among others, which has allowed brands to maintain a process of constant growth or diversification more and more. necessary in the face of constantly changing markets.

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