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It has been a tough year for companies and brands around the planet, from Roas Hunter we include ourselves. The Covid 19 crisis has created unprecedented situations, including lockdowns, and marketers who want to end the year well need to be prepared with these tips for their Facebook ads. One of the obstacles to e-commerce this year has been handling all the long distance deliveries, and distribution times. In other words, getting products to physical stores and customers this year may take longer than you expect. So how can brands increase the chance of a merry Christmas in the weirdest year yet? Customers are looking for deals and discounts mobile no database free more than ever, and you will have to show them all this through interactive and creative content as well as ads that impact them more than ever. Creatives are highly dynamic assets that can adapt to today’s disruptive market. Our advice is that, like choosing a different gift for each of your friends or family, you will want to make something personal and that adapts to the needs of each step of the funnel .

Top of the funnel / Brand awareness: Keep the user inside the advertising platform with videos and Instant Experience Mid- funnel / Consideration: Assuming your goal is to drive users to your website or landing page , make them active and interact with the ads through for example videos, or an eye-catching CTA. Bottom of the funnel / Conversion: Enrich your ads with additional data to show that your product is worth buying. Launch dynamic price-inclusive ads (with incredible discounts, of course) and push them to act with a “buy now” CTA.


Tip # 2: Use artificial intelligence for your creatives
You don’t have to rely exclusively on your own knowledge to choose which images will impact your audience and achieve your goals. Take advantage of artificial intelligence . This technology can analyze your creatives, as well as their historical performance or Forex Email List behavior data, and combine it all to create the perfect creative formula. Professionals can also launch campaigns faster without having to involve designers and developers.

Tip # 3: Customize the offer and ads depending on who you want to impact
Just as you don’t give everyone the same at Christmas, you shouldn’t do it with your Facebook Ads either . Customize the message, channel, and product for each type of audience. Customizing creatives can increase CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) by 20-30%, on average. What should you customize in the creatives? Shows the collection points or physical stores closest to the consumer. Incorporate maps into your video or carousel ads. Shows delivery options depending on the user’s location. Write specific messages for different audience segments based on their lifestyle. Make your ads show products under specific conditions.

Tip # 4: Don’t Forget Online Shoppers
This is more than a tip for this Christmas, it is something you should always try to do. The practice that we recommend is that you give users the opportunity to make purchases on the internet, and collect their orders from the closest physical store. People today are more used to delivering packages or picking up store orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although orders during confinement have increased, people continue to choose and buy online, and then pick up their purchase in physical stores by themselves. In addition, statistics indicate that internet sales growth will continue to increase for the next two years. This shows us that buying online is the best alternative this Christmas, and the best way to expand and update your business.

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