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This Christmas the mobile will be the key to looking for offers in stores

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This Christmas the mobile will be the key to looking for offers in stores

The offers will reign this Christmas. Consumers are preparing for the most important shopping season of the year, and they need to find the best price in order to maximize their mobile number directory karachi pakistan  budget. Therefore, in these days before leaving stores, buyers intensify their search and information on products and prices. A task where mobile devices have a lot to contribute. According to the Google Surveys study for Thinknear, 1 in 3 consumers plans to use their smartphone to compare prices.

Other activities where the smartphone will be present in this stage prior to Christmas shopping is to look for ideas on what to give (31%), comments and recommendations on products (27%) and, of course, all kinds of discounts and coupons ( 25%). Likewise, mobile devices will also be present at the time of purchase, within the physical store. According to the data provided by Google Surveys, 30% of buyers will use this device to compare prices, while 27% will search and exchange coupons thanks to these smart terminals.


On the other hand, the online opinions of other consumers will also be present at the time of the final decision, even within the store, thanks to the information offered by smartphones (23%). The influence of mobile devices on purchasing decisions is reflected even after the fact. A third of the participants in the Google survey claimed to have Forex Email List bought a product that they had previously seen on their smart terminal, both smartphone and tablet. This Christmas will be characterized by austerity. Users plan to spend practically the same as the previous year (52%); only 14% will increase your budget. Hence the interest in finding interesting offers and gift proposals.

However, this does not give retailers carte blanche to overwhelm them with proposals and unwanted impacts. Merchants cannot forget that user experience is more important than ever; so they must bet on a strategy aimed at satisfying their expectations. Only 30% of the study participants are willing to receive coupons and discounts on their mobile; while only 14% will accept suggestions about what to buy, or reminders about their purchases (10%). For this reason, the important thing is to develop a strategy that allows us to be there just at the moment when the client needs our services; with a proposal oriented to your needs.

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