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The tasks that the community manager cannot forget

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The tasks that the community manager cannot forget

At present, there is neither room nor sense to discuss the convenience of integrating a community manager into the marketing team of companies. Today, having a character who administers and manages the presence of the business on social networks is an obligation. However, our invitation is not to do it because it is “your turn”, but to see there a possibility that will add benefits and improve the performance of your company’s Senegal Phone Number List ecosystem. The message, then, is clear: community managers are leading actors of organizations in digital settings.

But what is the specific role of these characters? His work within the team has grown over the years. Many tasks and responsibilities have been added, but the priority remains the same: build and manage a digital community for the business. The consolidation of these communities has gained ground in corporate discussions, since they allow multiple marketing actions to be carried out . This business possibility is the cause of the promotion of the community managerin the organization chart. Almost everything — not to generalize — passes through these communities: communication, customer service, research and development, marketing, and choice of supply chain. This is why the community manager has become a key player in all areas. Today, community managers have transcended from being simple collaborators to being spokespersons for customers within the company and leaders of the brand in the community.


Faced with this new scenario, organizations are looking for professionals who have the necessary skills to perform tasks in an efficient and productive way; because, in addition to the traditional actions in conversation, content construction, interaction monitoring and results measurement, the community manager must be a source of feedback that helps increase market share, improve customer relations and improve the company’s products or Forex Email List – based on your dialogue with the audience. The 6 qualities that improve the results of a community manager The aim of this publication is to show those who want to become community managers the right way. To do this, and before talking about the tasks that should not be forgotten, we want to start by highlighting the characteristics that outstanding community managers have in common ; Because to enter this difficult task, it is not enough to have knowledge and master the use of social networks, you also need other ingredients to be competent and efficient.

The characteristics that gather the best exponents of the work are a mixture of capacities, experiences, attitudes, ingenuity and method. Here are what we consider to be the six most important:

1. Know how to communicate
The main function of a community manager is to be a bridge between the company and the audience, and to achieve this requires high communication skills. This is why those who work as community managers —or aspire to do so— must hone their skills to convey messages. Thus, they will advance in the objectives of the business they represent, their activity in social networks will always be at the forefront and their communities will be involved and cohesive with the brand.

Knowing how to communicate means knowing how to write, speak, talk and show. The community managers should be aware of what they say, how they say and why they say. And this is achieved when the person in charge appropriates the message, chooses the tone well, finds the correct words and is aware of the objectives. Corre Davidson, a community manager who has worked for large companies, such as Google, thinks about this: «A community manager must be able to write – in short or long -, to elaborate and transmit ideas on video, to hold a dialogue constructive, problem-solving and adapting each message to a specific medium. A community manager he must have communication skills and must be able to face any challenge associated with this activity.

2. Know how to choose
Content curation is part of the daily life of community managers today. This apparently simple task involves a competence that few have: the ability to choose, to separate what is important from what is irrelevant. Social networks live in a present in which the saturation produced by excess information is constant. This makes the ability to select and synthesize a highly desired asset by organizations. The community manager needs to work intensely on their analytical skills and on developing the sense of smell to filter the content that is generated in the organization and the environment. Knowing how to choose how, when and what to share on social networks and other digital channels is the essence of content curation and a critical task for managers. It is more complex to manage abundance than scarcity, because abundance forces us to prioritize and discard.

3. Know how to relate
Effective socialization and empathy are two characteristics that simplify the work of the community manager . You can’t lead a community if you don’t have both. Now, the good news is that both can be developed and enhanced; So the message is: if you don’t have them, work on them; and if you have them, improve them. Once both are achieved, what follows is to apply them on a day-to-day basis. For this you have to immerse yourself in the community, get to know it and anticipate its behaviors. Building closeness is essential to achieve the planned objectives and the only person responsible for this is the community manager . Tim McDonald, a member of the HuffPost community team – formerly The Huffington Post – says: “If a community manager doesn’t empathize with the audience, they won’t be able to put themselves in their shoes. This simple fact will reduce their abilities to communicate with her and the possibilities of achieving what the organization is looking for.

4. Be always connected
Unlike other jobs, in the community manager there is no beginning or end of the day. Every administrator of digital communities understands that to be successful, they must always be available to their audience. This characteristic could be summarized with a simple statement: the work of the community manager is a 24/7 activity. Rachael King, former leader of digital communities at the Adobe software house , talks about this topic: “Managing a community is an all-day job because something good or bad can happen at any time and, when it happens, social platforms they are the first place people will visit to comment or share their experiences. The community manager must be attentive to take advantage of opportunities and prevent threats ”. Corre Davidson adds: “A community manager must see his work as a way of life. If you are looking for a work with hours, managing digital communities should not be your first choice.

5. Be organized
The volume of activities, platforms and processes that a community manager manages on a day-to-day basis is extensive and confusing. This reality can be overwhelming if tasks are not done in an orderly manner and if a working method is not constructed. Creating schedules, assigning times and defining procedures is a priority to achieve results and avoid errors that could occur with the activity. Dave Kerpen, writer and CEO of Likeable Media, says: “A community manager has to be multitasking and this will require a lot of order. Managing multiple social profiles is intense and fast-paced work, bringing together things that must be done simultaneously and generating many risks that could affect the reputation of a business. ”

6. Have a passion for the brand
The last of the qualities that a community manager must develop is extremely important for their performance as a member of a business. A community manager represents the eyes, ears and voice of the company, and the public wants to interact with someone who loves the brand, knows and uses its products and has answers to their questions. Dave Kerpen emphasizes that: “Passion is really important. At the end of the day, the community manager is responsible for the brand, therefore he has to eat, sleep and breathe what he sells. What does the community manager do and what are the activities that he generally forgets? In addition to developing the characteristics that we have just mentioned, digital community managers need to have a work plan that avoids forgetting and prioritizes what is important. Time is a scarce resource today and investing it well is the greatest challenge. Next, we will share the 13 activities that community managers forget the most, so that you can put them on your to-do list and always keep them in mind:

1. Be a user or consumer . Using the products or services offered by the company you work for helps you understand what is being sold. In addition, the facilities and difficulties of buying and using the product or service are experienced firsthand. This must be done periodically to have a global and fresh panorama that allows you to interact with the audience from the experience. A community manager has to behave like a customer of the company.

2. Document everything that is executed . Creating a blog with what has been done and what has been obtained serves as information for future actions. Likewise, having a detailed list of activities – of the checklist type – prevents any task from being forgotten. Documented processes are more efficient and less vulnerable for companies. A community manager must behave like an airplane pilot who prepares a detailed plan with the route and possible scenarios.

3. Prioritize tasks . Good community managers are clear about what is most important to their organization and act accordingly. Some tasks, products, platforms or actions are a priority to achieve the objectives and the community manager has to be aware of this when planning their work. In this activity it is very common to waste time because managers are immersed in entertaining and information-laden scenarios; therefore, if tasks are not prioritized and delimited, some could remain pending.

4. Establish a business position in the new social networks . When building a digital strategy, the company delimits its ecosystem. By doing this, you define in which social networks you will have an active presence and with what objectives. Well, that this is done does not mean that social networks that were left outside the ecosystem should be ignored. The community manager must establish a position in all social networks – to protect the brand identity and to keep the space reserved, in case the social network later joins the ecosystem.

5. Integrate all the pieces of the digital ecosystem . A community manager cannot see each social network as an isolated piece; on the contrary, it must work so that the audiences flow from one to another, so that the community has a global image of the business. Making the audience circulate throughout the digital ecosystem of this will enrich and deepen relationships. The community manager has to propose that the public consume all the content generated for the different social networks, thus ensuring that the audience has a better view of the organization’s message.

6. Identify and approach opinion leaders . We live in the era of influencers, but let’s not only think about those who call themselves that, but also those opinion leaders with large or small audiences. There are many users within your community who influence others and the community manager is obliged to detect and approach them. Adding these types of people is key to achieving goals.

7. Listen to everything that is said on social networks . Listening carefully is critical to seizing opportunities and preventing risks. The community managers must have tools for active social listening, that simplify your work and do not leave loose ends. Listening to what is said on social networks about the brand, products or services and the interests of the organization and the audience opens a wide range of options for content and marketing actions . Community managers must answer open questions, attend to complaints, know the latest news and other critical activities for the future of the business.

8. Ignore the newsjack . Making newsjack means taking a topic of the moment and pursuing business goals through it. Few community managers pay special attention to current issues and take the time to creatively appropriate them. Good community managers are never ignorant of newsjacking and are always on the lookout for topics that matter to their community and region.

9. Measure the impact of the published content . Metrics help understand the behavior and interests of a community. They also serve to evaluate the performance of each action. Well, if an effort is made to evaluate the results of each publication issued on social networks, it will be possible to better understand the expectations of the community to redirect the efforts in creation and curation towards what really matters to them. The community managers who do their job best measure and identify the incidence of each theme, the tones, the days and the times of publication in the results.

10. Expand information sources . Another task that is generally forgotten when managing a digital community is exploration. Exploring means scouring the web to find new accounts to follow, new blogs to read, or new content to share. Exploring the networks could make your content more attractive to the community, it could activate your creativity and, also, expand your circle of relationships. Always remember that the better content you receive, the better content you deliver.

11. Build a protocol for the generation and distribution of content . Improvising is not a good idea on social media and community managers must understand it — no matter how creative or resourceful they are or think they are. To achieve good results, it is advisable to develop a detailed step-by-step for content creation and review that is executed before publishing. Thus, errors will be reduced and the quality of the messages issued will be improved.

12. Consume abundant content from other accounts and interact with them . Following someone on social media is becoming an act of inertia. The community managers follow from the account of the business the most active users, other recognized brands sector and the media, but few work are taken to follow what others publish and interact. Brands must behave like people, consume the content generated by their following, show interest, amplify the good and interact.

13. Ignore Wikipedia . Where do people go when they have a question about something? To Wikipedia. Ignoring this collaborative content network could be costly to your reputation. The community managers can not ignore this platform and should control what is said there of the company and its most visible leaders. Wikipedia is one of the most reputable and credible networks —and it will become more so every day—, neglecting it is not recommended. Being alert and editing the content that is generated there is a responsibility of the community manager.

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