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The power of recommendations, ubiquitous among younger moms

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The power of recommendations, ubiquitous among younger moms

The power of online recommendations has a decisive influence on moms when it comes to buying baby products. This is reflected in the latest BabyCenter study. 66% of the highest income millennial moms say they actively seek feedback online when it comes to buying  list of telephone numbers in philippines   products for their baby. The experience and advice of other mothers are a trusted source of information for them. Hence, brands begin to worry about the degree of satisfaction of their customers, and work to provide a satisfactory experience. Values ​​that will lead them to recommend the brand.

According to the study, in which 905 mothers of a few months participated, together with pregnant women in an advanced stage of pregnancy, 61% of those with a family income between 50 thousand and 100 dollars per year, decided to buy their baby carriage from from comments posted by other parents. In the case of households with less than $ 50,000, this percentage dropped to 48%. On the other hand, when taking into account the opinions and recommendations of experts in the field, its influence index is notably lower. 44% of mothers with higher incomes (between 50 thousand and 100 thousand) did value this information in their decision-making. On the other hand, in the case of those households with incomes below 50 thousand dollars, these evaluations by experts only made a dent in 31% of the cases.


The findings of the BabyCenter report confirm the trend shown in previous studies on the research and decision-making process of younger mothers, as well as the important role played by the internet and social networks. Specifically, the Nationan Consumery study published in November by Experian indicated that mothers with children under 5 years old Forex Email List are the main protagonists of social networks. These women are more than twice as likely as the rest of the population to use these 2.0 channels at least 3 times a day. These means serve as support and reinforce the purchase decision. Social channels act as a medium that favors global communication, a meeting point where to find support, share concerns and hear testimonies from their peers. A fact that has substantially modified the shopping habits of women. Market Research World indicates that this digital word of mouth influences 50% of purchase decisions.

Therefore, the power of online recommendations within the purchasing process of this target audience is undeniable. Brands must be aware of this reality, and orient their strategy around their target audience, with a true vocation for service; in order to provide them with a full experience, worthy of sharing and recommending. Likewise, it is important that they enable all the necessary channels, in order to facilitate two-way communication, and collect their experiences and opinions regarding the brand, products and service received.

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