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The keys to correctly use WhatsApp Business in your company

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The keys to correctly use WhatsApp Business in your company

For a long time, WhatsApp became the preferred channel for users to interact with the environment. First, with his friends; then with the market and companies. Let it be clear, this is not a matter of now, nor of a few months ago, it is an issue that has been consolidating since 2014 – when the giant Facebook bought the platform. The integration of the instant messaging application with the Facebook ecosystem strengthened its functionalities and opened the doors to a new vision within the platform, much more Malaysia Phone Number List-oriented. All this was consolidated in 2017, with the birth of WhatsApp Business – created for small and medium-sized companies – and WhatsApp Enterprise Solutions – for large companies. Understanding this is one of the keys to using WhatsApp Business. Then, the technological environment was already prepared and it only remained to encourage business leaders to take their actions of service and customer care to instant messaging. Something that happened organically and that did not require much effort from Facebook, because users were fully involved in the application – it was the overcrowding of this channel that forced companies to jump into it.


Another piece for the digital ecosystem? Some wondered. Another social network to manage? Yes, but a very powerful one, that gives new possibilities to organizations and that offers unique functionalities to raise the quality of customer service. And the latter is where the keys to using WhatsApp Business are; in not seeing the tool as a simple social network that will serve as a promotional channel, because it is not like that. WhatsApp belongs to this a new generation of platforms that connect the business with the customer in real time. WhatsApp Business is a very useful application to improve the customer experience. It is a powerful channel that allows you to accompany the prospect throughout the trip and offers support in moments of doubt or confusion. And that is what makes it essential in modern business. That is why today it is rare to see a company that has efficient customer service that does not use a WhatsApp line to interact with its customers.

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The first dilemma: WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business
There are two aspects that determine success in customer relationships: customer communication preferences and the versatility of the channel to make conversations flow efficiently. WhatsApp Messenger – the common and wild one, the one we all use on our phones – surpasses the first aspect with sufficiency; but it falls short in the second. That’s where WhatsApp Business pops up to give you a hand.

Although WhatsApp Business is a different application than WhatsApp Messenger, it is governed by the same principles – and in people’s eyes, the differences are imperceptible. In fact, a user only finds out that his interlocutor uses WhatsApp Business because when starting the conversation he receives a message that notifies him that he is chatting with a company account. Therefore, from the customer’s perspective, the two are the same and the dilemma does not exist. But, from a business perspective, the dilemma is real and it is one of the keys to using WhatsApp Business correctly.

The customer service team will have to deal with a new app, and that will generate some resistance at first. While the interface is very similar to that of WhatsApp Messenger, the simple fact that it has other functionalities can overwhelm you.

Yes, you can bring good customer service from WhatsApp Messenger, but to achieve an exceptional experience you will need WhatsApp Business. There is no escape! WhatsApp Business has everything that WhatsApp offers, and complements it with some very powerful functionalities that benefit performance and facilitate the work of the care team. What are those functionalities? Here we share the four most powerful:

Integration with the Facebook ecosystem . A WhatsApp Messenger account cannot be connected to a Facebook page or an Instagram account. With a basic WhatsApp account, your digital advertising will be mediocre. Because the metrics that the advertising account will give you will not be very accurate to monitor the conversations generated. On the contrary, WhatsApp Business integrates beautifully with the Facebook ecosystem. It connects easily with your page on this network and with your Instagram profile – creating a very powerful triangle for digital marketing . Having a WhatsApp Business account also enables the ability to create conversation-oriented advertisements.
A company profile . This is one of the keys to using WhatsApp Business. The profile in the basic application is very limited. Promptly offers: a name, a profile picture and a status. Nothing more. For its part, a profile on WhatsApp Business is very complete. It has the three elements of WhatsApp Messenger and also offers you: include yourself in a category, locate yourself geographically, publish a catalog of products or services, establish Forex Email List and contact hours, include links to other channels – email, website, telephone and accounts on the other social networks.
Automatic messages . An account on WhatsApp Messenger is overly dependent on the person who operates it. If there is no one answering the conversations, the other party will not receive a reply. That’s a major problem, because in customer service response times are critical. This issue is solved by WhatsApp Business with two of its best features: the welcome message and the absence message. Within the application you will be able to configure an initial message that the interlocutor will receive automatically and, also, you will have the possibility of leaving a message that will be triggered at times when there is no agent attending the conversations. An absolute marvel!

Quick responses . In a basic WhatsApp account, you will have to write down each answer or keep in your notebook of the device the recurring answers written to do ” copy + paste ” every time someone talks to you – a very messy and highly inefficient task. WhatsApp Business solved this need with the quick responses. To use the functionality, all you have to do is compose the answer and assign it a shortcut that is activated with the slash key —for example: «/ shops» -. Thus, your conversation speed with customers will increase and you will achieve high efficiency in the service.
What does WhatsApp Business bring to your digital ecosystem?
Your business customers expect a good service, that’s why we are sharing the keys to use WhatsApp Business ; because that is exactly what this application allows. But what is good service and how do customers recognize it? If you search your head and analyze yourself as a customer, you can begin to answer these questions. The best thing you can do is put on your marketer shirt to review your behavior as a customer and thus detect the critical factors to offer an outstanding service. Ask yourself: what did you like about the care, what didn’t you like, what would you improve and what would you take away. By answering this you will find clues of what a good service is and you will put WhatsApp Business at the service of your organization and your customers.

We did this mental exercise and identified five WhatsApp Business values ​​that enhance digital ecosystems:

1. WhatsApp is a very popular channel
WhatsApp has more than two billion users in the world. Crazy! It is really rare that a person who is active in the market does not have the application installed on their phone. Such overwhelming popularity simplifies everything because it becomes the communication channel that most prefer.

2. WhatsApp Business streamlines service
All the functionalities added by WhatsApp in the Business version point to this. The company profile, quick responses, and automated messages were designed for the customer service team to reduce response times and increase service efficiency.

3. WhatsApp Business has tags to categorize customers
The possibility of creating labels to categorize people is one of the keys to using WhatsApp Business because it turns it into a mini CRM —c ustomer relationship management , a tool for managing and relating to customers. With this functionality, identification and tracking of people is simplified. In addition, it enables the creation of marketing actions that are adapted to the customer’s moment in the customer journey .

4. WhatsApp Business makes it possible to receive orders
Customer service is the ideal setting for up-selling — getting a customer to buy another product (s) or service (s). And with the incorporation of the shopping cart into WhatsApp Business – this functionality is not universal, at the moment it is only available in some regions – the process of receiving orders is greatly simplified. By using WhatsApp Business as a service channel, the customer service agent will be a potential salesperson.

5. WhatsApp Business allows you to measure conversations to improve them
WhatsApp Business offers business leaders the ability to track conversation data – this is not a universal feature either – to optimize customer service efforts. The marketing digital and businesses will feed these metrics to make better decisions, increase efficiency actions and enhance results.

Why use WhatsApp Business?
For this question there is a quick and obvious answer —because we’ve been talking about it since the beginning of the article—: to provide excellent customer service. Real-time communication is the most powerful weapon today to meet the needs of customers and improve their experience when they relate to products or services – asynchronous conversations are also interesting and key to using WhatsApp Business correctly.

Now, customer service is not the only possibility that WhatsApp Business offers. There are other sections that organizations can explore on WhatsApp. Let’s talk about them:

1. For the creation of a community
Having closed groups within WhatsApp Business is an interesting way to improve customer engagement. These scenarios can be used to detect an opportunity, because they allow feedback and collaboration between clients. In fact, they are a great source of information for the innovation and development department. A well-managed WhatsApp group is a constantly developing focus group .

The 30 main tasks of your digital marketing checklist. Let’s identify all the tasks and assignments that we must include in our company’s digital marketing checklist, so as not to forget anything.
The 30 main tasks of your checklist of marketing digital
Let’s identify all the tasks and assignments that we must include in our company’s digital marketing checklist, so as not to forget anything.

2. For the sale of products or services
We already hinted at it, the WhatsApp Business team works day and night so that the tool becomes an excellent channel for electronic commerce. That they are working on it is one of the keys to using WhatsApp Business. There are already functionalities within the application that simplify order taking – the shopping cart – and we are convinced that more will come. If you allow us to speculate on this, it would not be strange for us that the platform is working on: a payment gateway, a mechanism for tracking orders – by the way, you could do this manually and it would be wonderful for your clients: send them a message in which you notify them of the order stage; for example: we are packing your order or we have already delivered it to the carrier and it will soon be at your house—,

3. For the promotion of products or services
WhatsApp Business is not very profitable for this – and in some cases dangerous, because it can seem very intrusive to the customer – when compared to other digital platforms. However, it does offer some tools and functionalities that help this purpose: statuses, broadcast, or groups. Yes, it is little, but they can add a lot to your promotional efforts.

4. To build a powerful brand
This is a process that involves everything that has been said so far — customer service, community development, product or service promotion, and e-commerce. WhatsApp Business is an incredible application to work on improving your brand and on customer relationships. Through the platform, you can quantify the mood of the interlocutor and you can also request feedback on your products or services in real time. That builds brand! Every step you take within WhatsApp Business is a contribution to the consolidation of the brand. Each success and each mistake enrich or deteriorate your brand assets in the customer’s mind.

The keys to using WhatsApp Business
So far, we have presented a huge list of functionalities and reasons that make WhatsApp Business an indispensable channel within digital ecosystems, a fantastic tool for digital marketing . To finish, we want to share some important tips for your company to shine and achieve good results in WhatsApp Business:

1. Never spam … never!
It is tempting to know that you have the possibility to send information about your products or services to a group of clients with a simple click, but you have to control yourself. Appearing unexpectedly on a person’s phone, without their express authorization to do so, can be detrimental to the future of your brand. To achieve this promotional purpose, there are more efficient, cheaper and safer channels. You don’t have to risk having a negative effect on the customer’s mind simply by sending them an inappropriate message.

2. Complete your company profile
All sections of the company profile are key to using WhatsApp Business correctly. Even the smallest information box can contribute a lot to building trust. In addition, if you fill out each one, you will simplify the work of your customer service agents, because the interlocutor will have all the information they need at their disposal. Users who visit you on WhatsApp will be able to find out about your products or services, your opening hours or your catalog with a simple click on the profile.

3. Establish a clear opening hours
Defining and communicating your business and service hours is a priority task. No, the company is not obliged to have 24/7 agents to attend to messages; What it does have is an obligation to make it known when it is available so that customers can schedule themselves and choose the time that best suits their schedule. Oh, and it’s worth reminding yourself that you must adhere to those hours, because being inactive on a schedule in which you explicitly engaged could be harmful to your brand’s reputation.

4. Create quick and charming responses
This is the lifesaver of customer service agents: having to type little to send memorable responses on WhatsApp Business. We said it a few paragraphs ago, the quick answers speed up the attention and maintain the quality of the answers. Sit down with your equipment commercial and marketing for drawing up detailed and enthralling answers for recurring customer questions. This will save the customer service team time and achieve consistency in messages and conversations.

5. Plan your labels for contacts
Take your time to define what are the parameters that you will use to categorize the customers of your business. Categorization exercises are key to using WhatsApp Business effectively. To create your tags, we recommend you think about: the stages of your conversion funnel, your types of customers, their purchase frequency and their average ticket . You could, for example, have a label for prospects, another for new customers, and another for repeat customers. Also, you could design labels for natural persons and for organizations. You could even tag customers who buy a lot from you. The goal is for the labels to help you quickly recognize the characteristics of a customer when you are talking to them.

The 30 main tasks of your digital marketing checklist. Let’s identify all the tasks and assignments that we must include in our company’s digital marketing checklist, so as not to forget anything.
The 30 main tasks of your checklist of marketing digital
Let’s identify all the tasks and assignments that we must include in our company’s digital marketing checklist, so as not to forget anything.

6. Use the states
Ephemeral content on WhatsApp is more consumed than people think. Yes, if you compare them with Instagram stories the figures are tiny, but that does not mean that they are negligible. Publishing statuses in WhatsApp Business is a valid marketing action nowadays, especially to impact those who have already had some contact with the business – in fact, you could see it as a remarketing mechanism .

7. Create groups that contribute
This is another underrated digital marketing action . Partly because they have filled us with ridiculous WhatsApp groups that do not contribute anything. “Are we going to buy breakfast at the company?” “Let’s create a group to coordinate.” Dozens of groups that do not contribute and make us hate the tool. However, as in many other cases involving digital platforms, the fault is not with the tool, but with whoever uses it. A good group, used to share valuable information and interesting conversations, is a great marketing tool .

8. Focus on active conversation
Finally, our best advice: always think that the conversation you are having right now is the most important marketing action for your business. Thinking in this way is one of the keys to using WhatsApp Business assertively. Your customer service agents should enter the tool with this attitude in mind: make the customer experience impactful. That’s the best thing that can happen to your company. Slow response or inattention to active conversation are causes of bad experiences for customers. Excellent attention to the moment can become a competitive advantage.

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