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The keys and trends in social networks that will mark 2015

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The keys and trends in social networks that will mark 2015

Social networks have become an indispensable part of the strategy of any company to reach the consumer and have been establishing itself as a key element in the day-to-day relationship between customers and brands. Their lives are, in reality, limited and their origins are very close in time, but they have been consolidated so quickly that sometimes it seems that little can change with respect to them and what they mean for others. However, like everything on the Internet, social networks are something alive, which varies, adapts and changes depending on where the world and the free phone leads are going. And as in all the other fields in which companies must play, social media also faces changes and modifications. And those responsible for its management should not lose sight of these changes. With the changes of the year, it is also the moment when everyone starts to create lists of trends and changes that should not be lost sight of. At TechRepublic they have released some forecasts about what will happen in the world of social networks in 2015.

The approach will be more intelligent, personalized and optimized What is the point that makes social media so interesting to deal with consumers? The truth is that the consumer is not a number, he is not just another member of a more or less uniform mass, but he is a person, with a name and surname and with his own and differentiated tastes. That is what makes social media so interesting as an element to reach them. In 2015, companies are going to really start to take advantage of this situation. As TechRepublic recalls , 2015 will become the year of optimization, as analysts from firms such as Gartner have pointed out, in which brands will invest in creating adapted and optimized content to achieve better results. Users will be increasingly identified with who they are, which will allow all that information to be directed to much more specific and concrete targets. They will no longer be cannon shots that seek to reach as many as better, but conversations that are much more specific and based on more personal interests, that know much more about what the consumer is like and what they want at all times.


But that does not imply that errors will not occur . Analysts believe that the immediate future will be full of more errors, since brands still do not know very well what they are looking for or what they should do and the test always has the margin of error. Much more measurement But this commitment to tools and to turning the bet on social networks into something more intelligent will not only have an effect on how one acts, but will also imply a change in the analysis of what is done. Companies will want to be Forex Email List much more efficient when it comes to creating conversations and therefore they will bet much more on the tools that analyze the panorama. Metrics will become more important than ever, both to know which consumer is on the other side and to measure whether the objectives are being met.

And the objectives will no longer be just about volume. Now that companies are investing in measurement tools they will also take more into account issues more related to conversion, such as the retention of consumers or the growth of databases. Investment in social networks will grow Brands are increasingly present on social networks and therefore more willing to spend money on them. Forecasts suggest that in 2015 investment in companies in that market will rise. Companies are going to spend on making their brands much more visible on social networks, which will imply in one way or another spending more on advertising on social media. Additionally, companies have begun to realize that audiences have migrated. The large audiences that previously sought in media such as television are now on the internet and, more specifically, on social networks. If consumers are there, shouldn’t brands be there too? Therefore, investment in social media will end up rising.

Social networks will no longer be just networks

As the importance and weight of social networks have grown, so has the volume of things that consumers do on them. As you recall in the TechRepublic forecasts , now Internet users use these environments for so many things that they have become an infrastructure to send messages, create targets or measure users. Therefore staying with that they are only networks that connect people is already too simplistic. By 2015, social networks will definitively cease to be solely networks, especially now that companies in the sector are expanding their tentacles outside their own social areas, as is the case with Atlas (Facebook’s powerful advertising tool that is not only based on in what happens within the social environment but follows the consumer outside the network) As analysts point out, social media companies are creating powerful marketing infrastructures. Converging media push Convergence has been a fashionable concept for some years, but in 2015 it will be much clearer what is happening and perhaps that it is a revolution without much going back. Social networks are more and more diverse in the things they offer and are playing more and more clubs. The relationship also with what happens outside of social networks is increasing, as evidenced by the fact that television broadcasts are increasingly accompanied by parallel and massive conversations on, for example, Twitter. For this reason, brands, media and networks are increasingly going hand in hand and every day more proposals are created that mix part of one with part of the other.

Mobile success

Mobile devices are increasingly important among consumers and brands are well aware of this. Mobile terminals have become a fundamental part of the consumer’s daily life and therefore companies are investing more and more in their mobile strategy. Social networks will not be an exception to the norm and brands will also put the mobile phone there above all else. In 2015, companies will stop seeing the mobile as a second screen and will begin to understand that for consumers it has already become the first screen. This will create changes in the strategies to be followed and will push to make decisions in the organization of the approach to consumers. But, in addition, it will have an effect on what will be done for years to come. The change to a ‘mobile first’ strategy will determine what will be done in the future. Image importance Posts with images have always performed better on traditional social media than posts without images. But in addition, the new social networks are directly oriented to the world of the visual, as happens with Pinterest and Instagram, which, given their blazing success, will mark what will be done in the near future. Its success ensures the associated success of the images and the increasing importance that will be given to those contents.

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