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The Instagram algorithm, how does it work?

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The Instagram algorithm, how does it work?

Before the application left the feed in chronological order in 2016, users of this social network lost up to 70% of publications, 50% of their friends’ publications.
Instagram claims that with this modification its 1,000 million active users per month can see 90% of their friends’ publications, given that they spend more time on the application. It was in 2016 when this uae phone number network modified its algorithm, however, it was in 2018 when company representatives, from the San Francisco facilities, spoke publicly about the algorithm. Instagram Feed Ranking This algorithm is based on machine learning. Based on the previous behavior of the user, it allows to create a personalized and unique feed. Even if one user shares followers with another, they will get different feeds based on their interaction with those accounts. 3 factors that determine what you find on your Instagram feed: The interest that a user shows with a publication is measured by the Instagram algorithm. This, as said before, depends on the behavior of the user with similar content. in this way, the Instagram algorithm detects content that can arouse the user’s interest. The feed update measures how often and when a post has been shared.

The relationship between the user and the person or the brand, whether it is close or not, predicts whether the user will be interested in the published content.
The three additional Instagram algorithm variables that influence your rankings
How often a user opens the application. Your feed will show you the posts that you think are most interesting to the user, thanks to information about past interactions. In the event that the user follows many accounts, Instagram will use a segment of these with which they have had a recent interaction and thus show more specific people. The time that the user spends on Instagram reflects whether the publications they are viewing are the best in short connection sessions or delves into those they follow and the browsing time. The social network team answered various reluctant questions and conspiracy theories about the operation of the Instagram algorithm and its feed.


Colleagues at TechCrunch, a web publication about business initiatives, could not assure the veracity of all these claims. However, this is what the Instagram team transmitted to them: The application does not hide publications in the feed and all publications will be displayed if the user continues down. The ranking does not favor or preserve the Forex Email List or video format, it is adjusted in favor of the content most viewed by the user. Users with a lower number of publications do not descend in the ranking. There is no Shadow Banned and it states that the content is not hidden by very long hashtags. The goal of Instagram The great goal of Instagram is to increase the retention rates of each user in the application. This is achieved by constantly updating the feed, thus offering relevant and new content for the user. Through learning from the latest experiences, it shows content from those people and brands with whom the user has interacted. And while it improves the experience of its users on the one hand, on the other hand it informs companies not to focus their efforts on quantity, but on the quality of the experience. This generates greater interest among the community of followers and establishes the interaction between companies and users, so that the organic reach does not deflate. An alarming factor in reach loss is impressions, determined by impressions of published content, not likes.

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