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The importance of an interlocutor with the Digital Marketing Agency

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The importance of an interlocutor with the Digital Marketing Agency

Over the years, more and more companies are betting on digital communication . It could be due to its efficiency, its great versatility or simply to explore new business opportunities.

During the past year, advertising investment for the Internet in Argentina far exceeded market expectations. With a historical record, it reached 16% of the advertising pie, raising approximately $ 4,000 million pesos. These indexes accompany the cultural changes in our society, it is now the user who decides what he wants to see and when to do it, and inevitably he is exposed much longer to this means of communication.

Not only Digital Armenia Cell Phone Numbers Agencies were favored with these new rules of the game, companies for their part discovered a new channel to communicate their products and, as if this were not enough, they also had the possibility of being part of the lives of their clients through social networks . All these tools motivated many companies to venture into the world of Online Marketing to test the results for themselves, but you have to be careful, if any of the parties involved in the digital strategy fails, the expected results may not be obtained.

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How can you make a good decision without knowing anything about the strategy?
Marketing and advertising are not an exact science, there is no formula that works for all companies, for that reason each project is a unique challenge that requires teamwork between the company and its digital agency . It is not essential that the interlocutor designated by the company is an expert, but it is important that they have basic knowledge of Digital Marketing . Then, it is the agencies task to explain to their clients what are the necessary processes to carry out the strategy , in this way it will not only be easier to set the objectives, but there will also be a much clearer and more effective communication between the parties. Generally digital marketing agencies They make a great effort to shorten the distance between them and the client, that is why an Account Executive is appointed, who is in charge of carrying out the relationship between the agency and the person designated by the company.

All companies that allocate part of their budget to Online Marketing need to allocate an interlocutor, this must, as in any activity, be committed to what is going to be done and pay close attention to suggestions. When managing a budget that, in many cases is not less, you must have a certain power of decision, since there are always issues of great importance to decide, not only economic, since many times we are talking about the brand, the product, sales strategies.

This is why, as a Digital Forex Email List Agency , we are convinced that a large part of the success of Marketing campaigns (traditional or digital ) has the success or failure assured according to the designated interlocutor.

What are the tips for a good interlocutor?
Here are some of them, and we suggest that you tell us your own that you have collected from your own experiences, both from the client side and the agency side:
Decalogue of a good interlocutor:

Be clear about the objectives
Know that everything has a cost and that you have to pay for it.
Decision-making power and exercise of it
Dedication, it is not worth being an interlocutor and being too busy to answer emails or not having time to see proposals.
Brand awareness
Knowledge of business strategies
Be consistent, the strategies are medium term!
Certain aesthetic criteria, there are many proposals that must be accompanied by graphic proposals, you have to be able to choose!
Minimum knowledge of social networks or, failing that, trust the criteria of the agency.
The tenth quality we leave it to you, write, comment and give your opinion!
The reality is that behind all successful campaigns there is also a great team that works together with the company to be able to meet the objectives and, without a doubt, good communication between both parties is one of the main factors to achieve good results.

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