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The generation of customers of the future has already been born

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The generation of customers of the future has already been born

What will the consumer be like in Spain in 2033? What trends will carry the most weight? Sociodemographic changes draw a consumer different from the one we now know; New technologies and more global trends call into question the viability of traditional business models and the customer demands much more attention. Are Spanish companies mobile no location in pakistan  prepared for the challenge that lies ahead? Within the framework of the “Spain 2033” project, the study “Clients @ 2033” Prepared by PwC in collaboration with ICEMD – ESIC’s Institute of Digital Economy, focuses on the different challenges and opportunities that organizations will face and public administrations in Spain, in terms of consumption and customer management, in the next 20 years.

Based on the aforementioned study, these challenges and opportunities will be framed in a completely different geopolitical scenario, with a rebalancing of forces between East and West and with the proliferation of the middle class as the main economic engine. Undoubtedly, in 2033, innovation will be one of the foundations of society and the economy, impacting both production processes, and therefore the labor market, as well as consumption and consumer management.


The report lists transparency, innovation, staying ahead of purchasing decisions with technology, real-time management, process efficiency, omnichannel, reputation management, creating a new branding idea, and communication management as the main points to prepare the company for the customer of the future. The presentation of the report was attended by Jordi Sevilla, former Minister of Public Administrations and current Senior Advisor of PwC, who remarked that “the objective of the study Forex Email List is none other than to elucidate possible scenarios to help companies know the steps that they have to give. In these times, when someone thinks they have the answer, they change the question. ” In the opinion of Javier de Paz, partner of PwC, “in general, Spanish companies have a good field to develop, but the moment of change is now I change, or the wave passes over you.” And, according to the report, a satisfied customer is the best possible asset that the company can count on, since it will recommend the brand and repeat the purchase, ultimately being a loyal customer.

The generation of clients that will predominate in 2033 has already been born and, unlike the type of client known to date, they are digital natives. Currently, more than 90% of Spanish children between 10 and 15 years old use the Internet and their way of relating to the environment is subject to constant technological experimentation. The digital client is already forged in early childhood; The development of highly innovative technological products seems unstoppable and this trend allows us to glimpse a changing future, in which many of the forms of relationship with the environment would be modified and in which part of what was considered futuristic in past decades would materialize .

The resistance to change present in Spanish executives should gradually disappear as the consumer tends towards an ever-increasing technology.In a global scenario, therefore, the entry of new participants in the competition for national market shares is explained; those who know their customer in depth will have a clear competitive advantage.According to the report presented, 2033 will be marked by seven technologies that will condition consumption and customers: sensors, wearable technology, big data, cloud computing, 3D printing, augmented reality and robotics.

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