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The Facebook of the future, letter from Mark Zuckerberg

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The Facebook of the future, letter from Mark Zuckerberg

“My goal in recent years has been to understand and address Facebook’s biggest challenges. This has led me to position myself on important issues about the future of the Internet. In this letter, I set out our vision and principles on building a privacy-focused messaging system and uae cell phone network. There is much to do and we are committed to working and taking expert advice to develop this initiative. ” The Facebook of the future will focus on privacy and point to the ephemeral nature of private messages and stories as the preferred means for users to communicate. The user has become more cautious with the content that he makes known on his social networks, of keeping a permanent record of what they share. This also carries over to secure payment methods.

“I believe that the future of communication will grow exponentially towards privacy, encrypted services in which users can trust that their messages and the content of these will not remain there for life. This is the future we can help build. ” Zuckerberg says that the future of Facebook will focus on a more closed system, in the style of WhatsApp. The founder of Facebook understands that many people do not believe that Facebook can carry out this strategy. After fifteen years of an operation based on open communication. But in his letter he presents us with some of the plans to make this plan a reality, including: Private interactions , a private environment in which users have clear control of who they can communicate with and the assurance that no one else can access their messages. Encrypted information . Users must be assured that their private conversations are secure. Reduce the permanence of content. Users should feel comfortable being themselves, without an old post or action coming back to them in a negative way.


The user has to be able to interoperate with other applications. They should have the option to communicate with all their friends safely and easily. Secure data storage. Sensitive data will not be stored in countries where human rights such as privacy or freedom of expression are violated to protect this data from improper access. “We plan to develop this in the same way that we develop whatsapp: focusing on the fundamental and private use of it, messaging, making it as secure as possible and then Forex Email List more ways in which users interact. In addition, we will include calls, video chats, groups, stories , companies, payments, commerce and a platform for many other types of private services. ” Given these new changes, the expected question arises of how Zuckerberg plans to monetize this social platform. To which the founder of Facebook responds that his priority is to build the service that people really want, to later make these users can interact organically with companies and finally they will focus on paid options. The new Facebook will use the data that the user shares such as: demographics, sex or age.

The creation of its own cryptocurrency is also being considered and it has been working to integrate blockchain technology to Facebook to more easily incorporate the payment function to WhatsApp. Faced with these changes, Zuckerberg states in his letter: “In the coming years we will work on many more details and exchanges related to these principles. Much of this work is at an early stage and we are committed to consulting with experts, attorneys, industry peers, and government agencies, including law enforcement and regulators, from around the world to make the right decisions. “

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