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The decalogue with tricks to succeed on YouTube

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The decalogue with tricks to succeed on YouTube

YouTube is the most powerful digital video sharing platform on the planet. We discover nothing by stating this. You don’t need to be an expert to dare to say that ignoring it is not a smart move in the marketing world . YouTube was born in February 2005 and, from that moment, its popularity soared. The rise of this platform was so shocking that Google quickly bought it for a scandalous amount – the transaction was announced in November 2006, just twenty-one months after launch, for a figure close to USD 1.65 billion – something that does not happen very much. often in the startup world . Everything about YouTube surprises. Your traffic and billing figures are absurd. Its impact on popular culture is undeniable. Why? We believe that, from the user’s perspective, there are two reasons for its success: its simplicity and its versatility. The simplicity is evident in everything that the platform proposes. On Luxembourg Phone Number List , everything is simple: create a channel, upload a video, find a video, watch it, share it, manipulate it, or add it to a playlist. The platform itself is a great example of how well usability theories work, resulting in a great user experience. Now, that user experience is not the only factor, the versatility also contributes to the popularity of the platform. YouTube is so versatile in the functionalities it offers, that it is hard for us to pigeonhole it. It can be seen as a channel for video content, as a social network, as a search engine or, even recently, as a music player.

Why is YouTube so important for business?
YouTube is not only valuable for users, for businesses as well. There are two reasons why this platform is important in marketing : the unstoppable rise of video as a format and the systematic development of the platform as an environment for content consumption, socialization and collaboration. Of the first – of the vertiginous rise of video as a format – there is much evidence that is overwhelming. In fact, we believe that few today would dare to question the dominance of video as the preferred channel for audiences to transmit messages in the digital world. And that reality, obviously, propels YouTube to a privileged place in the package of digital tools available for marketing . Even the preference of video as a format has been researched and documented by many firms. One of them is the multinational technology conglomerate Cisco Systems, which has funded research that has shown how the consumption of video on the Internet has grown exponentially in recent decades.


Regarding the second – the systematic development of the platform as an environment for content consumption, socialization and collaboration – there is also evidence, and this evidence is what justifies the obligation to add YouTube to the digital ecosystems of businesses . What evidence are we talking about? From the explosion of youtubers, the huge stream of content that is published and the increase in conversations within the platform. On YouTube , there are more and more success stories of brand-user relations and producer-consumer dialogues. Today, YouTube is an enriched, entertaining and captivating habitat that captivates us all. The 10 essential tasks and tricks to succeed on YouTube Do not fool yourself. Succeeding on YouTube is extremely difficult and, believe us, there is no recipe that is infallible. Make no mistake, believing that a business can excel on the platform with little efforts is a dream that rarely comes true. To begin, the company must allocate sufficient resources for all the tasks that arise from the activity. And, in addition, accompany these resources with an unwavering determination, a commitment to the tasks and a sensible hope of reaping the fruits in the medium / long term.

An initiative that does not have the support and determination of business leaders and that does not build a work team will put YouTube at a disadvantage, because the platform – like everything that is developed in digital environments – requires organizations to uninterrupted work and a series of planned efforts. If it is not done that way, the benefits to the Forex Email List will be meager. Now, the resources, the decision, the discipline and the work are simply the starting points. Besides that, we will have to concentrate on other details. And those details are what we wanted to collect and present in this article. Next, we present our list of the ten tasks that cannot be avoided on YouTube in order to reap attractive results for the business:

1. In YouTube we have to take care of all the details
A good YouTube presenceit is the sum of small things, some simple and some complex. Within the simple is everything related to the configuration of the channel itself, the loading of the contents and the relationship with the audiences. In the complex, everything related to the production and improvement of the contents fits. To achieve good results, YouTube activity managers must be very methodical: they must fill out the requested information completely, be filled with creativity to use each available section and take advantage of each functionality offered by the platform. Also, it is important that the team allocate enough time to choose the name of the channel, to design a telling and coherent photo for the cover, to upload a profile image that is easy to recognize, to think of a good title for each published video, to write detailed descriptions and to choose the tags that will accompany the uploaded videos. Everything must be carefully thought out in order to stand out.

In addition, everything that happens on YouTube must be integrated into the digital ecosystem. Each step taken on this platform must be supported by the other digital channels of the business. The issue is to become rigorous with all the tasks undertaken in order to optimize the effort and improve the achievement of objectives. What we ask in this first point is to create a strict discipline in the team, which leads to the construction of clear processes for YouTube management.

2. At YouTube we must protect all aspects of content
In the previous point we addressed the form, and in this we will review the background. Yes, for a video to be successful it must be accompanied by a good title, a detailed description and some labels that improve its visibility. But doing this reliably does not guarantee the result. The result is also conditioned by the meticulous preparation and production of the content.  When creating a video for YouTube, publishers should be aware of that repeated principle that encourages avoiding over-processing. Today’s audiences shy away from the pompous and prefer the natural. To succeed on this platform, the creation of quality content must be promoted, but with an amateur attitude . However, this expectation should not be abused. The label of good editors is earned by those who balance professional- amateur conceptsand those who take care of all aspects of production. Achieving a successful video is the result of taking care of the communication structure, the lexicon and tones used, the audio and image quality, the lighting of each element that appears on the scene, the transitions and all other technical aspects of the production. of content and videos. We explain this because measuring seems to us a task that implies maturity. Comparing is an innate and sometimes destructive trend — especially on social media and in digital settings. Shake off the ideas that associate success with audience size, that adds little and is very confusing. Focus on the objectives you set for yourself and use that prism to evaluate the progress or retreat of what you have undertaken.

4. On YouTube we have to get something that catches, and then add value
How to hook the viewer to see your video? That is the most important question and your answer is what produces success on YouTube. So that’s the task that needs to be spent the most time. People give a video a few seconds before deciding whether to watch it in its entirety; therefore, the first great challenge for producers is to win the viewer’s attention. Once this has been achieved, the efforts should be oriented towards the attempt to add value, in order to gain their trust – and, probably, the recommendation of your content to their immediate environment. Catch and then add value is the slogan that will make your subscribers grow. That logic will also increase the relevance of the channel in the community. The conclusion we draw from this is that the challenge on YouTube is to gain attention with each video, in order to build trust and credibility. The goal is not to attract followers, but to get an audience truly interested in the generated content.

5. On YouTube we must monitor the times of each video
Good YouTube editors never neglect the length of the videos. The time used to convey each idea must be constantly evaluated and optimized. Let’s review the speech, analyze the contribution of each shot and rebuild the message until we eliminate everything that is left over. Every second wasted is a risk to the viewer’s attention retention. We frequently hear lectures related to the question: how long should a YouTube video be? And that seems to us the wrong way to approach the problem. From our point of view, the answers to this question are tremendously subjective, because the length of a video will depend largely on the information that you want to transmit. For example, a one-minute video explaining how to turn on a phone is very long, but a one-minute video explaining how to remarketing in Google Ads is very short. In light of this, we believe that the question producers should ask themselves is: how much less time do we need to spend to say what we want to say?

6. On YouTube we need to take advantage of all the tools available
From its inception until today, YouTube has not stopped developing functionalities that make the experience better and better for editors and viewers. In the beginning, the alternatives were few, publishers could not encourage interaction within videos, and viewers could not delve into the information – or continue viewing related content. But now, both editors and viewers have so many more options. So what we must do is understand and use them, to enrich the relationship between the publisher and the consumer.

Businesses can take their YouTube channels and enrich each published content. How to do it? It can be creating links and adding annotations within the videos to improve interaction. With this type of functionality, the relationship between the sender and receiver of the message can be improved. The deepening of the relationship with the audiences from this type of functionalities will increase the involvement of the community with the content and this will produce a closer relationship between the brand and its consumers.

7. At YouTube we have to work on improving videos from all angles
In addition to the use of the functionalities that YouTube offers, producers must appropriate other tools that will improve the experience of consuming the videos. For example: transcribe and subtitle the videos. Those are two good tools to enrich your videos. Yes, we know that it is a tedious task, but that is exactly what makes it powerful. Taking the trouble to transcribe what is said in the video will consume a lot of resources, but that consumption of resources will be rewarded by YouTube with an increase in visibility. Because by doing so, you are indirectly helping the platform in its goal of making content accessible to all audiences and simplifying the automated translation process. And that is appreciated by YouTube. Organizations’ digital teams must design simple and progressive mechanisms to incorporate subtitles and transcripts into videos. With that, the channel will be taken to a higher level and the user experience when consuming the content will be significantly improved.

8. On YouTube, playlists should be used to make life easier for the user
Playlists on YouTube are a marvel of invention! Grouping the contents and creating a common thread will simplify the lives of users who want to consume the information. Thanks to this functionality, channels can group their content and build a simple narrative so that the user can quickly take ownership of the content. With this tool you can also classify the contents to give them an order. A help that the viewers and the clueless visitors of the channel will appreciate. Editors will be able to create all the playlists they want, they will be able to group their videos by themes or by any other variable. With this action, they will increase the reproduction of all the videos available on the channel and improve the relationship with the audiences.

9. In YouTube we must think about what we want to happen after a video is played
There are many marketing professionalsand business leaders who worry excessively that viewers find their YouTube channel or come across one of their videos, start playing them, and stick to the end of each video. And that’s not bad. Worrying about visibility and attraction is not a bad idea. What is wrong is not paying attention to the other stages of the process. Because, honestly, there are very few who design complete actions. Processes that include what they want to happen after the video plays. Yes, aiming for someone to see a complete message can be a goal, and it is; but to achieve this and not try to hold the attention to provoke action from the viewer is a real waste. Do not miss the opportunity to capitalize on each effort, to mesh each video within a marketing action that contributes to the achievement of business objectives. Do not settle for transmitting a message, use the message to achieve a result.

10. On YouTube, leaders need to take ownership of the metrics for decision making
The only way to improve an activity is to carefully and rigorously review the way in which it is executed and what is obtained from it — which in the case of YouTube means analyzing the indicators of each of the published videos. If within your work team there is not a person who assumes the responsibility of extracting the metrics to draw conclusions that help to optimize the effort, you are neglecting useful information that could improve the results of the company. We have to learn from what we have obtained. That is an imperative in the digital world. The team must assess the interests and reactions of the viewers to be successful. Leaders have to establish measurement and analytics routines in their YouTube management processes, so that the business shortens the path to objectives.

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