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The current consumer thinks about it a lot before buying

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The current consumer thinks about it a lot before buying

Price comparison websites, consultation of user opinion platforms about products or services, attention to the ethical behavior of the company … New technologies are promoting a change in the profile of the consumer, who is increasingly demanding and who thinks and analyzes at the time of buying. Sales techniques must attend and adapt to the new characteristics of the intelligent consumer.Just one click is enough to see if the hotel where you want to go on vacation has a good cleaning service; If you are offered buying leads philippines very few services in your car insurance or if a company has ethically little responsible behavior with its employees, the environment, etc. Today’s customer searches, navigates, consults and compares before making a purchase decision. Traditional sales techniques work, but they have to adapt to this new profile of the savvy consumer. Javier Fuentes Merino, CEO of Grupo de Venta Proactiva, explains that the smart consumer is one who wants to invest their money in a responsible way. “It does not mean that you intend to spend less, sometimes you are even willing to pay more, but you want to make sure you are doing it optimally.”

The smart consumer is in turn composed of a series of types of consumers, which make up their entire way of acting: You are a conscious consumer : you know what you want and need at all times. He is an informed consumer : he reads, documents and investigates before making the purchase. He is a critical consumer : after the purchase, he analyzes whether the product meets his expectations or if not, he returns it. You are a healthy consumer : you are looking for products that improve your health (both physical: diet, sport, pain, … and psychological: well-being, happiness, satisfaction, …). You are a sustainable consumer : you want your product not to cause any harm to the environment. He is a caring consumer : he pays special attention to companies that carry out projects to help society.


He is an active consumer : he can become an ally or a destroyer of the brand. Know your rights as a consumer and the power you have. Therefore, you will not hesitate to spread your comments (both positive and negative) both on social networks, as in circles of friends, family, etc. He usually has great power of conviction and a large number of followers and broad Forex Email List relationships. To try to attract this type of consumer, it is essential that the company is transparent, he explains. Much of the marketing strategies have to be oriented to this. “It is no longer just about the subjective values ​​that a brand inspires, but it is necessary to communicate and report what the brand really does.” From offline methods such as, for example, information on labeling, packaging , etc., to online methods, with sending newsletters , searching for prescribers (also known as influencers ) on social networks, etc. Unlike the fixed spaces that advertising has, there are other types of messages that creep into other sites that also have a good preferential position, for example, when someone shares negative news from a certain company on their Facebook wall or from the positive point of view, when someone posts a photo on their Twitter about the delicious menu offered by a certain restaurant. All of this is generating brand advocates that we cannot underestimate. Remember, a positive communication from a client expands less than a negative communication or criticism, so the reputational effect is very important.

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