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The best blogs to learn Marketing and Social Media

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The best blogs to learn Marketing and Social Media

I have wanted to share with you my list of Top Blogs to learn Marketing and Social Media for a long time . And it is not an act of generosity. It is an act of reciprocity, because with this compilation I want to acknowledge and thank all that I have learned and continue to learn. With these blogs I have learned hundreds of things over the last few years and best of all, I keep learning more and more.

I hope this list helps you as much as it does me in daily learning. This selection (totally personal) of what are for me the best Marketing and Social Media blogs , aims to value the great work of all bloggers and references that make our learning in Social Media constant and of quality.

The best blogs to learn Dubai Phone Number List and Social Media
You will agree with me that, for any area of ​​knowledge, it is essential to have reliable Referees and sources of knowledge that share a secure Content of Value.

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Today I gather for you my selection of the best blogs to learn Marketing and Social Media (which will surely grow) and which I hope will provide you with as much knowledge and points of view, as I do, every week, every month and with each of his articles, which, gathered and classified, are like lights that mark the way.

In our Master of Digital Marketing at Aula CM , we always indicate to our students the Referential Social Media blogs to follow and read , so that they in turn serve as a source of inspiration and knowledge. And here I share with you 100 of my favorites, mainly in Spanish, but also my favorites in English and French.

I have put together this selection, more than 150 Online Marketing and Social Media blogs, mainly taking into account their informative, educational and educational nature.

I have gathered this selection, more than 150 TOP blogs to learn Marketing Online and Social Media

Obviously this is not a closed and definitive list and I promise that I will expand it over time. I apologize if your name or the name of a reference you know is not yet in this selection, but this project is in constant evolution and I will very surely have to make a second post expanding my selection of sources and references.

Note: I must clarify that to avoid rankings, the order of the blogs is purely alphabetical. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Top Corporate Blogs in Spanish to learn Social Media and Online Marketing
I begin this selection by introducing you to corporate or collective blogs. I wanted to highlight these blogs because I find that they are relevant for their content and their communication skills. I hope they are as useful to you as they are to me.


40-feverFever 40
The 40 fever blog is the blog of the Social Mood agency. is one of my favorite Forex Email List blogs. Both the design and the content are impeccable. A clear reference for those who want to learn Marketing.

The Agora Pulse blog, now in Spanish, specializes in administration, optimization, analytics and advertising in Social Networks, Applications and Community Management. It offers you tools and case studies from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

The blog Analytically , the namesake of your agency, from which I learn a lot about web analytics, Google positioning, web optimization and many other online Marketing news.

In the Antevenio agency blog you can find very good content on mobile marketing, email marketing, social networks and digital marketing strategies. It is written by the professionals of the agency and contains current updates and trends.

Audiense’s blog is the Spanish version of the Twitter tool of the same name (one of my favorites). In this blog you can find news and strategies mainly about Twitter, but also about online marketing and digital strategy.

Aukera Marketing
The blog of Aukera belongs to the Bilbao agency of the same name. It is a reference point if you want to learn about SEO, SEM, and Web Analytics, with an emphasis on Google Tag Manager. It also offers news and updates on marketing.

classroomClassroom CM
Without a doubt, the Aula CM blog is my favorite of all. You might think that it is a strong opinion because I am part of Aula CM, but perhaps that is why I can speak frankly about the great work of research, design, identity and content in each and every one of its posts. It is not surprising that the blog has been the winner of the 20 minutes 2016 award and the 2016 Bitácoras award as the best Marketing blog.

The blog of Bilnea is very complete. It belongs to the Murcian communication agency of the same name. It has a design that I love. It is ideal for people who want to learn about web design and development, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing. It also offers you information on ecommerce and web analytics.

Blogging is a very complete blog. It offers information and content on Marketing 2.0, blogging, Social Media and relevant information for entrepreneurs and SMEs, as well as tips to improve or get a job in Social Media.

blue-caribuBlue caribu
El blog de la agencia Blue Caribú, es también uno de los más completos. Habla sobre casi todos los aspectos de marketing Online: Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Noticias sobre internet y consumidores, optimización de landing Pages, Marketing para PYMES y para Status, SEO y Social Media.

metripleDoctor Metrics
Doctor Metrics es el blog de la agencia Metriplica. Es una referencia en Analítica Web, Optimización y Conversión. Te ofrece contenidos especializado sobre Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Mobile Analytics y Redes Sociales.

El blog de Elogia pertenece a la agencia de comunicación y marketing del mismo nombre. En e´podrás encontrar las últimas novedades sobre marketing online, con especial énfasis en inbound marketing y outbound.

Hootsuite Blog
El blog de Hootsuite, que ya cuenta con su versión en español, es una valiosa fuente de información sobre estrategias, tips, tendencias y conocimientos sobre Marketing en Redes Sociales.

hubspot-espan% cc% 83olHubspot
El blog de Hubspot en español es un gran recurso si quieres aprender sobre inbound marketing, Posicionamiento en buscadores y estrategia en Social Media. La versión del blog de Hubspot en inglés es una referencia de Marketing a nivel mundial.

Human Level
The Human Level corporate blog of the Agency of the same name, led by Fernando Maciá . The blog is specialized in Online Marketing, Web Analytics and search engine optimization. It also offers content on AdWords, electronic commerce and Social Networks

The Inboundcycle blog belongs to the agency of the same name. It is also a good reference if you want to learn about SEO, inbound marketing, ecommerce, ROI and analysis of results.

The Increnta blog belongs to this great marketing agency with a presence in several cities and countries. In it you can find very good content and practical cases on inbound marketing, ecommerce and digital branding.

internet-republicInternet Republic
The Internet República blog is one of those that I love because of the personality it has and the good content it offers. It belongs to the agency of the same name. It offers you very good content on SEO, web analytics, branding, SEM, social networks, etc.

Kanlli’s blog , belonging to the agency of the same name, stands out for its contents that inform you about the current situation in digital marketing, technological innovation and formats. The new trends and ideas that contribute and revolutionize online marketing stand out in their content.

In the Kupkaia blog , which belongs to the Valencian agency of the same name, you can find content on Online Marketing, SEO, SEM, Application Optimization (ASO) and on SMM: Social Media Marketing and much more.

little big ideas seo and marketing agencyLittle Big Ideas
The Little Big Ideas blog , run by the Valencian agency, is a good place to find quality content on the agency’s specialties: Web Design, Usability, SEO Factors and Techniques, Content Marketing and Social Media strategy.

The Marketin.tv blog is another of my favorite blogs since the format it offers is incredible and very original. These are video interviews conducted by Alicia Senovilla with experts and references in Marketing, Social Media, Branding, SEO, strategies, Social Media, Copywritting, Blogging, etc. In each episode, the contents are dynamic and full of value. The interviews are light-hearted and very entertaining.

mkparadiseMarketing Paradise
The Marketing Paradise agency blog is also one of those that stands out for the personality of its design and the quality of its content. In this blog you can find posts on many definitions, terms and marketing tools, as well as content on Inbound Marketing, SEO, Google Adwords and Social Media.

El blog de Metricool se presenta como una Guía de Marketing 3.0. Es un blog que ofrece contenidos de calidad sobre Analítica Web, Redes Sociales, Marketing de Contenidos y Posicionamiento en buscadores; que te ayudarán a mejorar tus campañas de Marketing Online.

El blog de la agencia Neoattack, también es un punto de referencia si quieres aprender sobre Diseño Gráfico, Diseño Web, Aplicaciones y herramientas de Marketing, publicidad, SEO y Social Media

oinkmygodOink My God
El Blog Oink My God, de la agencia del mismo nombre, también es uno de esos blogs de Marketing Online molones y bien trabajados. Se nota el trabajo y el corazón que ponen en el Irene García Bretón y Laura Amanda Bahí. En él puedes encontrar contenidos sobre Redes Sociales, SEO, SEM, Blogging, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Publicidad y Marketing de Contenidos.

El blog de la agencia PickASO de Barcelona, está especializado en Marketing de Aplicaciones Móviles y Mobile Growth. Te ofrece contenidos sobre: ASO (App Store Optimization), estrategia adquisición de usuarios,mobile analytics, monetización de apps, Optimización de Social Ads en Facebook, Instagram yTwitter, técnicas de Growth Hacking, eventos y eventos de Marketing.

El blog posizionate de la agencia madrileña, te ofrece contenidos relacionados con el Inbound Marketing, estrategias online, Marketing de Contenidos, Social Media, Herramientas y automatización, entre otros.

radio marketingRadio Marketing
El blog de Radio Marketing, me encanta por su contenido novedoso, en este caso podcast sobre marketing que tienen formato de radio. Su blog es la recopilación de entrevistas, puestas en común y contenidos sobre Marketing online, WordPress, estrategias y casos prácticos de marketing, Adwords, Posicionamiento en buscadores, etc. Si buscas un formato de blog diferente, ameno y con contenido, te lo recomiendo.

The Ready4social blog offers you specialized information on Social Media marketing strategies, Social SEO, Content Marketing, Content Curation and tricks to make the most of the potential of the Ready4Social tool .

The SEMrush blog , like the Marketing tool, has also become a reference for online Marketing in Spanish. It offers you content on Blogging, Branding, Social Media, SEO and SEM, advertising and eCommerce.

Mr. Muñoz
The blog of the Señor Muñoz Agency is a good reference to find articles on SEO and search engine positioning, which is the specialty of the brand.

syncromktSincro Marketing Online
The Sincro Marketing Online agency blog is specialized in Online Marketing, Web Positioning Blogging, Marketing Tools, Web Design, Inbound Marketing and Social Networks. It offers you direct and quality content.

social-toolsSocial Tools
The Social Tools blog is specialized in Social Networks, with an emphasis on Facebook. You can also find content on mobile applications. It offers very clear and direct content.

Sprout Social
The Sprout Social blog, also now in Spanish, offers you articles on blogging, Social Media marketing, Web Analytics, Online Reputation and Monitoring, Social CRM and Mobile marketing.

three-in-socialThree in Social
In the Tres en Social de México blog , you can find content related to Social Networks, Blogging, Community Management, marketing tools, business, entrepreneurship and current events in marketing.

your-clicksYour Clicks
The blogTus clicks of the Chilean agency of the same name is another place where you can find good and varied content related to Web Positioning, Adwords, Email Marketing, Social Networks and Web Conversion.

A Community Manager
The blog A Community Manger of the homonymous consultancy is a compendium of well-prepared and quality content on Marketing, SEO Positioning, Social Networks, Content Marketing and Social Networks.

El blog de la agencia Wanatop de Zaragoza, es otro de mis favoritos para aprender trucos y actualizaciones sobre SEO, optimización de SEM, analítica, Conversión, Social Media y estrategia en Marketing Online.

En el blog de Webempresa, puedes encontrar contenidos sobre aprender Joomla, Prestashop y WordPress: hosting, plantillas, actualizaciones, seguridad, extensiones, plugins, posicionamiento y todo lo relacionado con creación y desarrollo de web sites.

El blog de Webpositer, homólogo de la agencia alicantina, te ofrece novedades sobre Posicionamiento Web SEO, Marketing Online, Redes Sociales, Tutoriales y Entrevistas. Todo en un formato directo y entendible.

websa100Websa 100
El blog de la agencia Websa100 es también uno de los más dinámicos y completos. Te ofrece contenidos sobre Posicionamiento Web, Redes Sociales, Diseño Web, Emprendimiento, Adwords y campañas SEM, Herramientas de Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Video Marketing, etc.

El blog de Woorank acaba de abrir español y al igual que la herramienta a la que pertenece, ha comenzado muy fuerte. En él puedes encontrar contenidos y estrategias sobre marketing online para mejorar el posicionamiento web y la visibilidad de tu marca. Aprendo tanto de este blog, como de la herramienta.


TOP blogs de Autor en español para aprender Marketing y Social Media
En esta segunda parte te presento mi selección de blogs de un solo autor, que encuentro son los que más me aportan y más me influyen en cuanto a contenidos, diseño y estructura. De todos y cada uno de estos blogs y referentes aprendo cada día. Cada semana leo sus post o vuelvo a ellos para estudiar y repasar de nuevo lo aprendido.
Leo y comparto sus publicaciones en redes sociales, el contenido que comparten es relevante y de interés para todas las personas que nos dedicamos al Marketing Online.


Abraham Villar
El blog de Abraham Villar es ideal si quieres aprender sobre sobre Google Adwords, Analítica Web y estrategias en Redes Sociales.

Álex Navarro
Alex Navarro es uno de los mejores SEO de España y co director y organizador de Quondos. En su blog Vivir de la Red es el blog de Álex Navarro, puedes encontrar un gran contenido sobre posicionamiento web, algoritmos de Google, WordPress y herramientas SEO y también sobre diferentes fórmulas de ganar dinero online.

Álex Serrano
El blog de Álex Serrano destaca porque presenta muy buenos contenidos sobre marketing online, Social Media, estrategias de Marketing y publicidad y posicionamiento en buscadores. Te ofrece además tutoriales y guías para que puedas aprender y aplicar todo.

Aleyda Solís
Aleyda Solís es sin duda una de las mujeres más destacadas en y con mayor conocimiento sobre SEO y estrategias de posicionamiento web El blog de Aleyda Solís refleja sus conocimientos, aportando Guías, Consejos y Herramientas gratuitas de SEO. Muy recomendable.

alf-alc-yorientoAlfonso Alcántara – Yoriento –
El blog Yoriento de Alfonso Alcántara es una referencia en todo lo relacionado con empleo 2.0, liderazgo, emprendimiento y reinvención profesional.

alicia-roAlicia Ro
El blog de Alicia Ro es una referencia si quieres aprender sobre Marca personal o Personal Branding, vídeo Marketing y consejos para cómo hablar en público o delante de una cámara. Tiene vídeo tutoriales, entrevistas y consejos. Ideal para quien quiera adentrarse en el mundo de la comunicación online.

alicia-rodriguezAlicia Rodríguez
Somechates, es el nombre del blog de Alicia Rodríguez, el cual destaca por estar constituído por sendas entrevistas a referentes en Marketing online, vía Twitter. Las entrevistas se realizan en abierto con el hashtag #SoMeChatES, que traduce Social Media Chat en español.

Amel Fernández – Social Medier –
Amel Fernández es un especialista en Redes Sociales, estrategias en Redes Sociales para Empresas, tiene mucha experiencia en la creación de cursos Social Media y de Redes Sociales. En su blog SocialMedier, expone toda su experiencia para que puedas aprender sobre Redes Sociales, Analítica Web, Métricas y estrategia en Social Media.

ana-diaz-del-rioAna Díaz del Río
Ana Díaz del Río es consultora de Marketing de Moda y su blog Ana Díaz del Río, es una guía de recursos, herramientas y trucos para mejorar el y crecimiento de empresas del sector. Sus artículos están dirigidos a empresas y firmas de moda para ayudarles a crecer y a vender

ana-mataAna Mata
Ana Mata’s blog is another one of those blogs to consider if you want to learn about Blogging, Growth Hacking, Social Media, Web Analytics, Neuromarketing, etc. It also offers you interviews with industry leaders.

Andy stalman
Andy Stalman’s blog is mainly focused on creating identity and branding for personal brands. Author of the books BrandOffOn and HumanOffOn. He also writes content on entrepreneurship, leadership and productivity.

Antonio Lopez
The SEO blog is the official personal blog of Antonio López. In it you can find articles, tools and strategies on SEO, Keywords and search engine positioning.

beatriz-gonzalezBeatriz Gonzalez – Beriodismo
The blog Beriodismo , by Beatriz González talks about Online Marketing, Communication 2.0, mainly web design. It is a very complete blog that also offers you tutorials and free templates that help you apply online Marketing strategies

Begoña González
In Begoña González’s blog you can find content related to web analytics, strategic marketing, event planning and multimedia resources.

berto-lopezBerto López – Citizen 2.0 –
The Ciudadano2cero blog is one of the benchmarks in WordPress and blogging. It has a wealth of articles and resources on templates, plugins, hosting, and blogger updates.

Borja Girón
In Borja Girón’s blog you can find very good content related to SEO, Marketing strategies, resources and online tools in different formats: text, podcast and tutorial videos.

Borja Gómez Bernal
Borja Gómez’s blog offers you content on Strategic Communication and the Media, Entrepreneurship, news about online marketing and events. You will also find content on management tools, design and optimization of Social Networks.

bruno-vdBruno Vazquez-Dodero
Bruno Vázquez-Dodero is the founder and director of Aula CM and web developer, Bruno Vázquez-Dodero is one of the SEO and Social Media Managers with more experience in Online Marketing. In Bruno Vázquez-Dodero’s blog you can find the best SEO and search engine positioning posts. You can also find resources to develop online Marketing strategies and Social Networks; as well as tools and resources for the Community Manager.

carlos-bravoCarlos Bravo -Marketing Guerrilla
Guerrilla Marketing is Carlos Bravo’s blog. In it you will find countless articles on online marketing, entrepreneurship, blogging, as well as tools and resources that the author writes almost daily.

carlos salvador digital marketing bloggerCarlos Salvador
In Carlos Salvador’s blog you will find current content with various digital marketing topics. Specifically news and current affairs related to Content Marketing and SEO, Web Analytics and digital strategies.

Christian Leis marketing blogChristian leis
Christian Leis’ blog is very young, but it is starting with a firm step and surely in a short time it will become one of the leading blogs in the sector. It is a good place to find good content on SEO, WordPress, web design, Google Ads, etc.

Clara Avila
Clara Ávila’s blog offers you content on Social Media, Social Networks, Email Marketing, tools, trends and strategies, on Online Marketing. Always supported with tutorials, practical cases and good examples to achieve a goal or objective.

Clara Soler
Clara Soler’s Blog is the result of her extensive experience as a Marketing, Event Management and Lecturer trainer. In it you can find content on Inbound Marketing strategies, Social Media Plan, Community Management, applications, Tourism and Fashion Marketing.

claudio-inacioClaudio Inacio
Claudio Inacio’s blog has become one of the most visited marketing blogs in Spanish in recent years. In it you can find many articles, guides and resources on blogging, Social Media, Social Networks, Community Management and in general on Online Marketing.

Cristina Hontanilla,
The Ecommerce and Marketing blog of Christian Hontanilla is a new discovery. In this blog, he offers you content in almost all areas of Online Marketing: SEO, Web Analytics, Conversion and ROI, Email Marketing, Storytelling, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce and web usability.

david-camposDavid Campos Roca
Specialist in SEO, WordPress and Google Adwords, in David Campos Roca’s blog , you can find very good content about Adwords and ad campaigns on Social Networks, WordPress tools and search engine optimization.

dean-romeroDean Romero Blogger 3.0
Dean Romero is also one of the great SEO specialists. Ssu blog Blogger 3.0 , is one of the most visited and well-known blogs on SEO in the Spanish language. In it you will find a lot of articles, guides, resources and practical cases of search engine optimization.

emilio-camp-webEmilio García – Web Camp –
The Campamento Web blog , directed by Emilio García , is undoubtedly another of the benchmarks in Web Positioning and Online Marketing. It offers you a lot of information about Online Marketing, SEO, WordPress, eCommerce positioning strategies and ASO. Always with practical cases, tools and tricks to optimize your website and position it better.

elia-guardiolaElia Guardiola – Serendipity –
Serendipia es el blog de Elia Guardiola. En él puedes encontrar recursos sobre Marketing Emocional, Personal Branding, Storytelling, Branded Content, Neuromarketing y Marketing de Contenidos.

ernesto-g-bustaErnesto G Bustamante
Especializado en SEO, Social Media y Community Manager, en el blog de Ernesto G Bustamante, podrás encontrar guías, información y recursos sobre Diseño y optimización Web, plantillas y plugins de WordPress, herramientas y casos prácticos para Community Managers y Social Media.

Esmeralda Díaz-Aroca
El blog de Esmeralda Díaz-Aroca está especializado en Marca Personal Branding, LinkedIn, Estrategia Social Media, Neuromarketing, así como en estrategias de Comunicación 2.0

Estefanía Cárdenas
En el blog de Estefanía Cárdenas, Propietaria y Fundadora de la agencia Mrk Integral de Querétaro, podrás encontrar noticias de actualidad, política, estrategias de Marketing y de Social Media.

Estíbaliz Ruiz – Marketinizate –
El blog Marketinizate de Estíbaliz Ruiz (La Rizos) te ofrece contenidos relacionados con MarketingDigital, SocialMedia, Branding, Publicidad y estrategias de posicionamiento en buscadores.

eva-colladoEva Collado
El blog de Eva Collado está orientado hacia el Marketing, las nuevas tecnologías, liderazgo, comunicación interna y marca personal. Si quieres aprender sobre estos temas, esta es una buena referencia.

Fátima Martínez
Luces y Sombras de las Marcas is the blog of Fátima Martinez . And it is focused on the topics of Communication 2.0, Marketing, Social Media and 2.0 tools with many practical cases and examples on how brands do marketing today.

Fernando Cebolla
In Fernando Cebolla’s blog you will find specialized content on Social Media, Social Media Calling, Social Media Management and Online Marketing. His extensive experience is reflected in each of his posts.

Fernando Rubio
Well, now I present my blog fernadorubio.es . In it you can find tools, tips and guides on Twitter, Web Analytics, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. In my blog I put all my experience both as a teacher at Aula CM , as well as my work with companies, collected during all these years working in Online Marketing.

Fernando Tellado – WordPress Help –
Fernando Tellado is a WordPress specialist and on his WordPress Help blog he reflects all his experience. There you can find content on Resources, plugins, templates and tutorials to create and optimize WordPress websites

Franck Scipion – Square Life Style
The Lifestyle al Cuadrado blog is mainly based on marketing and entrepreneurship through the blog. In it Franck Scipion teaches you all the techniques and strategies to create a blog and make a living from it. It’s a great blogging and entrepreneurship guide

Gemma Munoz
Gemma Muñoz’s blog , based on Avinash Kaushik’s analytical philosophy, specializes in digital analytics. You will be able to find content around basic, predictive and complete analysis of web analytics, KPIs, analysis tools, Big Data, metrics and Analytics reports.

Hugo Gómez – The Creative Creature –
Hugo Gómez has known how to pour out his great creativity and his desire to communicate in a different way on his blog La Criatura Creativa . This is a place of reference for the advertisements of brands that stand out for their creativity, design and communication skills.

Iñaki Huerta
Iñaki Huerta’s blog is specialized in Web Development, SEO and Web Analytics. In it you can find strategies, content tools and advanced tutorials on everything related to Indexing, analytics, Keywords reports, programming, etc.

Iñaki Tovar – SEOMental –
Iñaki Tovar’s blog : SEO Mental is specialized in SEO, Social Media Opimization (SMO), SEM campaign optimization, Online Reputation and Convertibility. In it you will also find content about Online Marketing.

Isabel romero
The blog of Isabel Romero specializes in SEO, and copywritting. In it you will find content and resources to generate conversions through Content Marketing and strategies to position in search engines.

Isra garcia
Isra García’s blog is one of the most inspiring on Marketing. It has an unmistakable style and its theme is purely experiential. Blogger, communicator and speaker like no other, transmits the passion and energy that moves him. Write a post a day about Marketing, motivation, empowerment, leadership and ultra productivity. It has a really different way of communicating and motivating. Highly recommended for all people who want to study marketing.

Javier Balcázar
In Javier Balcázar’s blog you can find content related to Web Design through WordPress, Online Marketing, Web Analytics, SEO Positioning and Marketing tools. Highly recommended for all those who want to start their training in Online Marketing on the right foot.

Javier Elices – Monetized –
The Monetized blog of Javier Elices , gives you (as its name suggests) a lot of information to optimize your blog and take it to a professional level and thus be able to get more visits, key terms and monetize position. It also offers you content on entrepreneurship, Search Engine Optimization, qualified traffic, management and optimization of social networks, etc. Social Networks

Javier Gosende
The blog of Javier Gosende is another benchmark if web and entrepreneurship want to learn about SEO, SEM Analytics. Javier Gosende is another of the great Spanish-speaking SEOs and reflects all his experience on his blog with current articles and techniques on web positioning.

Javier Manazaneque
Javier Manzaneque’s blog is focused on Video Marketing as a brand creation strategy: Branding, credibility and conversion. It is aimed at companies and individuals who want to develop their Personal Brand.

Javier Marcilla
The Ninja SEO blog of Javier Marcilla specializes in SEO and web positioning. In it you can learn techniques and tools, tricks and relevant news about SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

Jesus Pernas Alonso
Jesús Pernas blog is specialized in SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, eCommerce and Social Media. In it you can learn web design techniques, SEO experiments and search engine optimization, Web usability and Email Marketing,

Jordi Hernandez
Jordi Hernández’s blog is focused on Online Marketing in general. You will find specialized content on Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Networks, Email Marketing and Lead Acquisition, as well as Mobile Marketing.

Jorge González Koke – Adrenaline –
Adrenalin blog of Jorge Gonzalez , tells you all the latest online marketing, with particular emphasis on SEO, SEM, CRO, Linkbuilding, ecommerce, web design and development, Mobile and Social Media Marketing.

José B Moreno SEO SEM Consultant
In José B Moreno’s blog , you will find resources to learn about search engine optimization, SEM campaigns and Online Marketing.

Jose Facchin
José Facchin’s blog is also one of the most visited and known in Spanish. In it you will find many content by the author and guest authors on practically all topics of Online Marketing: Social Networks, Search Engine Optimization, SEM, Tools and strategies, Marketing Plan, Email Marketing, blogging techniques and eCommerce.

José Gómez Zorrilla – The Culture of Marketing
In the blog La Cultura del Marketing by José Gómez Zorrilla you will find content with tips, tricks and Marketing guides. His blog teaches you optimization strategies for Online Marketing and Social Media.

Juan Carlos Mejia Llano
Juan Carlos Mejía Llano’s blog is a complete guide of tips, strategies and relevant information on Community Management, Social Media, Email Marketing, Blogging. Author of several books and an indisputable reference in Social Networks, in his blog he teaches you how to optimize your online Marketing campaigns and increase your conversions.

Juan Gonzalez Villa
The USEUM blog of Juan González Villa specializes in SEO, but can also find content on Web Usability Ecommerce and (UX).

Laura Ferrera
Laura Ferrera’s blog offers you content on Social Media, Online Marketing, Personal Branding, Email Marketing, mainly. His articles teach you to improve your visibility online, and to attract potential clients with Neuromarketing and Copywritting strategies.

Leticia Grijó
Leti Grijó’s blog offers you content related to Digital Marketing services: SEO, Creation and management of Adwords campaigns, Web design, WordPress, Social Networks and Organization of events with Online and Offline links.

Luis M Villanueva
Es uno de los mayores expertos en SEO en España. En el blog de Luis M Villanueva encontrarás ofrece información, estrategias, trucos y contenidos de posicionamiento web de muy alto nivel. También encontrarás Experimentos en Redes Sociales trucos y herramientas de Marketing online y tutoriales en vídeo de sus contenidos. Es un punto de referencia en Marketing.

Luis Maram
El blog de Luis Maram es un referente en Mexico y toda Latinoamérica. En él puedes encontrar información relevante sobre Marketing de Contenidos, Social Media, E-mail Marketing yEstrategia en Redes Sociales. Aporta innumerables tips y consejos para mejorar tus campañas de Marketing. Un gran blog referente en Mexico y toda Latinoamérica.

Mabel Cajal
El blog de Mabel Cajal está especializado en marcas y empresas. En el puedes encontrar consejos prácticos sobre Redes Sociales, Community Manager, Inbound Marketing, Blogging y Social Media. Tiene un apartado especial dedicado al Marketing Turístico.

Maïder Tomasena
En el blog de Maïder Tomasena, podrás aprender todas las técnicas de Copywritting para que aprendas a escribir mejores textos en tu web y conseguir mayor conectividad y conversiones con tus clientes. Maïder es una de las grandes referentes en Copywritting y escritura persuasiva para marcas y empresas.

Manuel Moreno – Trece Bits
El blog Trecebits, liderado por Manuel Moreno, es uno de los portales en español de noticias y actualidad con más visitas. En él podrás encontrar contenidos sobre Redes Sociales, Periodismo 2.0, Vídeo Marketing, Linkedin, blogging, emprendimiento y Startups.

MJ Cachón
El blog de MJ Cachón, está especializado en SEO. Es un lugar de referencia para todos quienes quieran aprender SEO técnico, indexación, Linkbuilding y estrategias de posicionamiento. Un blog fundamental para todas las personas que quieran aprender Posicionamiento Orgánico en Buscadores y SEO técnico con profundidad.

María Lázaro – Hablando en Corto –
El blog Hablando en Corto de María Lázaro, es también una referencia para quienes quieren aprender marketing. En él María desarrolla toda su experiencia didáctica para ofrecerte tips, herramientas y consejos sobre tendencias en Marketing, Comunicación 2.0 y Social Media Marketing.

María Tejero
El blog de María Tejero, llamado socialmedia.es es un manual de novedades, herramientas de Marketing y Social Media. Ideal para las personas que quieran adentrarse en el medio.

Mariano -Nano- Lamberti – Social Media Blog –
In his blog Mariano Lamberti de Mariano Lamberti you will find content that will teach you about strategies, tools and tricks of Inbound Marketing, Social Networks and Social Media, which will help you to enhance your brand or your business.

Mery elvis
Mery Elvis’s blog is a recent discovery. This Mexican benchmark offers you content on Copywritting and Branding for companies. It provides you with techniques and tools for Startups and companies that want to improve their Marketing results.

Miguel Florido – Marketing and Web –
Blog Marketing and Web of Miguel Florido is also one of the blogs in Spanish with more visits. In it you can learn almost all areas of marketing: Blogging, SEO, SEM, Social Networks, Ecommerce, Entrepreneurship

Miguel Pascual
Miguel Pascual’s blog is also specialized in SEO. In it you can learn about Adsense and Analytics, Google A dwords, Guidelines for Webmasters, eCommerce, Online R eputation, Social Networks and Web Usability.

Mireya Trias
In Mireya Trías’ blog , you can find content about Personal Branding, from the process of creating a Personal Brand, the design, strategy and digital identity of a Personal Brand on Social Networks. Until the process of visibility and consolidation of the online presence.

Nacho Monterde
The blog SEO Azul of Nacho Monterde is ideal if you want to learn SEO techniques and strategies. In his blog you will find content about onpage SEO, Link Building, SEO tools and monetization of web projects.

Natzir Turrado
SEO Analyst blog of Natzir Turrado is also focused on SEO, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and Web Analytics. In it you can learn techniques, tools and the methodology to improve the conversion of your website and how to influence people in their purchase decision process.

Neil pateil
Neil Pateil’s blog has just launched its Spanish version. The great world reference, offers you incredible content on SEO, analytics, Content Marketing, Competitive Intelligence and lead generation on its blog.

Nuria Parrondo – Marketing –
The Marketineando blog , led by Nuria Parrondo, offers you content on Online Marketing, Social Networks, Web Positioning and Marketing 2.0 news and current affairs.

Octavio Regalado
The blog of Octavio Regalado will offer content on Social Media Optimization, both personal and business brands. In it, this Mexican reference explains how to get the most out of your social media marketing strategies.

Paco Viudes
In the Paco Viudes blog you can learn techniques and tools to improve your Social Media campaigns, the positioning of your website, eCommerce, Online Marketing Plan and strategy and Social Networks.

Patricia Carreras
In the blog Kaori Project of Patricia Carreras you can learn about Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media Content Marketing, SEO, SEM and Olfactory marketing.

Paula Guzmán – Enredando por la Red –
The blog Enredando por la Red , by Paula Guzmán offers you content on SEO, Copywritting, Social Networks, Online Marketing Tips, interviews with other references, eCommerce and Content Marketing.

Rafa Sospedra
The blog Rafa Sospedra is mainly focused on Positioning Web content and Web Analytics, but also can find content about blogging, Email Marketing, eCommerce, entrepreneurship, social networking and video marketing.

Rubén Alonso – MY Web Positioning –
The blog My positioning Web of Rubén Alonso is focused mainly on issues Positioning Web, Digital Marketing and Blogging. But on his blog you can also find content on monetization, strategies to sell better through the web and resources and tools for bloggers.

Ruben Mañez
The blog Ruben Mañez is another reference point if you want to train and learn about Digital Marketing and Social Media. In it you can find guides, tips and tools on Inbound Marketing and Blogging.

Salima sanchez
Salima Sánchez ‘s blog is an emerging blog but with a great projection. In it you can find content related to Emotional Marketing, Neuromarketing and Conversion strategies.

S usana Morín – Love Visual Marketing –
Love Visual Marketing blog of Susana Morin is mainly focused on graphic design with direct application to the Online Marketing. In his blog you can learn visual marketing techniques and resources so that you can learn to create your own images with strategic designs. It also offers you content on Social Networks and Copywritting.

Teresa Alba – Creative Design –
Teresa Alba’s blog offers you content related to Graphic Design and Web Design, as well as content on Digital Marketing, Web Development, Social Media and Entrepreneurship. In it you can find tools and resources to optimize your website and your content.

Tristan Elósegui
The blog Tristan Elósegui is focused on web analytics, but you can also find content on Digital Marketing Strategies, Branding and Social Media Optimization.

Vanesa jackson
Vanesa Jackson’s blog makes its way as one of the most interesting written by Latin American women. In it you can find very good content on blogging, Social Media, entrepreneurship, Personal Branding and Online Marketing tools

Victor Campuzano
In Víctor Campuzano’s blog you will find content related to Growth Hacking strategies, Blogging and Online Marketing, Social Networks and Web Development and Design.

Victor Martin
Víctor Martín’s blog , you will find content that helps you get the most out of your online presence. It offers you articles in which it exposes tools and strategies for Online Marketing and Social Media, Branding, Applications and entrepreneurship advice.

Vilma Nunez
The blog of Vilma Nunez is certainly one of the icons of Online marketing in Spanish. Not only for the quantity, but for the quality of its content. In his blog you will also find guides, templates, ebooks and tools that will help you improve your Email Marketing strategies and your campaigns on Social Networks, to improve your conversions and your online sales.

Yi Min Shum Xie
El blog de Yi Min Shum Xie se ha convertido en el último año en un referente del Marketing online de Venezuela y de latinoamérica. En su blog encontrarás contenidos sobre Social Media, SEO, Marca Personal y estrategias de marketing Digital.

Portales de noticias y tecnología para aprender sobre Marketing

Foromarketing es un portal de referencia del Marketing. En él podrás encontrar toda la actualidad del mundo de la Publicidad, Comunicación, Ventas, Emprendedores y noticias de tecnología.

today marketingHoyMarketing
Hoy Marketing se presenta como un nuevo portal que te ofrece las últimas noticias de Marketing Online, las novedades de sobre Redes Sociales y herramientas de Marketing. Te ofrece estar al día de Social Media, SEO, SEM, Analítica Web y marketing de Contenidosy te da herramientas y consejos para mejorar tus campañas de Marketing Online.

direct marketingMarketing Directo
Marketing Directo es otro de los grandes portales de noticias de tecnología y Redes Sociales en Español, con especial énfasis en Publicidad Anuncios y Anunciantes.

pure-marketingPuro Marketing
Puromarketing es uno de los portales de noticias de tecnología más grande y conocido en español. En él encontrarás actualidad y noticias sobre tendencias de Marketing, Publicidad y Redes Sociales.

Tecnología El País
El blog de Tecnología del diario El País te ofrece información relevante sobre actualidad y sobre las últimas noticias sobre tecnología relacionada con Redes Sociales, legislación, seguridad, tendencias y empresas.

Blogs en Inglés para aprender Social Media y Marketing Online
Avinash Kaushik
El blog Occam’s Razor de Avinash Kaushik es sin duda la referencia para todas las personas que quieran aprende Analítica Web. El autor ha desarrollado estrategias y formas diferentes de ver y medir las métricas de Marketing.

Blue Fountain Media
The Blue Fountain Media blog in New York , offers you content on web design trends, web conversion and web optimization to improve search engine positioning.

Buffer blog
Buffer’s Blog is without a doubt one of my favorites. It offers you very good content on Social Media Marketing with example cases, strategies and tools to improve your Marketing campaigns on Social Networks.

The Buzzsumo blog offers you current content, strategies and tools on social networks, strategies and tools to get the most out of your content and your Social Media Marketing campaigns

Conversion XL
The Conversion XL blog offers you content on web development and optimization, UX usability, Search engine optimization and CRO.

The Copyblogger blog is aimed at you to learn about web design and development, blog creation and optimization, Content Marketing and Copywrtting.

Dan Zarrella
Dan Zarella’s blog demonstrates his communication skills in many of the marketing areas: blogging, virality, advertising, SEM, SEO, search engines, Social Media Marketing, Marketing tools, entrepreneurship, web analytics, etc. Writer and reference,

Digital Marketer
The Digital Marketer blog is specialized in Content Marketing and teaches you strategies to generate and improve web traffic, improve conversions and increase interaction and audience engagement.

Disruptive Ads
The Disruptive ads blog is comprised of opinions from industry-leading advertising experts. It is a source of content teaching campaign optimization, conversion, web site analysis and improvement of Landing Pages design.

Google Analytics Blog
The Google Analytics blog is a guide to use and constantly update the tool, so that you get the most out of web analytics and your reports and campaigns.

Google Research Blog
Google Research Blog es que te muestra todas las actualidades del buscador de Google y sus algoritmos. Imprescindible para quienes trabajamos en marketing y queremos aprender todo lo relacionado con Google Research.

Google Web Master Blog
Google Web Master Blog es el blog de noticias y actualizaciones de Google para SEO. E él podrás encontrar noticias y actualizaciones sobre los cambios en los algoritmos, la indexación y los motores de Google.

El blog de Hotjar es una guía de la herramienta, en la cual te enseña recursos sobre analítica web con el objetivo de mejorar la conversión en las acciones de tus usuarios.

El blog de Intercom te ofrece contenidos sobre diseño web, experiencia del usuario y del cliente, consejos sobre emprendimiento y startups y software.

El blog de Intergeek está enfocado principalmente a temas de SEO, Blogging, Tips y consejos de Marketing Digital y te enseña estrategias para generar tráfico e interacción con tu web.

Jeffbullas’s Blog
El blog de Jeff Bullas está especializado en Social Media Marketing, Marketing de Contenidos, Blogging, Facebook Marketing y Marketing Digital.

Jeremiah Owyang
El blog Web Strategy de Jeremiah Owyang te enseña sobre el uso estratégico de las Redes Sociales para empresas y cómo sacar el máximo provecho para aumentar las conversiones y el tráfico web.

El blog e Lunametrics te ofrece información y asesoramiento sobre noticias y actaulizaciones sobre Google Analytics, AdWords y SEO.

KISSmetrics Marketing Blog
El blog de Kissmetics, se basa en la capacidad analítica de la herramienta y te ofrece información, herramientas y actualización de las tácticas de Marketing Online más recientes y las estrategias utilizadas por expertos del sector.


El blog de Mailchimp, no es solamente una guía de recursos, integraciones y actualizaciones de la herramienta. También te ofrece tips y trucos, herramientas y métricas para sacar el máximo provecho a tus campañas de email marketing.

Matt Cutts
El blog de Matt Cutts está especializado en SEO, ya que desde el año 2000 trabaja en el departamento anti spam de Google, siendo su director desde hace años. Gran conocedor de la herramienta, escribe para desarrolladores y te enseña de manera didáctica cómo funciona Google.

El blog de Mention explora todas las posibilidades de la herramienta y te ofrece contenidos sobre análisis competitivo, monitorización de Social Media y de Marca, análisis de la web, Marketing Digital, Marketing de Contenidos y de Influencers.

El blog de Moz te ofrece consejos, trucos y consejos para Marketing y SEO. Hace honor a la gran herramienta de Marketing y te ofrece contenidos, tutoriales y estrategias para mejorar tu web y mejorar el posicionamiento en buscadores, el contenido social y tus campañas de Marketing.

El blog de Newscred es una guía de recursos, tutoriales, webinars y estrategias para mejorar la conversión a ventas a través del Marketing de contenidos y el Social Media Marketing

El blog de Octopst es una guía de optimización del Marketing B2B, ofrece innumerables recursos para emprendedores y pequeñas empresas, tanto en estrategia de gestión de Social Media, como en analítica y análisis de resultados.

Paul Koks – Onemetrics –

El blog Onemetrics de Paul Koks está especializado en analítica web. Su objetivo es ayudar a las marcas y empresas online a encontrar información valiosa de sus datos de analytics de forma simple y segura.

El blog de Percolate está especializado en las áreas de gestión de Marketing Empresarial, Gestión global de marcas, Gestión de Redes Sociales y atención al cliente, Marketing de Contenidos y Growth Hacking.

El blog de Radius ofrece información sobre Marketing y analítica predictiva, Marketing B2B y estrategias de posicionamiento y conversión.

Social Media Explorer
The Social Media Explorer blog offers you news and relevant information about Digital Marketing. It offers you a guide to resources, tips and tools for Social Media Management.

Social Media Examiner
The Social Media Examiner blog is one of the largest and best known in the world. In it you can find content on all areas of online marketing with tools, tutorials, webinars, tips and advice for managing and optimizing blogs and Social Media.

SumAll’s blog is also one of my favorites. It offers you complete articles on research in Social Networks and Social Media marketing through very original articles and tutorials.

Traackr’s blog is specialized in B2B Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing. It offers examples and case studies on different sectors.

Vertical Measures
The Vertical Measures Blog is a useful and informative place to get the latest Online Marketing news. Offers expert advice on learning SEO strategies and tactics.

Blogs in French to learn Social Media and Online Marketing

Alexandra Martin – Miss SEO Girl –
Miss SEO Girl’s blog is a French reference on SEO and Content Marketing. It gives you tips and tricks to improve the positioning of your website.

Daniel Roch – Seomix
The Seomix blog offers you news, resources, guides and experiments to improve the performance of web pages in WordPress, in order to improve SEO.

Isabelle Mathieu Emarketinglicious
The Emarketinglicious blog led by Isabelle Mathieu offers you information, news and strategy on Social Networks, Social Media, Marketing and Blogging.

Le Blog Du Modérateur
The Blog du Modérateur offers you news about Social Networks, online community management, Online Marketing Communication 2.0, Web Design and Development

Webmarketing & co’m
The Webmarketing & co’m blog offers you all the current information on Social Networks, eCommerce and Digital Marketing. His articles advise you and provide you with tools for a better management of your Social Media Marketing campaigns.


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