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How to grow in sales, reducing the environmental impact “Going green ” in the fashion world has always been a niche trend in the past, but today it has become a large-scale movement… and necessary. phone number list is increasingly committed to the future of our planet . To be part of the Slow Fashion movement is to be part of the process towards a better world for all. First of all, what is Slow Fashion really ? The Slow Fashion is a label more to talk about sustainable fashion, ethical fashion or ecofriendly . It has been dubbed that to counter Fast Fashion : mass production, fast and cheap, but with a short life cycle and great environmental impact. An easy way to understand the concept would be to compare Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion with its sister movement in the food industry: Fast Food vs Slow Food . People are no longer looking for a cheap hamburger, served at the moment and without really knowing how it was made or what it really is. They prefer to invest more, to know that the meat is of quality, what is its origin, what advantages does consuming that product produce and have alternative quality vegetarian and / or vegan options.

What are the advantages of being a Slow Fashion brand? The first and foremost is obvious. Ethically speaking, we will be contributing to improve the sustainability of the industry and, therefore, that of our planet. And it is that the textile industry is responsible for 10% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, producing 5 times more than the aeronautical industry.To be more specific, 1.6 billion tons of CO2 are produced every year, in addition to the large amounts of water used for the growth of raw materials, where they use pesticides or toxic chemicals such as inks that pollute the land, water and, as a consequence, biodiversity.Likewise, 80% of the textile produced ends up being incinerated . Not recycled.But in economic terms, is it profitable? The growing demand for ecological garments is a clear sign that the public feels comfortable, thus benefiting the perspective of price versus the ethics and moral satisfaction that being part of the change produces.


Good for the planet, good for business That said, it is not only worth considering yourself a green brand to be profitable and scale. Marketing Strategies for your Slow Fashion ecommerce Use a clear message . How in any industry or niche, you have to know how to differentiate yourself. First, find the right message to distinguish yourself from the industry giants considered Fast Fashion . Make it known that your products not only benefit the Forex Email List and the environment, but also the local economy ; how buying in your online store, help the community behind that participates in the production process of your garments Create and defend your style.It shows that not because it is an ecological product, it does not follow the trend or lacks personality. Certify your quality . Certify your products with quality seals to guarantee and increase confidence in the market.

Use alternative materials. There are ways to make garments out of classic materials like cotton or wool in a sustainable way. But there are also other less known and more sustainable materials that will help you position yourself as a brand: Hemp, Yulex or Tencel. Create traffic on your website using the right channels Define which channels are the most productive for your brand. Our experience tells us that referral marketing is ideal in the world of sustainability as it is very educational and people show a lot of interest in reading and learning about ethics and good practices. There are countless blogs, many of them of high quality and trust, that can recommend your online store to their readers. Fight to appear in them. Another key channel in a good strategy is Social Ads. As in textile fashion in general, social networks are the main showcase. Good content and knowing how to get the most out of advertising tools like Facebook Ads They will make your brand position itself as a benchmark of slow fashion .

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