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The 8 critical concepts to succeed in social networks

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The 8 critical concepts to succeed in social networks

How to succeed in social networks? That’s a question marketers ask themselves every day . And they do it because it is a priority for companies to find the answer to that question, since it is a critical issue, almost life-threatening — a consequence of the preponderance that Estonia Phone Number List networks have achieved in the current business ecosystem. It is difficult for a company to survive today without a good performance on social networks because these are the scenarios in which audiences interact, make decisions and join groups. Oh, and because social media is where trends are set, behaviors are imposed and good ideas are distilled. But we did not come to talk about the current obligation to be present on social networks, but about how to stand out in them. To succeed in these scenarios, we must start by breaking down myths. For knocking down those paradigms that few dare to question and that accumulate in the minds of professionals as unobjectionable truths. For example, what we call the audience fallacy, believing that results will only be achieved if you accumulate a gigantic number of followers. A statement that is not real, but that alienates and frustrates many. On social media, you don’t have to be super popular to be successful. Obviously, having a large audience increases the odds, however, it neither conditions nor guarantees success.

Other myths that must be dismantled to learn how to succeed on social networks
In addition to the audience fallacy, there are two others: that of resources and that of creativity; two barriers to overcome to achieve success. The first states that only those with a great team of collaborators and a large budget get results. The second insists that only the overly creative stand out. Both are wrong. On social media you can get good results with limited resources. Sure, having more resources is better, but that does not mean that whoever does not have them cannot reach the goal. In the same way, being highly creative is a powerful input, but not being so does not deny you the possibility of success. Now, that to be successful in social networks it is not mandatory to have a large audience, unlimited resources or overwhelmed creativity does not mean that anyone can reach the top with little effort, at all. What we affirm is that there are no external matters, beyond our control, that condition the result. We cannot blame others, the blame for failing or succeeding in social networks will always be ours. How to guarantee success in social networks? Achieving goals on social media is a complex task that requires planning, discipline, and perseverance. We already said it, success is available to everyone and will not be affected by external agents. If you draw up a plan, execute it with caution and persevere – learning and correcting mistakes and insisting on the successes – you will be closer to the result every day.


But there are shortcuts we can take. Which? Here are eight routes that shorten the path to success on social media:

1. Know your audience deeply
It is impossible to create a community on social networks without knowing its members well. It is utopian to think that you will be successful on these platforms without identifying the characteristics, interests and motivations of your followers. Organizations that achieve positive social results listen carefully to their users or consumers, acknowledge their needs, and then focus on meeting them. The secret to success is engagement, and this is only achieved when the company tunes in with the audience. This is why the first step that must be taken to succeed in social networks is to listen to the followers to find what helps, contributes or entertains them; Because developing an activity that is not focused on the audience is to waste yourself and squander resources on actions that are unlikely to deliver results.

2. Plan and monitor everything that is done
All companies tout that you must plan to succeed, but few put it into practice. Well, in social Forex Email List it is impossible to achieve results if you do not build a plan. We repeat, impossible. Resources must be invested in creating the plan if you want to excel; and, also, a monitoring process must be designed that allows the team to receive feedback from the audience in order to adjust the actions. The businesses that stand out in social networks are those that think before acting and analyze the results obtained with the intention of improving. Consequently, planning and monitoring are two elementary concepts to be successful on these platforms.

3. Understand that conversation comes first
Talking is an action that involves two things: listening and speaking. Organizations need to appropriate both in order to succeed on social media. They must first develop the ability to listen to be assertive when participating. Producing enriching interactions is the essence of a successful social media presence, and this is only achieved when you have the patience and attention to hear what your audience is saying and when their real interests are detected. Talking about what matters to the community and listening to their opinions are two fundamental pillars for success. If the only interest of the company is to establish a presence to issue promotional messages, without opening the doors to dialogue, failure is assured.

4. Worry about building trust
So far we have focused on concepts entirely controllable by the company: researching the audience, planning, monitoring and listening to converse. In this fourth point we will address one that does not seem controllable: the generation of trust. And we say that it does not seem controllable because it is a task that appears to depend on the ideas, prejudices and reasoning of the other. But not. Building trust is the consequence of a well-planned and executed chain of actions; in addition to the establishment of inviolable policies. What actions and policies? All those that make us be transparent and symmetrical – it is symmetrical when our opinion is just as important as that of the other. Brands build trust and achieve credibility when they commit to transparency and symmetry,

5. Realize that social networks are simple tools
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are just tools that do not make a difference on their own because we can all access them. What it does is individual appropriation, and therein lies the importance of this fifth concept: understanding that social media won’t do anything for me if I don’t make an effort to use it correctly. That is, the activity in social networks will not yield any results if I do not work to achieve it. Assimilating this means surrounding the business activity with people who are trained and committed to management. The difference in social networks is not made by the tool, but by the people who use them.

6. Internalize that what attracts is the content
Entering a social network to keep quiet is like making a phone call and not talking. The generation of content is essential to obtain good results on social platforms, because it is precisely from this content that visibility and interaction is obtained. It is not possible to create a community around the company if you do not work intensely in the creation and curation of content. But you cannot misunderstand this concept, you cannot pay the content debt with just any message. Organizations must invest to create quality content, that adds value and engages the audience, that motivates interaction and that fosters conversation.

7. Learn that negative comments are opportunities
Lose the fear of mistakes, nobody is perfect. All companies have problems and weaknesses. Those who accept this and work to correct it are the ones who stand out, while those who hide it are the ones who succumb. Negative comments from followers on social media should be viewed as opportunities for improvement. When people complain about a product or service, it means that they use or consume it, and that they also care. Being told openly will allow you to detect your mistakes and correct them. Don’t be afraid of negative comments, fear lack of management after receiving such a comment.

8. Persist with actions
Great achievements on social media take discipline and time. Nobody succeeds overnight. Persistence in stocks is what differentiates winners from losers. Don’t give up on the first stumble, work hard on your plan and learn from every action you take. Insisting, without stubbornness, is the key that will bring you closer to success.

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