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The 7 essential tools on Instagram

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The 7 essential tools on Instagram

A business that adds tools for Instagram to its activity on the social network will start on the right foot in this social network. When Instagram was born it was a fairly light social application , a kind of digital stage in which users had to expose only beauty. And we are not saying this in a derogatory way or with the intention of downplaying it as a digital startup, not at all. We raised it because it seems important to us to recognize it, since when doing this analysis it is understood why in its beginnings it received Hungary Phone Number List little attention for marketing . If we make a dispassionate observation of what the platform was in those days, we will find three reasons that support our affirmation: (i) Instagram was launched as an exclusive application for Apple devices – a clear clue about the type of audience they were looking for Their creators-; (ii) he was only interested in the graphic content, the images were the centerpiece in his publications and the text was almost imperceptible within the timeline – this is still the case today – and (iii) his developers designed a line strict editorial, eliminating from the platform the contents that in its opinion were not appropriate or did not adapt to its policies. That light labelThe fact that the application was put on top because of the definitions of its creators reduced its penetration and had it outside the marketing plans of many businesses during its first years. But it also, curiously, led her to success, because her refined aesthetic made a large community of photography, design and art lovers love her.

But that changed on April 9, 2012, when Facebook bought it for close to a billion dollars – in money – plus shares. Its essence did not change, the visual background was still predominant, but some of its forms did change … and that was enough. Instagram was, is and will be a highly visual mobile platform. That is its main characteristic and it is also what makes it different and attractive for users and businesses; But with the arrival of Facebook, the application was opened to the market. The changes in its strategic direction and the injection of resources produced an exponential growth of users and attracted companies. Today, Instagram stopped being that light social network to become a powerful commercial machine. Instagram is the ideal setting for business Currently, no one dares to discuss the power that Instagram has to market products or services. No marketing manager questions the benefits of this social network. But that didn’t happen overnight. To become the giant it is today, Instagram had to take many steps. What its creators did was add a large number of useful tools for marketing , merchandising and communication.


The Instagram development team set out to create a digital ecosystem full of functionalities to simplify the company-client relationship, which would serve to assist the consumer on their journey and increase the market’s attachment to the brand. And they succeeded. They also listened to the suggestions of their audience and carefully observed the innovations of each of their competitors and then adapt their application to this and stay on the crest of the wave. The right steps that Instagram took to transform itself into that powerful marketing weapon were: (i) add the video to the feed-June 2013-; (ii) enable the application as an advertising channel —November 2013—; (iii) allow direct messages between accounts —December 2013—; (iv) create an algorithm for the ordering of publications —March 2016—; (v) develop an administrative tool that offers behavioral metrics and demographic data for followers —May 2016—; (vi) allow ephemeral content under the name of Instagram Stories —August 2016—; (vii) incorporate the possibility of making live broadcasts —November 2016—; (viii) create a repository for video content that they called IGTV —June 2018—, and (ix) integrate the application with e-commerce actions, known as Instagram Shopping —September 2018—.

All this gave the application countless possibilities for marketing , conversation with customers in real time, live coverage of commercial actions, storage of useful information for consumers and achieve greater scope and growth opportunities in the markets. business. Plus, that was in addition to the other common tools in mobile apps – direct messaging, hashtags, and geolocation. Thus, Instagram was consolidated as the most complete ecosystem for companies. What are the tools for Instagram that will boost your Forex Email List on the social network? Well, enough of the flowers! The objective of this article is not to be a sweetheart with Instagram, but to give you information about the tools that could help your business have an efficient presence on this social network. And to do so, we decided to classify account management tasks into seven categories: (i) content creation, (ii) publication, (iii) metric data acquisition, (iv) social analytics, (v) tags or hashtags , (vi) audience management and (vii) account promotion.

The idea then is to present in each of the categories a recommended tool and some more options for businesses to add resources to their digital activity and thus make it more efficient. Next, we tackle the seven categories one by one:

1. Content creation
This is the most tedious task that exists in the management of a social network. Creating content is a multi-threaded process: planning your content strategy, researching, and finally designing your publication. Each of these threads requires human input and some tools to streamline it. In the first, in planning the strategy, an editorial line must be created and a publication calendar must be defined – which will be the guide for the messages to be designed. In research, knowledge must be deepened and available information improved to create attractive and enriching publications for the community. And, in the design of the publication, the graphic pieces – images or videos – and the texts have to be created.

Our favorite tools to tackle this process are: a photo and video camera, Adobe Stock, and Spark. The last two are from Abode’s creative suite — Spark is included in the original price, but Adobe Stock has an extra cost. With Adobe Stock you have access to a gigantic universe of images and videos to give color to the contents, while with Spark you have access to an editing platform that simplifies the process of designing images or videos; In order not to have to worry about technical aspects or about adapting to the different dimensions that are needed on Instagram. These two tools are easily integrated and share resources between them, increasing their reach and functionalities. Now, when it comes to the photo and video camera, we believe that, for practical purposes, the matter should be solved with a mobile phone with good technical specifications.

2. Publication of the contents
This is the stage that follows creation. Once the content has been designed, the manager of the Instagram account must choose the appropriate day and time to broadcast their messages. Many choose to use a reminder on the phone to warn them when to post; but the most efficient are those that automate the process. In the market there are many tools that perform this task and that do it well – in fact, Instagram offers this option for free from the Facebook business manager, but we believe that it is not very efficient and offers few features. So our recommendation for doing this is Iconoquare . With this tool you can program the feed messages —images and videos— and semi-automate the stories and image carousels. Do you want other options to publish in an automated way? There are many on the market. The most popular are: Sendible, Tailwind, Buffer, Hootsuite, Later, Planoly, Crowdfire, and Agora. All very similar, with more or less functionalities, and with prices for all budgets.

3. Acquisition of metric data
The third great challenge in management is measuring the impact of an Instagram account. This item is vital to quantify the contribution of the social network to the business. Instagram has a native tool that provides metric indicators on the publications and on the behavior of the users and their demographics; however, the indicators seem limited and difficult to manipulate. Therefore, we recommend the use of an external tool to optimize this process. Our favorite, again, is Iconoquare . With it, the information is classified very well and is organized in a very simple and practical way. In addition, advanced metrics and graphs are offered. Iconsquare even allows data downloading and filtering by periods of time, hashtags tracking, monitoring critical metrics from competitors and adding machine learning capabilities that help detect behavior patterns in the audience – such as the moments of greatest reach, the content with the best interaction, and the day and time to post with the most impact -. Now, if you prefer to separate the metric data acquisition tool from the publication tool —or if you don’t like Iconsquare—, the available alternatives are: Social Insider, HypeAuditor, Panoramiq Insights and Command Instagram Analytics.

4. Social analytics
The data provides little information for the business. This is why we must work hard to make them a key element in making business decisions. This is what is called social analytics, a discipline that is responsible for taking data and tabulating, graphing or combining them, to obtain useful patterns that serve to understand users, content and the contribution of the social network to the business . We separate this task from data capture because they are two exercises that require different tools. In the first, you need a tool that is reliable in storing the data; and, in the second, a versatile one for handling this. Here, our recommended is again iconosquare – although many times we download the data and manipulate it in Microsoft Excel. What is sought with this fourth process is to review the data to find trends, progressions and relationships between the different indicators.

5. Management of tags or hashtags
The use of tags on Instagram posts is a great opportunity to improve reach and engagement rate – a critical indicator to get the benefit of the post appearance and ordering algorithm on users’ timeline. Choosing the correct and timely hashtags for each message is a complex task. For this reason, tools have been created that simplify it. Our recommended is Flick . In it, you can explore labels and obtain usage and impact metrics for each one. The tool also categorizes labels, recommends which ones to use, discovers other options from correlations, and offers more useful features to accomplish this tiring task. In addition to Flick, there are other options to develop the management of hashtags in the best way : Photerloo, All-Hashtag, Toptager, Hashtags For Likes and Autohash. Give each one a pass, use its trial periods and stick with the one that best suits your business.

6. Audience management
The relationship with the audience is the most time-consuming task in the daily life of Instagram. Following conversations, replying to direct messages, developing promotional activities – such as contests or live broadcasts -, doing active social listening or keeping biography links updated are just some of the daily activities on this social network. Well, there are many tools that help the community manager and improve their efficiency. The range here is huge because there are many tasks. Our recommended ones are: Linktree —for managing the links in the biography—, Awario —for active social listening—, ShortStack —to run contests or promotional activities— andFacebook Creator Studio – to handle comments and direct messages.

7. Account promotion
With all the operational processes resolved and running, the managers of an Instagram account can focus on finding a tool that helps them grow their community at a faster rate. For this we recommend Ninja Outreach , a tool that helps discover and design relationship actions to increase reach and interactions. No, it is not a bot that inflates followers and interactions. Nor is it a tool to like and make indiscriminate comments on other accounts – to fool the Instagram algorithm. Ninja Outreach is a platform for networking , automating the interaction process, and building communities faster.

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