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The 7 content marketing trends that are making a difference

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The 7 content marketing trends that are making a difference

Content is still the king, the centerpiece of the online marketing strategy of companies brands. It is not surprising that companies consider it the most effective Inbound Marketing technique. Content marketing is currently the main factor that determines search engine how to check mobile number details in pakistan positioning. A milestone that the Search Metrics report highlighted this month. Therefore, the bet on content marketing is safe. However, does any type of content work? What premises should we take into account to optimize our strategy? The article Jayson Forbes picks DeMers for which techniques are really effective and have a positive impact on business performance:

Companies have finally included content marketing within their strategy, in a generalized way. Despite our constant efforts to evangelize about the need to contribute to content, to highlight its present importance, and its future impact, it was not until this year that companies have finally decided to implement it. Thus, while last year just over 60% of companies used content marketing to improve their online presence and reach their target audience, this year, the CMI (Content Marketing Institute) indicated that already 93% of companies B2B companies used content marketing as part of their overall strategy. Also, planning positively influences the results of these efforts. For this reason, 44% of these companies already have a complete content marketing strategy.


Mobile-optimized content starts with an advantage. The mobile earns integers as the main internet access device. Currently, the number of searches carried out through the mobile phone has already equaled the demand registered with the pc. It is expected that in 2014 the use of mobile devices will exceed that of the computer. Consumption of mobile content will only grow in the coming years. In just one year it has doubled, and its evolution will be exponential in the next 5 years. However, many companies still need to jump on the mobile optimization bandwagon. eConsultancy indicates that only 1 in 4 companies have a mobile marketing strategy. 45% of brands only have a traditional website, in its desktop version, while 27% have a mobile site.

The figure of the “Content Director” gains importance among the most demanded professionals. Said content marketing strategy, increasingly present in companies, must have a person in charge, capable of designing actions according to the company’s objectives, analyzing the results and drawing conclusions, in order to improve the performance Forex Email List of the herself. The report on the State of Content Marketing, published by the CMI highlighted that there were 2 characteristics that characterized good content marketing professionals. On the one hand, they had a manager who supervised the content strategy, while, on the other, said strategy was perfectly documented. As a noteworthy note, the report indicates that a content manager or director is more likely to be found in companies with fewer than 100 employees (78%) than in large organizations (58%).

An entire industry has been created around content generation. The high demand from companies to feed their strategy has led to the emergence of companies that meet the needs of the company in this regard, seeking professional and quality content. Such is the case of companies such as Text Broker, or Content Runner, which have seen their income statement significantly increased in the last year.

Automation is incompatible with quality content. We agree that content creation is expensive work, which consumes resources, both financial and personal. For this reason, betting on automation, or looking for formulas to obtain content at a low price are not profitable at all. These techniques require a great effort in supervision, optimization and constant monitoring, to obtain a positive result.

Social platforms help boost the visibility of content. In addition, companies have discovered the power of social media to drive the impact of their content pieces. However, there is a great forgotten. This is Slideshare, owned by LinkedIn who, recently, has generalized the use of its premium services, eliminating fees for their use. Slideshare is an important source of quality content, easily indexable, which also provides useful statistics on the reach of its content.

Geolocated content drives conversion. One of the most effective ways to impact the target audience is to provide them with relevant content, oriented to their interests and characteristics. The ability to deliver a message here and now, just as the user is searching for something related, irresistibly encourages conversion, as well as helping to improve the customer experience. As we can see, during this year we have experienced important advances in terms of professionalization in content marketing. Some advances whose benefits companies have already been able to appreciate; hence they have reinforced their investment in this area.

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