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The 5 Trends and Predictions of Facebook for digital marketing in 2015

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The 5 Trends and Predictions of Facebook for digital marketing in 2015

With the New Year in mind, it is important to reflect on the trends we have seen in 2014 and how they will affect advertisers this coming year. For advertisers, 2015 will be a year of more personal interactions with customers, a time to take advantage of more precise measurement tools, and a time to embrace and definitely take advantage of the rapid mobile expansion that is taking place around the world. The year will move fast and here are some trends we hope to see in 2015: Mobile devices will continue to gain more share of consumer attention. This shift to mobile has created a new space in pakistan mobile number database free download people’s routines, which is changing the way we experience media – more power of choice over what we see (for example, more images, news, and videos) and about what we buy, with new ways to discover products. Advertising should focus on reaching people in this new space and through different experiences, rather than just focusing on one place or one experience. Digital advertising will go from being measurable to being truly responsible . Basic forms of measurement, such as click-based attribution models, only tell us a very small part of the story. With more scale, precision, and new measurement tools, advertisers will be able to understand what worked well and focus on what is important to their business: brand and sales metrics.


Companies that take a more personalized approach will win. Today more than ever, advertisers have more information and tools to create relevant campaigns, and more and more, people expect to see ads that are relevant to them, across all channels. According to eMarketer globally only 5% of client-side advertisers said they were expanding the personalization of their campaigns. Messages will increasingly become a key part of direct interaction between companies and customers. Real-time Forex Email List is important to quickly address customer needs at any time. As more people continue to embrace message-based communication, companies will open up this new channel of communication to maintain a constructive dialogue with employees and customers. World population growth is driven by high-growth countries, and it is mobile. As our global population continues to grow over the next 10 years, most of that growth will occur in countries outside the U.S. According to eMarketer , over the next 3 years, mobile phone penetration will increase from 61, 1% to 69.4% of the world population. As more people use mobile as their first choice, businesses and marketers will follow this trend.

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