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The 5 most important Facebook metrics

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The 5 most important Facebook metrics

Facebook registers 2,000 million active users per month, in this type of platform your brand needs to attend to the metrics and data that they offer. Facebook has become a crucial medium for creating online businesses. With the use of these metrics it is increasingly easy to manage the digital presence of the company. 40 million small dubai phone directory search have active pages to advertise digitally. To view all Facebook metrics , access through the business page within the statistics tab. From there you can make decisions based on the data that your Facebook page has recorded. You can see all the information that will help you decide when it is best to publish. With these factors, we present the 5 metrics to assess your online business.

1. The interaction of your post with the public This metric is responsible for measuring the relevance of your post to the public: if they like it, if they share it, if they comment or if they click on a link. It is a reflection of the emotional response of users. If your Facebook page has 4,000 followers, but your posts have an average of 5 likes, you should rethink your strategy. This metric determines where your posts will appear in your prospects’ news feed. The more relevant your post is, the more likely it will appear to your followers. Metrics-Facebook-Interaction 2 the scope of your posts This shows the number of users who view your publication and allows you to analyze both scopes: organic and paid. If, for example, you have 100,000 followers and your reach is 1%, your investment and time have been wasted on under-reach content.



3. The likes and followers of your page
It allows you to see the number of people who like your page and have shared or published your content in their news. You have a more detailed view of this data in the statistics tab. This will allow you to see the likes in chronological order and a breakdown of those obtained organically or paid. Likes do not necessarily represent the success of your Forex Email List efforts, such as engagement or the reach of your posts, but if you don’t get regular growth, something is wrong. As an ecommerce you want to retain what you have and acquire new customers, that is why this metric is so important.

4. Viewing videos
This applies to those pages that are sharpening the popularity of video on Facebook. Since January 2016, nearly 100 million hours of video are viewed per day, on Facebook alone. This form of marketing has exploded, however, not all content is worth it, it must be something attractive. If you have a 3 minute video, but your audience only reaches the first minute, the content needs to be optimized. You can see audience retention by accessing the post details on your video and selecting the average watch time.
In facebook ads you can view more than 100 metrics, although your brand goals will dictate which ones are really important to you. However, the essential is the CTR. This metric shows the percentage of people who view your ad and click on it. In the case of a low CTR , it means that users are viewing the content but taking no action. You will be able to determine if your content is attractive or not and you will get an ad relevance score for the most attractive content. Since Facebook uses an algorithm to position posts in the feed, the more impressions, but not clicks, it will assume that your audience is not interested. A low CTR can lead to higher pay-per-click and poor overall performance. In conclusion Facebook offers a wide variety of metrics, from which you must decide which ones you will use to analyze your brand data. Using these 5 metrics will help you understand the basics. After analyzing the metrics, it will suggest you address the problems of the Facebook campaign strategy. However, you should regularly monitor the performance of your Facebook page. This is the only way to ensure that the published content is attractive and maintains the interest of users.

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