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The 5 actions to improve results on Instagram

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The 5 actions to improve results on Instagram

Let’s face it, we are fans of the shortcut! We all love short and easy trails. It is in our nature! We always want them to summarize us and help us understand the recipe for success in a few minutes. A + B = C, exact formula and accurate result. We love when they show us a detailed step-by-step — hopefully simple — to achieve what we want in record time and with little effort. We tirelessly search for a trick to win, but sadly, almost nothing in life Afghanistan Phone Number List works like this. To succeed you have to think, take risks, innovate, work and worry every day to learn and improve. That is the only viable path. Those who prevail, in the end, are the persevering, the determined, the disciplined and the daring.

Improving the results on Instagram – and on other social networks – is part of that group of tasks in which there are no shortcuts. Managing a social profile is not an activity that can be trivialized, reduced to a recipe or a compilation of tricks. Instagram is a complex social network in which, to stand out, you need time, good content and highly articulated actions – yes, the way of ridicule is also available to achieve high virality, but this tactic is temporary and has a high cost for reputation.

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Developing a presence on Instagram can be very frustrating, because at first you work hard and the results are few. In addition, it is an arduous and exhausting task, full of actions that must be executed perfectly in order to extract a profit. To this complexity we also have to add the fact, not least, that, in general, and to the disappointment of companies, digital teams execute tasks on automatic pilot – a way of acting that prevents rapid improvement – and provide excessive attention to things that contribute little – such as the number of likes or followers. The basic actions of a business account on Instagram The community managers , before embarking on social networks, they must understand what the company seeks to create a presence on Instagram. If this is not understood or is not clear, it will be very difficult for them to recognize what is important – and thus stop wasting time on matters that do not contribute .

Investing time well is the fundamental premise. If this is achieved, you will be moving on the right path. With this basic aspect tackled, community managers will be able to focus on four elemental actions that may sound like a recipe, but are not. Are here: Learn about the 10 Forex Email List trends on Instagram that will make you stand out. Let’s outline the design trends on Instagram that content creators must master to impact audiences with feed and stories.

1. Find an attractive aesthetic
Instagram is a visual network in which the aesthetics and quality of the content are of enormous importance. Defining an impressive aesthetic that represents the company well and is captivating for the audience is critical for the future of activity in this social network. The community managers must be described in a simple document and aesthetic characteristics of the content standards for consistency and coherence with the message. They must also establish a list of minimum requirements for something to be published in the profile. This planning will help give personality to the Instagram account and will lay the foundations to create an engaging profile on the social network.

2. Create a clear and consistent narrative
The second action for community managers has to do with the way messages are transmitted. To manage a business’s presence on Instagram well, you must think about the way you narrate – extrapolating it in the long term and emphasizing the clarity and consistency of the message. Good Instagram profiles, those who always stand out, do so because they build an editorial line and a very detailed publication schedule. Those two social management tools are a powerful weapon for creating and sustaining a seductive narrative within the profile.

3. Promote and attend interaction
With the aesthetics internalized and the narrative perfected, community managers will be able to direct their concentration towards increasing and improving interactions. This is the third action to take on an Instagram business profile.Here the concerns will be to attend and work hard to increase reactions; follow the conversations, and motivate the involvement of the audience. By doing this, you are taking a big step in improving your profile’s reach and visibility – two top things on Instagram. It can never be forgotten that the size of the audience is the consequence of our levels of interaction.

4. Measure to improve
Analytics! There will be no progress on Instagram if community managers do not acquire a measurement discipline for decision making. The metric has to be the main argument to make adjustments in the aesthetics, the narrative and the content.

We make better decisions when we rely on analytics! We have to refine the three previous actions with the data. The objective, then, will be to optimize the aesthetics, refine the narrative and improve the interaction. With experiments, analytics and perseverance we will make the Instagram account very competitive in the market. Continual improvement will lead us to success — an obsession with analytics is the only recipe we know works.

Critical skills to improve results on Instagram
Once the basic actions are defined, the community managers will have to focus and invest the greatest amount of resources in the development of the skills that really contribute to the achievement of the objectives —because deviating from the route will mean moving away from the result.On Instagram you can perform many tasks that add to our intentions, but there will be few that make a difference. That is why it is important to develop the right skills. Here are the five skills that will make you stand out:

1. Take good photos and produce great videos
Original content is the best hook on social media to attract and retain audiences. Your own images and videos will make your Instagram profile stand out. This is why you must work on your abilities to produce good photos and entertaining videos. For community managers is a priority to acquire this skill, because it frees them from the commonplace image banks and it opens the possibility of creating content very original.But beware, we are not talking about becoming a professional producer or photographer. No way! We mean honing your skills to take good photos with the tools available and to create short videos, without getting complicated with multi-million dollar productions. This skill will boost your creativity and help you achieve good original content.

2. Build a good image bank
Yes, we already know that we have just said that image banks are commonplace, but that does not mean that we cannot use them. Relying exclusively on our own images will put us at a disadvantage, therefore we will need image banks.It is important to start by clarifying that we are not suggesting downloading a hundred photos and videos from the internet and then putting them in a messy folder on the computer. When we talk about an image bank, we mean patiently curating and producing your own photos and browsing the image banks to find real jewels, store them and label them correctly for future use.With your own image bank, rich and orderly, you will have an inexhaustible pantry of content for Instagram. A catalog that will take a load off the profile manager in their day to day, because it is not the same to refer to a gallery curated and evaluated under the aesthetic standards defined by the company than to go to Google, Pinterest, Freepick or Adobe Stock to search images to convey a message. A bank of images and videos simplifies the process, improves creativity and produces efficiency in management.

3. Learn to tell good stories
Telling a story that holds an audience’s attention is a skill that is learned and honed. Playing with the narration to keep users in suspense will bring engagement and profile visibility on Instagram.The community managers must dare to tell in various ways, with unexpected interruptions without a linear temporality. Shake off speeches with introduction, middle and end! It’s time to experiment with narrative and Instagram has the tools to do it. We must explore and be creative to transmit, appealing to different content formats or alterations in the traditional language of the brand. Thus, we will make the company stand out on social networks.It is important that community managers take ownership of each functionality on the platform: the feed , the stories , the reels , IGTV, advertising and everything new that appears on Instagram to surprise the audience on a daily basis.

4. Improve calls to action
Earning a click, like, comment or share is a very complex task on Instagram. A fundamental actor to achieve this result is the call to action that is attached to each publication or advertisement. For this reason, community managers will have to constantly work to find new mechanisms and make the community respond to their call.Finding good calls to action is a trial and error exercise, with lots of experimentation and practice. Finding the verbs that work best and recognizing the tone that motivates the action are two tasks that must be done conscientiously to raise the levels of interaction.

5. Learn to read numbers
The last task is directly related to the fourth action. Collecting data is simple, in fact, there are many tools – paid and free – that serve to automate this task, but to interpret that data you will need competent people. The community managers have to develop the ability to see useful information on the metrics. So they can perfect the activity. Good managers of digital communities are constantly exposed to the results and explore the behavior of the audience to enrich their task and improve the results obtained with each action. Analytics is not an option , it is THE decision.

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