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The 14 best tools to analyze Twitter

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The 14 best tools to analyze Twitter

Do you want to get a list of the most useful Twitter tools? One of the most laborious tasks of a community manager is to always be investigating the tools that can best adapt to the needs of their clients, and that is that there are always many and in constant change.For this reason, after a detailed analysis of the most current tools for social networks, we have compiled those that can most favor an effective Twitter Social Media Manufacturing Directors Manufacturing Directors Email Lists strategy: discover pros, cons, functionalities and prices. video cam Video version of this post play_circle_outline WATCH  VIDEO list_altIndex of contents What is Twitter? Why measure the results of my Twitter account? What to measure on my Twitter?The 14 best tools to measure Twitter In this article we present you how to measure your Twitter account depending on the objectives you have, as well as our top 14 tools to analyze Twitter.Let’s go to trouble! What is Twitter? Twitter is a social network used by most businesses due to the possibilities it offers in terms of proximity to the user, instantaneity and engagement, among others.For all those companies that constantly update content of interest to their community and have great potential to generate interaction with their audience, the bird’s social network continues to be a trend.Despite the fact that in the Twitter account we have Twitter Analytics to analyze the most basic things, sometimes it is difficult for brands to calculate the ROI generated by this social network or, simply, to be able to measure the impact it has on the brand.Finding the Twitter analytics tool that best answers your questions will give you the best help in uncovering the impact of your Twitter strategy and making it thrive.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!EMAIL *your email I have read and accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy .Why measure the results of my Twitter account?First of all we have to consider the need to measure our results in this social network and what we want to achieve with it.Each profile and each brand may have different purposes, so before starting to use the tools that I will present to you, we must consider what are the data that interest us and, therefore, what is the purpose of the information that we want to extract from the tool. As soon as we have this information, we can opt for the best Twitter analysis tool, since each one offers different functionalities and stands out for certain qualities.If you are still doubting the need to measure your Twitter, I leave you some examples about what you can discover and what you can achieve with the analysis tools:Know the tweets with the most engagement: identify topics with which we most interact with users and use it as a channel to get closer to them.Mentions of the brand: know the concerns of our consumers and be able to solve them, and, thus, get closer to them. It is important to do a good response management of the comments, since it is another form of communication of the brand and with which we show ourselves to our community.Know the reach of our tweets: how many people we have been able to reach with our brand, even if they have not interacted.Competitor data : identify the actions that the competition is taking and keep track of them.Identification of influencers for your brand: know which are the active profiles, that is, the users who talk about our brand or product, and take advantage of their influence in our favor.Identify the content in which our followers are interested through the hashtags and themes used. In this way, we can offer content more focused on your concerns and, thus, improve the engagement of followers with the brand and increase the number of followers.

What to measure on my Twitter?There are multiple metrics that can be interesting, so I have selected some examples that I think will be very useful:1. Audience metricsThey allow us to have a better idea of ​​what the community with which we are communicating is like. This is of vital importance in order to design a strategy with which to approach our target audience and get our message across to them.These would be metrics such as: age, gender, language, country of residence, salary, education, etc.2. Content metrics They allow us to identify the most interesting content for our audience, that is, those they find most attractive and with which they will interact the most. Some metrics would be: estimate of reach and interactions (retweets, likes, comments and times the content has been shared).3. Timing metrics Keep in mind that each Tweet has a very short “life expectancy”, so it is important to keep in mind the optimal publication times to achieve a greater reach. In addition, it is also important to establish a regular frequency of publication (which may be more frequent than on Instagram or Facebook) so that your followers perceive the reception of content as something habitual and periodic. The best way to decide timings and frequency is with small tests and see the reactions of your followers.4. Advertising metrics
In the event that you use paid advertising on your social networks, it is not only important that you closely follow those metrics most related to your Ads (conversion rate, cost per click), but it is also important to establish benchmarks , something that the tools analytics can help you do. A good practice is to identify the tweets with the best and worst metrics to get closer to the content that interests our audience and get away from the one that does not.The 14 best tools to measure Twitter As I have previously mentioned, each profile and each brand will look for different metrics and objectives. Here I present my 16 favorite tools with their pros and cons, as well as their main functionalities so that you can choose the most suitable for you just by reading this post.1. Twitter Analytics – The most basic but essential tool It is the tool that Twitter itself offers us for free. It has a generic dashboard with a monthly summary of information in which you can see: number of tweets, impressions, mentions, followers and visits to the profile. You can also see your best tweets, top mentions and the top new followers.In addition, it allows us to have a vision and evolution of our audience with their interests, demographics or purchasing styles, among others.analysis tools twitter analyticsOther information that it offers us is Twitter trends (topics and events, among others). It also provides us with direct advertising related to these topics, as well as the fact that it can be linked to a goal (followers, engagement, clicks, etc.).Pro : it is very intuitive and offers some basic data, but with a broad vision in terms of audience and paid advertising. Is free.

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Con: reports are only for the last 3 months, most businesses need more data.Price: it is a free tool.2. Mentionmapp – Discover the topics most related to your businessMentionmapp is a tool that allows you to view the entire network generated by your account and tweets. It offers interactive maps and networks to explore those accounts, topics and hashtags most related to your business and, in this way, explain their interrelation.MentionmappUser interactions are visualized, identifying the key relationships between users and the most relevant accounts, as well as the conversation topics that link them. This makes it possible to identify potential topics and hashtags to use.Pro: discover content to explore through topics and hashtags related to your business in a very visual way.Cons: visualization does not have easy reporting and tracking.Price: it is free to carry out up to 300 searches per month, for unlimited consultations: € 23.66 / month.3. Tweet Binder – Very attractive reporting It is a tool that offers very varied and attractive reports (for both Twitter and Instagram), so it is great for monitoring. It has reports in current time, of the last 30 days and historical. Its main benefit is in being able to monitor events in real time (and thus measure the number of impressions, users who have participated, the tweets of those who have used the hashtag or who have been the most active users). This makes it a good tool to easily know who are the users with whom we get the most engagement.Tweet Binder It also includes statistics on the estimated economic value, the potential reach and the most potential influencers.Pro: monitor hashtags and events in real time, as well as very attractive reports.

Cons: the plans are usually quite expensive and the data reported is usually quite limited for those more basic accounts.Price: from € 40 to € 700 / month depending on the plan. Includes free trial.
4. Hootsuite – The ideal tool for content management It is the quintessential social media content management tool. It is also used as a social listening tool, as it has many analytical and monitoring functionalities.The tool allows you to plan content on social networks, monitor users, keywords and hashtags; as well as content curation or team management (allows you to monitor how quickly your team members respond to comments). Hootsuite At an analytical level, it has a main dashboard with the most basic metrics and allows you to create unlimited reports with the most relevant information at each step. It allows adding data integrations, some for free and some for an additional cost.Pro: consolidated data from social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and a very wide use of users and information.
Cons: higher price than similar competitors.Price: from € 17 to € 526 / month (with free version).5. Buffer – Manage content easilyLike the previous tool, the main function of Buffer is to manage content, but it also offers the possibility of analyzing Twitter. You could say that it is a slightly simpler and less expensive version of Hootsuite.Twitter analytical tools buffer At an analytical level, it gives you the ability to track the key metrics of shared posts , as well as have control of the content that works better.Pro: very easy to use tool. The free part of the tool already offers many possibilities.Against: it is a bit limited at the reporting level.
Price: from € 13 to € 87 / month depending on the contracted plan (with free version).6. Followerwonk – Get to know your users and discover potential followersIt is one of the most powerful tools on Twitter to analyze followers . It allows you to identify who they are, their location, topics that make tweets and the times of these. In addition, it offers you the possibility of identifying those potential followers with closely related profiles and comparing your profile of followers with those of the competition. In fact, you can search for users that interest you through the words that appear in their biographical descriptions.Follerwonk
Pro: know our users very well and discover potential followers to impact.Against: it does not give us metrics for topics other than followers.Price: the free version already contains a wide variety of options to analyze a Twitter account. For more advanced uses, the cost ranges between € 25 and € 69 per month approximately.
7. Klear – Meet the most influential users The main function of this tool is to find the main influencers of Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other ideal blogs for your business. It is very simple to use, with a very intuitive interface.Klear As for the analytical part, it generates individual reports for each influencer, taking into account engagement, audience and most popular content, among others. In addition, it offers the possibility of monitoring KPIs, the real reach and an estimate of the return on investment.Pro: very good for its main function: identifying influencers and a very intuitive interface.Cons: limited use in terms of business analytics.Price : annual payment with free version.8. Keyhole – Find out what your followers want to know
Although we do not have it in the Spanish version yet, Keyhole is a very interesting tool. With effective hashtag tracking and the ability to measure the impact of advertising campaigns, its main function is to monitor social media conversations in real time . This last function allows you to monitor the topics that interest your audience the most and allows you to make better decisions about the content to be discussed. It also allows you to do market research and search for influencers.Keyhole Pro: get an idea of ​​how to approach the content with the social-listening options offered by the tool.Cons: limited use in the analytics of the account itself.Price : from € 43 to € 51 / month.9. Twitonomy – Your presence on Twitter
It is a tool that allows you to measure the presence of your account on Twitter very easily and compare your account with that of your competitors. It allows, above all, to make a very visual analysis of the impact of your tweets (RT, replies, mentions, hashtags, etc.), to see those most influential users, from which location they have mentioned you, the best hours and days of publication, and monitor activity. In addition, with Twitonomy you can find out more information about the Twitter lists to which you belong.twitonomy Pro: it is a very visual tool, and it allows you to have an idea of ​​your data very quickly. In addition, it allows to use two Twitter accounts to analyze. Cons: it does not allow a very deep analysis of each metric or of other metrics that other payment tools do offer.Price : from € 17 / month.10. TweetReach – Measure your impactThe main function of this tool is to measure the impact of your strategies or campaigns and their evolution related to a timeline. Tweetreach will show you the number of accounts reached, impressions, most retweeted tweets, etc. For example, something to note in its free version is that you can get reports based on keywords or hashtags that have worked best.TweetReach Pro: analyze the possible impact of your actions in a very real way.Cons: limited use in the analytics of the account itself.
Price: from € 43 / month to € 175 / month (depending on the number of connected profiles and other functionalities).11. Agorapulse- Quickly manage comments With Agorapulse you have the possibility to know how your campaigns are progressing, manage the scheduled content, create groups of conversations, and, the most interesting thing (in our opinion): from the same panel you can see and reply to all the messages or comments you receive for easy management. To do this, you can create labels and filters to classify the most important messages and discard the ones that don’t interest you.Agorapulse Pro: works also for LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. Cons: it is expensive and its interface may be less intuitive than other Twitter tools.Price: from € 43 to € 262 per month. It also offers a free trial period.12. Audiense- Know your followers Formerly known as SocialBro , Audiense is one of the Twitter tools that can provide you with more information about your followers (it tells you which are the inactive accounts, the influencers, those followers you don’t follow, or it makes it easier for you to discover new users according to your themes. of interest…). Among other things, what it does is plan the sending of direct messages in a massive way, it monitors URLs and hashtags, informs you of the busiest hours of your audience, extracts statistics, does some reporting and allows you to manage your Forex Email List strategy. on multiple accounts. In addition, you can launch advertising campaigns using filter targeting to target a specific twitter analysis toolPro: it sends you a weekly report via email. Against: it does not manage the programming of Twitter content, although it does allow to send tweets on time.Price : € 69.16 / month and € 609.32 / month for the Premium version (for targeting audiences and creating profiles). Includes free version.13. Sprout Social- Another great analysis tool If what we want is to look for “all-in-one” tools , Sprout Social is another one of them. We especially highlight its ability to create personalized reports based on more specific parameters (keyword reports, high-performance tweets, audience engagement, etc.). But at the same time, this tool helps you when it comes to managing messages from different social profiles in a kind of “smart” inbox.sprout social twitter analysis too Pro: incorporates image editors and CRM tools.Against: it is quite expensive, so if you don’t have to manage several Twitter accounts, it won’t pay off.
Price: € 75.93 per month for individual accounts (10 different profiles can be managed) and up to € 190 for business accounts. Includes 30-day free trial.14. ContentStudio- Check the most popular content Finally, Content Studio is a content management platform with which you can plan and schedule your content for social networks , including Twitter. A process that you can do for stretches of days and hours in an automated way: it allows you to rescue temporary publications, discover trends, analyze the performance of your account, etc. For example, this tool allows you to search by keywords which are the most read posts.content studio analysis twitter Pro : your roadmap for managing your content in the short term.Cons : It has its drawbacks for non-English content.Price: from € 43 / month to € 263 / month depending on the contracted plan (with a 14-day free trial).Other considerations Don’t forget that there are some tools with other functions that we can use as allies to complement our Twitter account analytics. Examples of this could be Google Analytics (it allows us to see how many people have reached our page through each social network) or bit.ly (we generate a link to share it on social networks, but it also gives us analytical information on views and clicks of this link).

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