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The 13 mistakes on Instagram that you can not make in your business

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The 13 mistakes on Instagram that you can not make in your business

Instagram is the crown jewel in the digital world – although TikTok is making a lot of noise recently. All organizations want to have a presence, whatever it is, in this social Ecuador Phone Number List. The reason? Because corporate leaders are very attracted to its impeccable aesthetics, because it has built a large audience and extremely high relevance for brands – which also continues to grow – and because it has demonstrated enormous capacity and commitment to the commercial objectives of the companies. companies. This is why, of all digital platforms, Instagram is today the favorite of marketers .

To reinforce those reasons that have brought Instagram to the top, just look at its figures when it comes to growth, content publication, user exposure to the platform and levels of interaction. A simple glance shows us how the scope and involvement of this social network have exceeded in recent years, which has only made it more attractive to companies every day. This reality has also caused a surprising evolution of Instagram, because seeing the high impact, its leaders have invested resources to improve the experience, incorporating ephemeral content, live broadcasts, shared publications, native television channels and many other developments that have put on everyone’s lips.


But, unfortunately, the revolution launched by Instagram and its massive appropriation by users has not produced a transformation in the use that brands give to the tool. Many of the businesses have not yet understood its scope and versatility, and have settled for primal, incomplete and insipid presences. This is a sad fact because the opportunity to excel and market is being missed; In addition, the door is opened for competitors to take over the attention of consumers or users. What do we mean by primary, incomplete and insipid presences? To those types of uses in which the activity on Instagram is plagued with errors and is reduced to a simple channel to send messages.

The mistakes on Forex Email List that you have to avoid to get results
To contribute to the construction of outstanding and active presences in this social network, we have consolidated a group of thirteen errors that organizations should avoid. Some of them are obvious and childish — they don’t come at a high cost in resources or reputation — but there are others that, when discussed, severely affect digital performance. We present them below:

1. Not having a plan
Launching on Instagram without a prior reflection and planning exercise is like venturing out to sea without a GPS. A terrible idea, because without a clear route, without an established north, it is very difficult to make good decisions. Smart companies do not fall into this very basic error, therefore, before venturing into action on this social network, it is absolutely necessary to think about the type of audiences to be conquered, the objectives to be pursued, and the tactics to be pursued. they are going to undertake to be able to create a coherent presence.

2. Having a poor or unportant biography
Biography plays a very important role on Instagram, since it is one of the two variables that the user evaluates when making the decision to follow the account or not – the other variable is, obviously, the published content. Being assertive in this section is critical. What is recommended? Condense in a short text the offer of the brand, its interests and forms of contact. Yes, it is difficult to achieve it in just a few characters, but you have to work hard on it until you get something that summarizes everything and encourages you to continue.

3. Don’t create original content
We just said, content is essential for the development of Instagram as a marketing tool ; Businesses that take this item seriously stand out and capture the attention of audiences. This is why resources must be allocated to the creation of original and creative content. You cannot make the mistake of turning your organization’s presence on Instagram into a repository for content taken from the Internet or a “central repost .” The more that is invested in content, the better results will be obtained.

4. Use content without the respective rights
Another recurring error – which could also be a crime – is the appropriation of third-party content without a rigorous review of the rights associated with the material. Using content without authorization could lead to reputational problems and future financial compensation to the original owner. Don’t fall into the trap of snapping any pretty picture found on Google or Pinterest and then posting it on Instagram. Avoid future problems.

5. Not interact with the community
Interaction is the second pillar of a social activity – the first is content. Conversing with the audience is imperative to achieve high levels of involvement and relationship. If companies do not work on efforts that encourage and promote dialogue, they will be affecting their proximity to the community and, consequently, the future reach of their publications. You need to start interacting with the community to build a successful presence on Instagram.

6. Saturate posts with hashtags
This is perhaps the most common of errors. It is incredible the number of labels that many companies add to their publications, believing that with this they will significantly multiply the reach of their messages. The hashtags have meaning and specific functionality since its inception: to categorize and label content information flows on the social network to be easily accessible to users. If you put all your files in every folder on the computer, would it make sense to use folders? No. Well – and keeping the simile – the labels are like folders to store the publications, therefore it is not advisable to abuse them.

7. Overdoing account labeling
Abuse in the tagging of other users is just as annoying as the excess of hashtags , especially for tagged users. Yes, we understand that frenzied race for a following in which many brands were mounted, but we do not share it. The goal of creating a social media presence is not to accumulate the largest possible audience, but to accumulate the largest possible “quality” audience. This additional property conditions the way in which it should be worked. Let’s put aside invasive and annoying tactics and focus on actions that add value and strengthen ties with the community.

8. Not taking care of the size of the texts in the images or videos
One of the elementary principles of the digital world is to make things accessible to everyone. Well, this error speaks precisely of that, of allowing anyone to consume the content published on the Instagram profile. The community managers should verify that the size of the texts included in the graphic design of publications is easy to read; that is, you do not need to enlarge the photo to read what was published. Always remember that, in general, users access the platform from a mobile device and that the screens of these devices are not as large as those of the computer on which the images are designed.

9. Being extremely self-centered
Yes, we accept that businesses create an Instagram profile to talk about their brands, products or services. We also understand that whoever provides the resources to manage an activity on the social network wants to receive a constant benefit from said activity. But not everything can be brand-oriented, because that self-centeredness bores the community. Identify the interests that the organization shares with the community and allocate resources to address them through the profile. Establish conversations with audiences using content that adds value and strengthens relationships beyond the product or service offered.

10. Obsess over the number of followers and likes
Before we review this error, let’s accept a premise: we should not obsess over anything when we use social media to achieve marketing goals . It is not convenient to become stubborn with a particular action or with a specific result because this could divert our attention from what is truly important for progress. In social networks, the balance of actions and equanimity to evaluate the metrics is preponderant. That said, focusing on the number of followers or the number of likes will make everything revolve around these variables, generating alterations in the tactics used and the published content. That is, we will end up working on Instagram for things that contribute a lot to the ego, but little to the company.

11. Focus on a single content format
Instagram is a social network that offers multiple formats. Obviously, all content should have a visual component, but creativity can be used to explore and enrich the format. Unique images, image carousels and videos are the three ways of publishing that, when combined, can generate new formats. Use your imagination to mix formats or link posts to produce creative communication experiences. Don’t get stuck in the conventional, explore and entertain your audience with experiments in the formats.

12. Forget about the other publishing channels
Like what is proposed with the formats in the previous item, it is also interesting to appropriate and mix the different channels that Instagram has made available to users. Creating messages on the timeline, which are then supplemented by ephemeral content posted to stories, live broadcasts, or broadcasts on IGTV is a great way to wow your followers. The more immersive the user experience with the content, the better.

13. Make all posts at the same time
The last mistake we want to prevent is a rookie mistake: posting all your messages at the same time. Instagram users consume the platform throughout the day, therefore, it is advisable to vary the times when content is published, to reach users at different times. Good profile managers on this social network constantly reflect on the message, the tone, and the best time of day to issue the post. Do not leave loose ends in your activity on Instagram, take care of the details and always seek the optimization of all your publications.

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