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The 12 trends that will mark the marketing and strategy of the Christmas campaign

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The 12 trends that will mark the marketing and strategy of the Christmas campaign

The Christmas campaign is something that brands should start working on now. Waiting until December to prepare the Christmas campaign is a mistake , since consumers begin their entire purchasing process much earlier and companies must be prepared to respond to their needs from that moment. In fact, according to a Google study, 26% of consumers start shopping for Christmas in October. We already know a few things about this Christmas campaign, which will mark the year’s results for many companies. The first is that it will not have schedules. The Google study shows that pakistan mobile directory search by name look for the products they consume at any time and that the night sale (10 at night to 4 in the morning) is seeing an increase in the number of consumers who use it. In addition, the interest that consumers give to e-commerce will also grow. Users will buy more in online stores and will be more open to new practices, such as BOPIS (buy online and collect in a physical store). And also this year purchases will be the most social and the most mobile in history, or at least that is what is expected.

The season is a key moment for brands to take out all their potential artillery and launch campaigns that are colorful, fun, emotional and that really touch the consumer, but those cannot be the only criteria to take into account. As Dan Cohen, regional director of Tradedoubler, explains in a column in DigitalMarketing , companies and their managers must take into account everything that will make this Christmas season different from the rest. According to Cohen, 12 will be the trends that will mark Christmas this year. Mobile Few doubt that mobile devices are marking from how consumers buy to how brands should target them. The mobile is the first trend that will make this Christmas campaign different from the others. As the columnist recalls, “it will all be good news for the markets if the mobile shopping experience is embraced.”


Forecasts make it harder to be optimistic. An eBay Enterprise study showed that merchants are neglecting all the m-commerce part of the campaign, investing more in other areas. Despite the fact that mobile e-commerce is the future (and few doubt it, according to the statistics), brands are still a bit lost in what they must do to get the best of it. Personalization Each consumer deserves a unique treatment? and the tools that a brand can draw on to do so are becoming more common and easier to use. Companies must offer each consumer what they really want to hear or see and focus on meeting their needs, especially at a time when they receive as much stimulus as occurs in the Christmas period. Big data and its good use is the solution to win the hearts of Forex Email List. Coupons Aren’t coupons out of date? Millennials no longer use them to make their purchase decisions at the supermarket , as members of the previous generation did, and consumers are generally quite fed up with receiving information on paper. A recent study pointed out that consumers want brochures to disappear and only keep the electronic version.

And yet here are the coupons on the list of things that will mark the Christmas campaign. The interesting thing is that these coupons do not have to be traditional or on paper. What Cohen points out is that brands can seduce consumers by using them to launch offers, both online and offline. In ecommerce, the coupon to get free shipping of products is the best claim that can be used, since it gives the final stitch and convinces consumers that buying online is the best option. Click and collect Speed ​​is increasingly important to consumers. Efficiency in delivery and access to the product marks how and when it is consumed. In the case of the Christmas campaign, when everything is marked by a date it becomes a key element. For ecommerce sellers, it is also one of the main concerns since how to compete with the immediacy of physical stores and how to ensure that the consumer does not hate the online store when he is forced to spend a day waiting for it. does your package arrive at home? The trend for Christmas will be to opt for intermediate solutions, such as collecting the product at a physical point (the brand’s physical store or a network of establishments that has chosen to become a collection point for online purchases).

Keeping only one sales channel is a losing bet: consumers are increasingly present in more channels to make their purchases and brands will have no choice but to play at being ubiquitous in order to attract them as customers. Companies cannot neglect neither the online part, nor the mobile part nor the physical commerce part and they will have to maximize their efforts to be effective in all of them. Especially when the general market forecast is that consumers will wait even later than usual to make their purchases online. Few doubt since social networks are a fundamental part of the relationship between brands and consumers. It will also be this Christmas, where sellers will have to get the best out of the use that they make and that their consumers make of sites like Facebook or Twitter. The aim to achieve in this campaign is no longer to communicate directly with them but to get the users themselves to be ambassadors and speakers of the benefits of your brand.

The proposal to achieve the best results in this column is to reward social activities of consumers: brands can offer rewards to those who share or praise their products.If big data and all the analysis and prediction tools are increasingly important, how can they not be this Christmas? For the Christmas campaign, brands can be even more effective than in past campaigns using the information they have and what they can have. The points to observe should be the costs per consumer or the information that comes through social media. The Christmas campaign is also a remarkable opportunity to meet consumers (it is when they buy the most), so brands should focus not only on drawing conclusions but also on obtaining as much data as possible. The information will allow you to know what really worries them and draw basic conclusions to establish how to sell them in the future. Although marketing budgets have been increasing in recent times and although the data on consumer confidence is better, for the moment the economy continues to determine all the decisions that are made in the business world. Fears of a new economic recession are still very present and companies are still reluctant to spend and opt more for austerity.

The economy therefore enters the list of things that will mark the Christmas campaign. The forecast is that brands continue to be concerned about costs and above all about their effectiveness. The campaigns will therefore be very controlled and the ROI will be the main point of analysis of the Christmas actions.

The power of the brand It is difficult to work on this point only at Christmas and companies have to start on it before the campaign. Building a powerful brand is, in fact, one of the concerns that companies have throughout the year. The brand is decisive in the saturated Christmas campaign because it not only works as a guarantee of trust but also as a differentiating element that makes the company and its products stand out from the competition. Simplicity, speed and security These three points work as a single element. In English – and based on the initials of the words in that language, simplicity, speed and security – they are called the three s. These three characteristics are not basic for a free reason: they are what every consumer looks for when making a purchase and looks for it both on the internet (where security is a key element as a differentiator) and in physical stores, affiliate networks or mobile apps. The Christmas campaign makes it even more difficult to offer these three elements because it adds the stress that generates that it is one of the moments with the highest influx of consumption. Technology Consumers are more and more techies and use more devices to make their purchasing decisions. But the relationship with new technologies is not one-way. For users it will be a highly technological Christmas campaign, but for sellers it must be too.

The key will be to use all the technology they have at their disposal, from real-time data analysis tools to predictive analysis solutions, to get the best view of their consumers and add not only value to what they do but also improve the success rate in your marketing campaigns and in your sales. Consumers will have the power And that intensive use of new technologies will be key to the last point about how the Christmas campaign will change: brands will know more than ever their consumers and what they want and will respond to these needs. The power of the consumer will therefore be greater than ever in corporate decisions.

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