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The 12 lies of social media marketing

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The 12 lies of social media marketing

Social networks are the most effective channel to meet clients and prospects; dialogue and establish relationships, and build a community around the brand, product or service. That cannot be disputed by anyone! Social media is full of opportunities for people and businesses who decide to take them seriously, for those who build a clear plan, allocate resources and assign responsibilities to a trained team. We do not have any problem with Costa Rica Phone Number List networks, on the contrary, we defend them with all our strength. Although, to be honest, we don’t have to make a lot of effort, because the facts speak for themselves. The success stories of organizations that transformed their reality thanks to social networks are increasingly notorious. The stories of companies taking advantage of these platforms are very frequent today. However, that success has seduced many, created confusion and facilitated the emergence of false myths – promoted by unsuspecting hunters.

Social media marketing lies abound
We are not going to tell you that every time one of the marketing lies is repeated on social networks, a panda bear dies in China, but the performance of a company is indirectly affected and trust in digital actions deteriorates. And our blood boils! This must be repeated until the message enters our heads! No more social media marketing lies ! But social networks are not to blame for the string of nonsense that is said daily about them, the culprits are the marketers , because we should be vehemently fighting those who say nonsense disguised as miraculous tricks to succeed in record time. We should unite in an intense brigade to dismantle those false myths that many promote. In this way we would guarantee the future of our industry and help businesses to take ownership of social tools to achieve real results.


Business-destroying social media marketing lies
There are no magic recipes to succeed on social media! That is first. We said it. The end. No, lies. Getting results on social platforms is hard work, requiring a plan, superb execution, and meticulous measurement. Also of the deep understanding of each platform – taking off the cockroaches that many insist on getting into our heads – of its possibilities and its audience. We want to help you understand the platforms and we believe that the best way is by showing you what is not true, but what they do tell you constantly. Next, we present the twelve social media marketing lies that will not let you progress in them:

1. Social networks are free
The first of the lies of  Forex Email List media marketing . The fact that access to the platforms is free does not mean that having an efficient presence on them is free. Social media for business is not free! Executing a strategy on these platforms requires human, technological and budgetary resources. It is impossible to develop a successful activity in social networks without tools, without a team and without money for promotional actions. Don’t keep fooling yourself, you can’t excel in the digital world at zero cost.

2. In social networks there are no rules
Don’t they have rules? Go put a picture of a woman breastfeeding on Instagram or promote a hashtag that can be taken out of context on Twitter and then we talk. Social networks do have rules and it is worth knowing them before jumping into them. Otherwise, you will put your business reputation at risk.

And recovering from a reputational blow , if you do recover, can be very expensive. But we are not referring only to the rules established by companies – because Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are companies, with boards of directors and corporate regulations, in case you did not know – we also talk about the unspoken rules of those communities, that code of behavior established by users. Assimilating and respecting it will be the starting point for obtaining benefits and creating a community. Ignoring it will be the beginning of the end.
3. Social media is dangerous
Another of the lies of social media marketing that is constantly repeated. A social network is a symmetrical space. It is a place where criticism and praise coexist, and where acceptance of both should be a guiding principle.

This reality means that social networks have an active influence on corporate reputation, but this should not be seen as a threat, but rather as an obligation to carefully follow up and immediately attend to the needs and conversations with the audience. If a business continues to fear this possibility, it must convince itself that it is much more dangerous not to be in them and ignore what is being discussed there. No, social networks are not dangerous, what is dangerous is having clumsy activity on them.

4. You can’t measure return on investment on social media
Those who affirm this plan little and have an evident ignorance of the metric possibilities offered by social networks. Calculating ROI – return on investment, for return on investment – is an increasingly simple task. To achieve this, all you need is to be clear about a goal and then measure its achievement. Simple!

5. Social media can replace a website
Mmmm no. Definitely not. This is another of the social media marketing lies . For communication efforts, perhaps, but the digital strategy requires more than just that effort. A website offers opportunities and controls that no social network has. Adding is one of the elementary principles of digital marketing and it is not understandable that someone wants to give up the opportunity to deepen a digital presence that is supported by different platforms, especially when the website is its own asset and social networks are not.

6. Social networks are a channel to publish without stopping
This is one of the most repeated social media marketing lies , sadly. At first glance, social media can be perceived as a cheap and powerful megaphone. And they may be, but it is a dull vision. Social networks are relationship channels. What part of “social” is not clear? What should be encouraged in them is not indiscriminate publication, but interaction with the audience. It will all come out of the conversation: marketing of products and services, market research, exploring new customer niches, and much more. Don’t fall into the easy trap of turning a powerful tool into a simple loudspeaker.

7. You must be present on all social networks
Opening a store in every shopping center in the city is worth it. Have a presence on all social networks as well. Being in everything is a clear sign of blur. No business has unlimited resources, therefore you must think and choose the channels that best suit your objectives, audience and product or service. Every presence and every action will need people, budgets and technological tools to be carried out. Consequently, each social profile must be thought out and adjusted according to a clear strategy.

8. Activity should be concentrated in a single social network
The opposite of what was stated in the previous point is also one of the lies of marketing in social networks. Putting all your eggs in one basket can be cheap, but it could be a costly mistake. Although focus is important to companies, creating a set of social media can increase brand awareness and visibility. In addition, it reduces the risk, because you should always keep in mind that being present on a social network is like building your house on a rented lot — you are the owner of your account, but not of the platform; And that platform can cut you off or lose popularity at any moment.

9. Social networks can be managed by anyone
This gives us a dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath. This is one of the social media marketing lies that has spread more than a virus. No and a thousand times no! Being in charge of the social networks of a business is a task of extreme responsibility. Whoever does it is nothing more and nothing less than the face of that company in front of a community.

The community manager is a character with a critical role today; He is the person in charge of spreading the image and reputation of organizations to the rest of the world. Would you hand this responsibility over to anyone? Do not even think about it! It is essential that the people assigned to work on social networks have sufficient training, plan and criteria to assume the role of being the voice of the business.

10. Social networks are only used by young people
This is the old trick of those who want to downplay social networks because they are being economically affected by the flourishing of this new way of marketing products or services. Don’t play the game of those few who want to perpetuate the old ways of advertising and marketing . Is not true. Enter Facebook audience insight and see with your own eyes the demographics of the users of this social network in each country. A quick look at this tool destroys this lie.

The importance of SEO in the era of social networks. Let’s present the reasons that currently justify the investment of resources in search engine optimization. We will unmask the importance of SEO.
The importance of SEO in the era of social networks
Let’s present the reasons that currently justify the investment of resources in search engine optimization. We will unmask the importance of SEO.

11. I saw a video on YouTube that says that to succeed I have to publish every day
Well, we saw another who says that the Earth is flat and they sounded very convincing, but no! Don’t eat the trick peddler’s tale: there are no magic recipes!

12. A lot of content must be generated to be successful
Talking at length, frequently, and on a large number of topics can be a destructive cocktail. Less can be more. Sharing interesting and relevant information is the key. Take the technical out of the equation — content length, frequency, etc. — and focus on what’s important: the quality of what you post.

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