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The 10 trends in digital marketing that will mark the decade

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The 10 trends in digital marketing that will mark the decade

In 2013, a book by Brian Solis appeared on the management and marketing shelves of the world’s bookstores. The title was What’s the Future of Business? Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences —What is the future of business? Changing the way you create business experiences. An interesting and entertaining document in which the writer outlined the concept of “digital Darwinism.” Solis borrowed the evolutionary theory published by the English scientist Charles Darwin in 1859 to support this new concept. In The Origin of Species , Darwin discussed the processes of natural selection and, with evidence, determined that the species that survive are those that adapt to changes in the environment. Well, Solis made a simile that most understood to affirm that: “Kazakhstan Phone Number List can be victims of a kind of digital Darwinism, because consumer behavior and society advance at the frenetic pace of technology and businesses that do not adapt, they will die. For this reason it is important to always understand marketing trends.digital. He complemented his theory by saying that: “Digital Darwinism does not discriminate, therefore all businesses are threatened.”

The evidence for this claim – as in Darwin’s case – has been overwhelming. And today we know many cases: Blockbuster and Tower Records, to give two close and well-known examples. Throughout the book, Brian Solis did in-depth research on the impact of the digital age on business, and showed with figures the threat of technological evolution to unprepared companies. The data is chilling: Only 71 of the 500 most powerful companies in the US on the 1955 Forbes list were still operating in 2013 – that is, 86% of businesses had closed their doors. Brutal!


A Revolution in Motion: Adapt or Die The digital is an unfinished stream. It is a revolution in which uncertainty is constant. For this reason, updating and permanent exposure to new technologies are the mandatory attitudes for marketers . The keys to survival are: permanent training and a strong vocation for research and experimentation. In other words, staying ahead is the only antidote we know to “Darwinian digital selection.” If your company intends to remain competitive in the coming years, you will need to adapt quickly with each evolution. There is no escape! Only those who create innovative products or services, genuinely reach out to audiences, take ownership of every advance and open up honestly to markets will be able to develop competitive advantages to face the revolution. Charles Darwin explained it very well for humans and it also applies to companies – maintaining the simile proposed by Brian Solis -: «Due to this struggle, variations, however slight and whatever the cause from which they come, if they are to some degree beneficial to the individuals of a species in their infinitely complex relationships with other organic beings and with their physical conditions of life, they will tend to the conservation of these individuals and will, in general, be inherited by the offspring. The offspring will thus also have a greater chance of survival; for, of the many individuals of any one species that are born periodically, only a small number can survive. This principle, by which every slight variation, if useful, is preserved, I have called by the term of natural selection, in order to indicate its relationship with the faculty of selection of man; but the expression frequently used by Herbert Spencer, about the survival of the fittest, is more exact and is sometimes just as convenient “(Chapter III,The Origin of Species ).

What trends in digital marketing should we pay more attention to in the decade that is beginning? The digital universe is huge, therefore choosing trends will always be subjective. A simple Google search for the keyword ” digital marketing trends ” will return a large number of pages, with many, many trends. Therefore, any compilation that is made will be a simple unbiased approximation to what is to come. In our case, we made the approach taking into account marketing issues more than technological ones. Below, we share the ten digital trends – and an added bonus – that we believe will mark the decade that begins. It is worth visiting them, documenting yourself and approaching them with a critical eye, always keeping in mind the reality of your business and the market in which it operates:

1. Machine learning
Artificial intelligence will be put at the center of business and will be an everyday technology for most people and companies. A huge percentage of simple jobs will be done by machines, and their efficiency in doing them will be staggering. Nothing and no one will stop that avalanche! The machine learning is a framed discipline in the field of artificial intelligence that is responsible for creating platforms, tools or systems that automatically learn from every interaction with humans thanks to algorithms that control them . In essence, what you do with algorithms is processing huge amounts of data to find patterns and thus learn. The algorithm that controls the machine reviews the information and then is responsible for predicting people’s behavior. In Forex Email List, machines will be in charge of planning production, anticipating customer flow, or managing inventories. Meanwhile, in marketing , they will be in charge of the budget, segmentation and selection of the appropriate channels and promotional messages for each moment. In this decade, machine learning will be the key to efficiency and no company can afford to ignore it.

2. Marketing automations
In line with the previous trend, the automation of marketing processes appears . It does not make sense, in this era, to use people to attend to repetitive or operational tasks that can be executed by a machine – which, moreover, can be done with a high level of efficiency. Business leaders will begin to hand over the management of some operational processes to the machines to concentrate human talent in the creation of strategies, the contribution of value, the improvement of the offer of products or services and the relationship with the environment. The classification, maturation and attention of prospects; basic customer service tasks; the creation, curation and publication of some content for social networks, and the monitoring of indicators – with advanced alerts and rules so as not to miss any opportunity or anticipate any threat – are just some of the most common examples of the processes that they will operate the machines. The bots for instant messaging, CRM predictive and programmatic advertising will be the daily bread in the coming decade.

3. Programmatic advertising
Programmatic advertising is the result of the summation: artificial intelligence, machine learning and marketing automation . What is sought with these types of promotional efforts is to buy ads that can target the most specific audiences. Unlike the other advertising models that exist in the digital world, the programmatic model relies on real-time offers to appear in a particular space with ultra-segmented advertising. The great advantage of this type of action, the one that made us include it in this list of digital trends for the decade, is that because it is in real time it is much more efficient —because its costs are controlled and its conversion rates are higher—. But we don’t see it as a future trend. No way. It is part of the present of digital marketing . In fact, many of the firms that analyze and research what happens to digital advertising in today’s markets have claimed that more than 80% of digital ads this year will be programmatic.

4. The micro-moments
A micromoment is a temporary space rich in intentions and with high potential for companies. Generally, these spaces occur when people turn to a digital device to satisfy a momentary and specific need to know, go, do or buy. Now, it’s not that those micro-moments didn’t exist before and now they do. No. They have always existed. We include them in this list of digital marketing trends of the decade because new technologies allow us to easily detect them and plan actions to make the most of them. So, the trend that we call micromoments is nothing more than the tuning of the digital marketer’s senses and the summation of analytical tools to be present and attentive in those micromoments; to be useful and, above all, to be fast. Understanding micro-moments will make us question all our digital actions, review conversion funnels and rethink advertising. Because of them, the consumer journey will cease to be linear —knowledge, consideration, and conversion— to become one adapted to the volatility of desires and instant gratification that today’s consumer demands. The challenge for marketers in this new decade will be to understand, adapt and take full advantage of these small temporary spaces.

5. The ephemeral content
The ephemeral – Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp stories; Snapchat posts; YouTube reels, or live broadcasts on any digital platform — it’s the perfect ally to take advantage of micro-moments. That’s why we include it in this list of priority trends for the decade. With ephemeral content, the narrative can be changed – to get away from the linear messages of the introduction, middle and end – to attend and react to the circumstances posed by the environment. Community engagement can also be better developed to give an additional boost and some extra features to the brand or to generate timely calls to action. Ephemeral content is a powerful response to marketing seasonality that micro-moments generate. This is a type of content in which planning is less and the sense of opportunity-threat is greater.

6. The voice
Human-machine interaction has always been marked by the use of the hands. In principle, the only way to communicate with the devices was through punched cards – the programs and information entered the computers with these types of tools. Later, the process was simplified with the use of the plugs and the connection of cables. Later, keyboards appeared. Finally, we achieved incredible versatility with the amazing mouse from Douglas Engelbart. Well, since 1963 – 57 years ago – the mouse and keyboard have been the cornerstone of the human-machine relationship, but that’s changing. Now, the voice has entered the field of play. New technologies are showing us a future governed by voice. Virtual assistants, search engines, and content creation and distribution will be driving this trend. The decade that begins will be the decade of the voice, without a doubt. Orality will prevail for the human-machine relationship because it is a highly efficient way of interacting. For people, the voice is a simple instrument to use, it is natural. In addition, it is much faster than using the keyboard or mouse .

7. The influencers
The marketing of influence complements all the trends we have presented. The influencers are the new engines word of mouth, but are more massive. The rise of the new personalities of social networks has triggered this phenomenon of overcrowding and has involved users with products or services. But when we talk about influencers we are not talking exclusively about the characters who have managed to accumulate huge audiences on social networks. We are talking about anyone who manages to lead a community, regardless of the number of followers they reach. Currently, there are very powerful influencers , who leave many benefits for companies, and only have a hundred followers – because what you are looking for with influencer marketing is not reach, but relevance and conversion capacity. So, the challenge for marketing professionals in this decade that is beginning will be to recognize these characters to bring them closer to your business. Because they may already be part of your community on social networks and are not yet visible to the company. Then, they must add them to the strategy to increase the impact of the message and the results obtained.

8. Instant messaging
The marketing conversational is one of the concepts that resound in the digital environment in the next ten years. This new discipline has gained a lot of strength due to the massification of instant messaging channels and due to the automation of management processes – the use of chatbots for the automated management of conversations -. The power of this trend lies in individualization and real-time interaction — two values ​​that make the difference in today’s markets. Today, there is evidence that users have appropriated instant messaging and made it their preferred communication channel. Something that businesses should understand. According to figures from Statista , WhatsApp has reached 1.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion and WeChat about 1.133 million. What those data bring to light is that the next decade will be dominated by real-time care actions. And marketers will have to design their actions and train their teams to align the business with instant messaging.

9. Advanced analytics
We honestly didn’t know what to call this trend and it seemed appropriate to use the adjective “advanced.” Here, we are going to group the three concepts associated with analytics that will be trending this decade: A / B testing, predictive analytics and deep learning.

A / B testing is an open secret in digital marketing . Everyone talks about them, but few use them, sadly! By appropriating them, any digital action improves their performance. And in the decade that begins, this capacity for optimization will be an inescapable obligation for businesses. The marketing modern is a constant process of experimentation and analysis – and that is exactly what is done when testing A / B are used to make decisions-. With this class of exercises you can isolate variables, create prototypes and test them in the market before implementing them. The A / B tests offer us a methodical approach to resolve differences, propose changes and refine the results. Predictive analytics is the area of ​​analytics that drives us to do data mining, model algorithms and structure automated processes to anticipate the future of the market. What is sought with this type of method is the identification of the consumption patterns and decision-making of a community to adapt the marketing actions of the business. And no, it’s not rocket science! Today, with low resources, it is possible to use predictive analytics. Believe it or not, artificial intelligence is available to everyone – in fact, a simple example is what Facebook offers, for free, with similar audiences .

Finally, deep learning is the result of a correct appropriation of big data in business. The benefit offered by the management of the big data available in the digital world is the efficiency in the actions, because with this data a deep learning of the consumer behavior can be achieved. With these two assets – big data and deep learning – companies will be able to typify their audiences and simplify their marketing actions . Now, not everything is rosy here, because this trend —which we frame within what we call advanced analytics— brings with it a monumental challenge: the proper management of users’ private data and the ethical use of information.

10. Immersive technologies
The one we will experience will be an exciting decade. The explosion of technologies will be wild for years to come. Hyperconnectivity, hyper-data processing and digital immersion will become our everyday reality. We have already seen something of the future with 5G technology and quantum computing. First of all, it promises impressive connectivity from mobile devices —hee, don’t just think about phones; Also think about watches, glasses, or whatever gadgets you can wear. 5G technology will make us live a new era in digital communications that will impact all industries. And the second is a true revolution. Quantum computing is based on the theory of quantum physics that states that subatomic particles exist in more than one state simultaneously. The difference then will be that while a computer reads the information in a linear way, quantum computers – in theory – will be able to process it simultaneously. Absolute madness for data processing! Now, if we add to this cocktail of hyperconnectivity and hyperprocessing the immersive theme – augmented reality, virtual reality and the technologies that are worn -, we will have a new way of developing consumer experiences in the digital world.

Bonus: privacy and digital detox
Although this trend plays against marketing , we could not leave it aside in this list of what will mark the relationship of users with the digital world in the decade that begins. Discussions about privacy policies and the ethical use of digital shadow in marketing actions will be repetitive. From the user’s perspective, the protection of their data will be a priority. From the business perspective, the efficiency of your marketing actions will be essential for the development of the economy. Where will these differences lead us? Government intervention and restrictive legislation, probably. While that happens, the reaction of many users will be the digital detox – limiting their presence on social platforms and screen time. A situation that will affect business and that will force marketers to design better strategies and take advantage of the short attention spans that brands will have in the market.

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