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The 10 principles for effective digital advertising

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The 10 principles for effective digital advertising

Advertising digitally to be seen is a waste of time and resources. Today, all business professionals must understand this and see marketing as a controlled summation of efforts and tools that will allow them to gain a position in the market or in the minds of consumers. To keep seeing it as a huge speaker is to stick to the past and miss out on the opportunity for accelerated development. Our proposal for a change in perspective in marketing has a specific purpose: to stop striving for reach as your sole purpose and instead focus on conversion. To achieve this simple movement of perspective, what you must do is find the right mix of actions and platforms for each business, a task that is not easy, but if done sufficiently, you will be taking firm steps towards building a system that provides optimal and sustainable results. Choosing the perfect digital mix for my Croatia Phone Number List The scenarios we inhabit today – analog and digital – are full of attractive options for designing the right marketing mix : advertise on Instagram, hire a billboard, create websites, advertise on a local station, send emails. electronic, hiring advertising on Facebook, paying for an infographic in a specialized magazine or newspaper, optimizing content for search engines or designing advertising campaigns on Google —to mention the most popular—. Each option with its advantages and disadvantages. Each alternative with its pros and cons.

The first task of a current marketer focuses, then, on choosing the perfect combination – taking into account the objectives and resources available in the company. It incorporated and what is discarded, that is the initial challenge of professionals, prepare the mix of marketing of the company. With a good and conscious selection of actions in both worlds, results will be achieved in areas such as communication, advertising, sales, customer service, relationship with audiences, etc., all important for the future of the business in the short term. , medium and long term. Advertising digital is just one of the alternatives that we have at our disposal. An activity that, when added to the mix, can complete, support and strengthen the package of actions and platforms chosen to excel in the market in which it competes. An activity that also allows progressive and sustained growth within the business category to which the organization belongs.


Tutorial to create engaging and successful digital advertising campaigns for the business Let’s start by clarifying that our mission in this publication is not to push you to include, yes or yes, advertising within your marketing mix . No more was missing! That decision must be made within a broader strategic framework. The main objective of this article is to give you the necessary tools so that, in case you have chosen advertising as one of your actions in the mix , you do it correctly. Achieving total efficiency in digital advertising is not an easy task, as there are no universal rules that apply to all industries or businesses; and because, in addition, there are many variables that are uncontrollable – such as demand or competition. Now, what does exist are a series of pillars —which we call elementary principles— that, when applied and understood, will bring you closer to obtaining the results you expect from your advertising campaigns in the digital world.

Most of the leaders who build good Forex Email List strategies approach advertising as a powerful complement to obtain visibility and closeness with the audience – precisely the differential value that it brings. A value that is enhanced when campaigns are designed well and is thrown away when they are done poorly. Unfortunately, there are more cases of the latter than of the former. Therefore, we are motivated to present those principles that we call elemental. What we want here is to provide information that helps to understand what has to be done to enhance the good and to mitigate the bad. Here, then, are the ten principles:

1. Research everything
It is not a good idea to be guided by perceptions. Relying exclusively on instincts is a common mistake among marketers, advertisers, and creatives. Research is the way to solve this first obstacle. Before launching into any digital endeavor, spend a few hours exploring cases, examples, and ideas. All with the intention of choosing the correct type of message, format, content and platforms for the action to be taken. What we affirm is that any of the decisions made in the planning of an advertising effort in the digital world should be subjected to an investigative process, contrasting information and analysis. Starting any project with detailed documentation of the environment and circumstances enriches decision-making and guides the business towards achieving the objective. So, before choosing a photo, putting a text into consideration or discussing whether the best thing to do is advertising on Instagram or advertising on Google , what you should do is study the audiences, the settings, the language, the competitors and trends. This will increase the chances of success.

2. Define indicators to measure the result
Each campaign that is planned must have a clear and coherent set of indicators from the beginning, which later allow to evaluate its performance and performance. You will say to us: “Why think about metrics from so early?” Basically, because by doing it that way you will condition the action and fight for a result. Designing with a goal in mind is better than designing without one. Missing this point would take you to the wild card of marketers : counting people reached and clicks. A shame Today, settle for branding actionsIn the digital world, it is very little ambition. Digital scenarios offer many possibilities to measure the effectiveness of an action, therefore, focusing only on reach, impacts or clicks means giving up the most interesting possibilities of these spaces. But we are not inviting you to complication. Definitely not. We are not looking to add complex and ultra-sophisticated metrics to advertising for the simple fact that it can be done. What we want is for you to think about what your business needs and add the correct metrics to the effort from the beginning, with a lot of intelligence and with a fixed eye on what you want to achieve. That simple task will make sense of the advertising you intend to activate.

3. Rigorously analyze the results obtained in the past
The assignment of indicators —which we have just suggested in the previous point— will be of no use if a quantitative and qualitative analysis of each past campaign is not then carried out and improvements are concluded for the one you plan for. We have to dare to navigate data and draw conclusions in order to improve. Let’s lose the fear of exporting the data and having fun with it in an Excel chart. Yes, it can be fun! You just have to free yourself from fear or laziness. Once you know it, you will not get out of it. Let’s extract valuable information from every previous effort to perfect the future. That is the only way to learn and optimize the subsequent results. Consequently, after establishing the critical metric for the campaign that you are creating, the next step is to go to the previous efforts to come up with the ideas that will help you make better decisions and to project what you want. As a recommendation, to reduce the learning curve, you could hire the help of external analysts with more experience in interpreting the information, to accompany you in reading the data produced by your old campaigns. If you are interested in taking that route and shortening the path, we can help you . Let’s talk.

4. Simplify as much as possible
The fourth step is to reduce everything to its minimum expression to make it digestible and usable. Much has been made of how powerful simple can be, but few internalize it as an essential attitude to marketing and business. “Less is more”, we constantly read on social networks, and yes those words are right on the subject that brings us together. The easier your ad campaign is to understand, the better. Simplicity and clarity! That should be everyone’s mantra. Do not design complex actions to follow. Do not threaten your own results by loading your campaigns with complexity. Now, it is important to emphasize that simple does not mean lacking in ingenuity. There are very simple messages and languages ​​that have a high impact on the markets.

5. Design a package of advertising pieces that are attractive to the target audience
Now, let’s dive into the direct tasks of advertising creation. Designing the message is the first of the challenges. To do it with sufficiency, our best advice is that you worry about understanding the attitude that people have in each of the media or platforms in which you will advertise – studying their particularities and characteristics. With this exercise you will be closer to creating a successful campaign. You cannot equate advertising on Google Ads Search – which will be displayed to people with an obvious search attitude – with advertising on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube – which will be displayed to people clearly interested in socializing or consuming content. Creating good advertising pieces is the fifth step and goes beyond taking images, videos or copies.creative and surprising. To create good pieces you need to understand the motivations and behaviors of those who will be impacted by the advertising action. In addition, it should be taken into account that the attention spans of the audiences are short, therefore, the transmission of the message must be efficient. We advise this so that those in charge of planning advertising actions pay special attention to three critical aspects of part design: (i) the image must be powerful, surprising, simple and, as far as possible, change frequently to avoid that audiences get used to it; (ii) the call to action must be clear, impulsive and easy, and (iii) the text that accompanies the ad must complement the image, provide reasons and give explanations of what will happen when people click.

6. Bring the prospect closer to conversion
With research, a metric in the head, an analysis of the past, a simplification process and an optimal ad package we can move to the next level: choosing the landing page of the advertising.

The click in the ad campaign should be seen as a transition stage and should be planned to catapult the prospect into a phase very close to achieving conversion. The further from the final step you send the prospect, the lower the conversion rate. So, the priority issue here is that you understand that the success of your digital advertising action will largely depend on where you lead the user. Directing him to a destination full of options and distractions will work against you. So this stage is crucial, because it poses the challenge of discussing the expected consumer journey to improve action planning. Just in case, choosing a website’s home page as a landing place for an advertising action is a horrible idea. Basically, because any conversion initiative will be overshadowed by the multiple navigation paths that a home page usually offers. If you’re driving ad clickers back to the home page, chances are they will scatter and miss out on converting them to customers.

7. Have people outside the business review your digital advertising campaign
A fresh, decontaminated pair of eyes can go a long way when building a digital advertising campaign. People who are strangers to the daily life of the company can contribute a lot, avoid mistakes and help to perfect the message. A look of affection will see what you, with your heart fully in the brand, surely will not perceive.

It is very common for those who build the campaign to get used to the message, have it clear in their head and take things for granted that are not obvious to those who will receive it. For campaign designers, everything is always in the right place and they are blind to glaring mistakes. Allowing an external look that questions, with a constructive attitude, is worth it. Even in the most optimized and best-planned strategies, opportunities may be wasted or making mistakes that are in the light of everyone but hidden from the designer. Consequently, the seventh step that we propose is: take your ideas and advertising pieces and send them to a regular consumer of your products or services and tell them to give you feedback. Did you get the message? Did the idea of ​​moving on the conversion journey sound familiar to you? Do you like the trip? If any of the answers is negative, touch correct or start over.

8. Experiment without fear
Did you get past the filter of a third party? Did you manage to get to this point on the first try? Congratulations, it’s not normal. Then it was time to expose yourself to the market and experiment. Traditional advertising was created under a business model in which intermediaries — designers, agencies, media centers, etc. — were mandatory. For its part, the digital one, took another route. Digital advertising platforms facilitated and promoted self-management. And, in addition, they simplified the trial and error process. In the new world of marketing , rehearsal is not a mistake; on the contrary, it is a success. Today’s advertising platforms are extremely simple, very intuitive and permissible. Today little knowledge is required to create and manage an advertising effort. There is no one with a deeper understanding of customers and their needs than the company, so take the risk to test, optimize and learn. Dare to self-manage your advertising actions and work hard to find the channel, message, format and landing page that offer the best results for your business. Never get tired of experimenting.

9. Always do remarketing
Take remarketing seriously . The possibilities offered by this type of advertising actions are unmatched. If a person visited your website, if they reviewed your product or service offering and didn’t decide right away, you could give them that final push. If the client already gave you that first click, don’t let it escape. It is worth insisting with subtlety, go after him without noticing it, as if accidentally wanting to. The remarketing helps reinforce the brand in the minds of those who already know, to resolve the doubts of those who are in the process of decision making and reinforce the benefits of the product or service in susceptible people to become customers. Using remarketing is attacking prospects without wasting resources.

10. Complement advertising with organic actions
So far, you already have an active, optimized and running campaign. How to improve it? Putting all your digital assets to work towards the objectives. It takes nothing away from you and could add a lot to you. It is mandatory to complement the campaigns with organic activities on social media, on search engines and on the website. Facing the objectives from the greatest number of angles is a priority to improve the efficiency of a digital marketing activity . He works tirelessly in search of the results. Don’t fall short on the effort. To a large extent, success will depend on you.

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