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The 10 Instagram tips for companies that revolutionize your account

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The 10 Instagram tips for companies that revolutionize your account

More than five years ago, there was talk in digital marketing circles about a trend called visual social media . This movement began by promoting a shift towards more visual content on social networks and then progressed to an emphasis on platforms that gave priority to this content in digital ecosystems. From that moment the world, without thinking twice, turned to Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube and created the ideal environment for new platforms to emerge, such as TikTok, for example. Also, there were significant changes in the attitude of the communities, making them prefer to communicate with videos, memes and stickers . Faced with this reality, Nepal Phone Number List and their community managersthey were forced to open a greater space within their digital tools for visual platforms and to give more room in their editorial lines to more graphic content. Then began the vertiginous rise and expansion of everything that was visual in the digital world.

Today, the consolidation of that trend towards the visual is very evident and does not show any sign of a future slowdown. In fact, many of the lagging social networks had to adapt to it. For example, Facebook reacted in time and added ephemeral content, live video broadcasts and new image formats to its timeline. Twitter also had to wake up. The popular microblogging networkchose to make a complete GIF gallery available to its users and to give more space within the timeline to graphic content. Thus, one by one, little by little, they all had to struggle to adapt to the new preferences of the audiences. For some, a complex battle and for others, more natural; like Instagram and YouTube, which were the most benefited by this nascent interest in the visual.


Why was the visual imposed on social networks?
This question is easy to answer: by saving time. The key to the rise of these networks and content with emphasis on the visual was the saving of time offered to users for the consumption of information and, also, the comfortable experience that is lived when consuming them. People today have the feeling that they can inform themselves in less time by watching a video or looking at a short infographic than by reading a newspaper or a blog article. This increased the consumption of such content and caused an increase in its production, which led to a kind of vicious circle – or virtuous, depending on who you ask – in which people consume more of this content and, among all , we increase their production.

This preference for the production and consumption of visual content, and for the use of social Forex Email List that prioritize them, also benefited from the proliferation of mobile devices – with spectacular screens, quasi-professional cameras and very powerful integrated audio systems – and of the appearance of very elaborate technological tools for the manipulation of these contents. Today, thanks to advances in gadgets and software , it is very simple and inexpensive to take a high-quality photo or create a great video – with impeccable editing and with a production of the highest level. All these elements produced a huge explosion of multimedia and an expansion of its reach on social networks.

How to improve the performance of your business on Instagram? The best Instagram tips for companies There is no point in tearing one’s clothes because of the audience’s preferences for the visual. Nor is this the stage to discuss the whys of today’s people’s preferences — a topic that deserves a full article. It is a fact, the majority like to see more than to read; And before this, what we have to do is adapt and appropriate ourselves. To do so, we have proposed to show you ten tricks that will make your Instagram account stand out. It is a compilation of suggestions and concepts that will increase the efficiency with which this social network is used within your business, so that you get the most out of it:

1. Review the activity tab with intensity
The essential thing in social networks is not the publication, but the interaction. This we have repeated ad nauseam and it seems that now it is penetrating the minds of marketers . Before, the obsession was the message and the scope, but in recent years we have understood that the key is in the impact and involvement. For this reason, the manager of your business’s Instagram account should focus more on the activity tab in order to improve the performance of their actions. What is convenient now is the establishment of short cycles for the monitoring of comments, likesand the other interactions, in order to learn and not miss out on anything the community does — and hopefully those cycles are accompanied by a rigorous documentation of everything that happens. The only way to improve is by learning from each action.

2. Customize every detail of your biography
A memorable bio makes a difference on Instagram. People choose who to follow based largely on their bio. For this reason, it is worth investing a good time and doing many exercises to promote creativity when writing an attractive text, which has the right words, emoticons that enrich it and calls to action that engage the audience. The Instagram biography should talk about the business and its competitive advantage, the community to which the account is directed and the topics that will be addressed in the content. Finding that winning message is essential to achieve good results on the social network. Always remember that its simplicity and strength will be the keys to go from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

3. Take care of the text that accompanies each image, gallery or video
The creation of a publication for Instagram is a task that consists of two things: (i) the choice of the graphic piece and (ii) the writing of the text that will accompany it. Unfortunately, most community managers focus excessively on the first and forget about the second. The design of the text associated with each Instagram post has to be approached as a critical task for success, because it serves to provide context and deepen the scope and validity of the post. Yes, it is clear that the image, the gallery or the video are the focus of attention of the users, but the text and its labels are a powerful weapon to tell a good story, give depth to the message and raise the levels of involvement of the users. hearings.

4. Optimize the tags used in posts
The hashtags are the best tool we have Instagram to raise levels of distribution and exhibition of a publication. Tags are effective mechanisms to increase the reach and, therefore, the virality of published messages. Account managers must work hard on optimizing their tags to achieve good results on the social network. What do you need to focus on to succeed with hashtags on Instagram ? In three aspects: finding the correct amount for the business, discovering the ones that contribute the most and knowing how to use them within the text.

We have some additional recommendations for you to take ownership of hashtags : (i) create a list with the most appropriate tags for your business — reviewing which ones are the most used and followed by the community—; (ii) do not focus only on the hashtags that describe your products or services, also check the tags that are important to your business category and those that describe the interests of your audience; (iii) start exploring the impact of tags on your posts – to do so, first use a few and then increase the number until you find your ideal number; (iv) stay tuned to the content that is generated in the hashtagsthat you use, so that you don’t fall into content streams that are harmful to your reputation, and (v) resist the temptation to overload your posts with tags. Hashtag optimization is an exercise with a lot of trial and error, which must be supported by analytics to be efficient. Like everything in the digital world, getting it right is not a matter of quantity, but of quality.

5. Follow the labels associated with your brand, product or company
Since we are talking about hashtags , let’s look at that practice that is very common in Instagram users: converting the names – of people, products, brands or companies – into labels. We refer to that trend in which a business creates hashtags that include its brand, to give a personal touch to the labels. In itself, the idea is not bad, but it does bring with it some obligations. The community managers who create hashtags for business have to follow and monitor them to be aware of the content generated in them. It is also important to explain that creating and promoting these labels will help your business to support your message, but rarely will it give you greater reach.

6. Feed off community-generated content
Creating content is a daunting task; And if you want all your content to be original, don’t even mention it. The managers community intelligent management account Instagram rely on the environment to enhance the activity. It cannot be forgotten that the first allies for the construction and curation of content are: the organization’s team of collaborators and the clients who use or consume what it offers. Transforming the community that surrounds the business into a content provider is a very practical decision, which will make the account manager’s job easier and will increase engagement rates.

7. Implement a successful link posting mechanism
Is there any social network more egotistical than Instagram with the publication of links? No, none. It seems to Instagram that it hurts that we put links within the social network. In fact, it only allows us to put one – well, and in the stories it lets us put as many as we want, but only if we have more than ten thousand followers. For this reason, we have to be very clever to use that single link that the social network offers us in the biography. The recommended thing here is to use a tool like Linktree . Thus, we can multiply the number of links published and, also, we can monitor their behavior.

8. Add an analytics tool
Another issue where Instagram is really poor is analytics. Its metrics are rare and difficult to manipulate. Do you want to export them? Do you want to analyze them in custom periods? Do you need to make comparisons? Sorry, Instagram is not very suitable for this. Consequently, it is almost mandatory for businesses to hire a tool that extracts the data, stores it and then allows them to manipulate it. This is important because that data will give them clues about the interests of the audience, the best times to post, the impact of each post, etc. Which tool is the most recommended? There are many and with prices within everyone’s reach, but if they ask us to recommend one, we choose Iconoquare.

9. Surprise the audience with good ephemeral content
Instagram stories, used well, can become the best weapon for your business to engage with the market. They are versatile, fresh and disruptive; they have a preferential space within the application; and users love them. The ideal way to use stories correctly is to convey emotionally charged messages, explore new narratives, engage the audience and give them a close tone and language. Do not worry about how many is convenient, focus on the quality of the message to convey. Do not worry about the moment either, with time and with analytics you will find the moments that are correct for your community. Stories can transform your Instagram account into a real event – something that is difficult to achieve with a timeline.

10. Learn to take amazing photos and videos
The final tip is a compendium of tips. Instagram is a very visual network, therefore you must work on the quality of what is published in order to stand out — without saying that only image professionals will achieve and sustain success. Consequently, it is worth dedicating resources to honing your team’s skills in the complex art of photography and video production. How to do it? Training, acquiring good tools and experimenting a lot.

To help you in this difficult task, we want to share eight simple tips: (i) do not abuse the filters or the effects offered by the social network, protect and highlight the colors and light that were captured with the camera – natural has a charm that is very difficult to match—; (ii) when you go to capture an image or record a video, look for good lighting — morning and late afternoon offer the best atmospheric and light conditions to achieve good images; while noon is not recommended because it produces many shadows and its brightness is very difficult to control—; (iii) avoid using the camera flash and stay away from low light situations, make what you want to show visible and understandable; (iv) always place the hero of the message in the center or create a composition so that it stands out — it prevents external elements from distracting or taking away from the priority element of communication—; (v) for framing or shots of very close objects, it is preferable to avoid open spaces —fill the image with small metallic elements, these will enrich the photo or video and will not compete with the protagonist of the shot—; (vi) produce many explosions of color in your images and videos, saturate the images with colors and contrasts to catch the attention of audiences; (vii) pay close attention to the temperature of the image or video – check if your colors are warm or cold – it is important to convey the correct sensation, and (viii) always avoid images or videos against the light.

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