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Step by step to do SEO and achieve a good position in Google

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Step by step to do SEO and achieve a good position in Google

What do I have to do so that my business appears in the first places of Google? How to do SEO effectively? Those are, by far, the questions most asked by those who know little or nothing about digital matters. But this is not to say that the questions are not important or that those who document themselves in the digital world do not ask them daily. What we are trying to emphasize is that gaining positions in Google has become an obsession for marketers, entrepreneurs and business managers. Visibility in the search engine is the holy grail and the best management indicator for a digital team because this simple action is one of the most used thermometers to measure the Czech Republic Phone Number List work of an organization – the other thermometer, sadly, is the number of followers on social media. Well, since we are all so concerned with finding answers to how to do SEO – Search Engine Optimization , search engine optimization – , we decided to answer it in a short and understandable article. Noting two things: (i) that the important thing is not to gain the position but the click and (ii) that we will only focus on the basics, because search engine optimization is a very dense subject to summarize in two thousand words.

Let’s start with the simple, what few say
Even if we disappoint you from the outset, we have to tell you that search engine optimization is a medium or long-term bet. It is a tactic for the future. Businesses shouldn’t use SEO to deal with sudden circumstances. It is also important to understand that to develop this marketing activitydigital there is no magic bullet or shortcut that will yield results quickly. These shortcuts – which many “gurus” sell on the internet or in YouTube videos – are fraudulent techniques that cause a lot of damage in the long run; Because trust us, Google’s penalties are very severe when its algorithm is cheated – don’t get caught up in this algorithm concept, it’s just the ordered set of tasks that Google uses to rank pages in search results. search-. Yes, there are countless offers that claim that they will deliver you the first position of Google in a short time, we also see them daily and we are consumed with anger. Those that promise the gold and the Moor and that guarantee the position – by the way, nobody can promise you something that they do not control. A scam that many fall into because they offer them a result without clarifying that what they want is to cheat Google. Absolute irresponsibility! Tricksters who use black hat techniques to achieve the position at any cost – because they do not think in the future, but in the present.


¿ Black hat ? And what do you eat with? Simple. When working in SEO there are three paths: white, gray and black — known as white hat or white hat , gray hat or gray hat and black hat or black hat . The white route refers to optimization mechanisms that respect Forex Email List policies and guidelines and that do not use any kind of tool to shorten the path —those who use this route are the patient monks of SEO . The gray way is ethical and smart. The grays are the ninjas of SEO Those who use tools to do the job more efficiently. The black route is the one of danger, the one that skips everything to get the result. To understand it better, let’s imagine three people who want to go from one place to another using their car, the first one chooses the route and respects all traffic signs —this is the monk—; the second uses Waze for the tool to help him find the short way and then he walks it respecting all the rules — a ninja; and the third starts the car, presses the accelerator and violates all the rules. Yes, the last will come first, but at what cost? An accident? A thousand traffic violations?

What is SEO and why is it important in a digital project?
The SEO is a digital activity that is done to the website of the business is as high as possible on the Google results page. The objective is to get the position and the click on the keywords that are critical to the products or services offered by the company. Now that we understand what it is, let’s delve into its importance. The SEO became a priority for business because many people use search engines as a shortcut to find the products or services they need to find answers to your questions or to make purchasing decisions and use. In addition, all digital statistics confirm its value for companies. For example, the one that states that 83% of Internet users use search engines, or the one that says that 89% of consumers decide a purchase after consulting Google. Weren’t you enough our arguments? We have a full article on the reasons that justify SEO work in this age of social media . How to do SEO : the best tricks to get the position The starting point to start with the SEO of a website is to recognize that what you are looking for is not the position, but the click – yes, we already said it, but it is very important to emphasize it because many are obsessed with the position. In other words, the goal of optimization is not to appear first, but to attract people searching for a specific keyword or response to your website. When this is assimilated, the importance of the preliminary planning phases is perceived, those that dictate which are the critical keywords for the organization and the queries in which it must appear well located.

With keyword research at hand – if you do not understand what we are talking about, we recommend you watch this video in which we explain how to do keyword research , a preponderant input for the future of SEO work – the company can focus on the tasks to improve the position, which for order and method purposes we divide into three types: technological tasks, content tasks and popularity tasks. These three blocks of tasks must be worked equally, with momentum and without placing one above the others. We review them below: The 7 critical technological tasks to improve indexing in Google The first set of activities has a high technical component. Technology tasks seek to create a good relationship with search engines – particularly Google’s crawling bots . The mission at this stage is that everything is well explained, tagged, flagged and broken down so that the search engine understands it well and indexes it correctly – indexing is the process in which Google crawls and adds a website to its database. data-.

The seven technological tasks that your digital team must attend to quickly to improve your business relationship with Google are: Design a simple and consistent user experience . The website must be designed so that users enjoy their stay on it, quickly find the contents, navigate the sections with clear logic and do not have any difficulty in using it. In other words, a lot of work must be done on usability – seen as a process to improve the accessibility and navigability of the platform. The structure of the menus and the ordering of the contents within the website are two important assignments to overcome this first challenge. Prepare the site for mobile devices . The attitude of the website developers must be mobile first : the platform must be designed for mobile. Google warned, some time ago, that those sites that are not prepared to receive visitors from mobile devices will not have a good position on their results page. So if your site isn’t ready, don’t expect Google to show you in their results.

Choose attractive and unique titles and descriptions for each page . This, more than helping you improve your position, will help you get clicks. Titles and descriptions — known in web parlance as a page snippet — are simple, invisible lines of code that deliver additional information to bots and users. Those snippets are the fragments of the content that the user sees in the results, therefore they are directly responsible for the achievement of the click. Build a sitemap for Google . A sitemap will facilitate the indexing of the website in the search engine. The sitemap is used to show the search engine the hierarchies of the pages and the information architecture. Additionally, this map will allow website owners to have a direct conversation with the search engine, to indicate what is wanted and what is not wanted to be indexed. Use semantic tagging . The bots are machines that understand little or nothing. They are pieces of code that simply track and store data. Therefore, the more that is explained to them, the better. Developers must take care to explain the information to the bot so that it stores and categorizes it correctly. For this reason, force yourself to use semantic labels on images, videos, email addresses, titles, highlights, phones, addresses, people, and so on.
Improve the structure of URLs . This is silly, but there are still people who don’t care about URL structure. The address of a website must have a direct relationship with the content and be readable and understandable by the user.

Reduce loading times . If you want your pages to have good positions in the search engine, they have to load quickly. Simple and concrete: you will not improve if your page is heavy. Therefore, spare no effort, work on the size of the images, the simplicity of the code and the structure of the content. Light and agile sites are appreciated by users and search engines. The 4 critical tasks to improve published content The second group is perhaps the most important: tasks related to website content. Although the content does not directly impact the ordering algorithm, it is proven that the higher the volume of quality content, the greater the chances of attracting quality traffic. This is why content creation is a crucial activity in learning how to do SEO . Since, in short, what a search engine indexes is precisely content.

The four content tasks that deserve to be highlighted are: Use everyday tone, language, and vocabulary . It is necessary that the content is generated in the language that the audience uses, because those who choose the terms with which they will search in Google are them. Therefore, if you write with a different lexicon than the one your audience uses to search, the chances of getting the position in the results will be very low. Remember: what the search engine indexes are not the concepts, but the words. Use the keywords within the content . Embedding the terms in which you want to have a good position within the content is an elementary task. It is utopian to think that you will get a good position on a specific keyword if it is never used. Now, beware of the keyword stuffing trap —that obtuse technique that proposes filling a content with the keyword. Use the keyword when you have to use it. Do not abuse or force their inclusion to improve the density of the keyword in the content.

Maintain a constant frequency of publication . When working on the publication frequency, the bot is forced to visit and index the website more frequently. It is much better to do one post weekly than four posts on the first of the month. The frequency with which the search engine crawls your site affects the improvement of the position within the results page. Write content loaded with information . Google spokespersons have been emphatic on the importance of content extension in indexing and obtaining a good position. It is clear that Google rewards long content rich in valuable and original information. Texts with more than two thousand words are very well treated by the search engine. The 3 tasks to increase the popularity and authority of a website The last set of tasks relates to the business’s efforts to improve the popularity of the website. According to the evangelizers of Google, this group of activities has the greatest influence on the sorting algorithm. But beware, popularity cannot be confused with the volume of traffic a website receives. Popularity focuses on how influential or popular your content is on the internet. How is this degree of influence calculated? Simple, Google has historically used links as a mechanism to recognize the trustworthiness and authority of a website. This is why the greater the number of links, the greater the chances of climbing positions within the results page. The logic is very simple,

The three priority tasks to improve the popularity and authority of a website are: Earn links from important sites . The best way to get these links is with outstanding content. The idea is not to buy links or lobby for major internet players to link to you. The idea is to achieve them with actions that you control and that can be sustained over time. What is needed is not a link for a short period of time, but an honest and lasting link, and that is only achieved with quality content.
Distribute your content on social networks . This task is similar to the previous one. In essence, if you work on the content, the public will reward you by sharing it on social networks. In addition, the team has to constantly work to improve the visibility of the content on the social profiles of the business.
Balance the links between all the pages of the website . Crosslinks within a website – those links that carry traffic from one page to another within the same website – must be reviewed and controlled to maintain a balance in the authority of all pages. It is not that it is wrong to concentrate authority on a single page, it is simply better to maintain a balance so that the transfer of authority to new pages is an easier process.Once all this is done – which is a monumental and exhausting effort – the organization will be able to move on to the following phases within the SEO process : measuring progress and results, and improving the click rate. The first refers to tracking the position of the website on each of the important keywords and monitoring the volume of traffic achieved and its quality. The second focuses on trying to attract the highest possible percentage of searches for a specific keyword, because the important thing is not the position, but the click – yes, we are unbearable with this topic.

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