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Sports fans more willing to engage with brands that support their teams

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Sports fans more willing to engage with brands that support their teams

The relationship between viewers of sports practices and social networks is very close, so much so that not only do the former use the latter to keep up to date with what is happening in the matches of their favorite teams or to know the latest transfer movements, but also They also connect on those social networks with other followers of their favorite teams and sports to talk about them. According to a Catalyst study , sports fans are core fans of and on social media as well. Facebook is the most popular social mobile number owner name in pakistan for users who want to talk about sports on social networks: 75% use it to talk about sports. It is followed, although at a quite remarkable distance, by YouTube (with 52%), Twitter (with 37%), Google + (with 33%) and Instagram (with 17%).

But the Catalyst analysis not only highlights the fact that sports fans talk about them on social media but also the frequency and importance they give to sports conversation on social networks. On the day of a sporting event featuring their team of choice, users increase the frequency of use of the different social networks. Thus, that day, they enter 6 times more than usual on Facebook, 5.6 times more on Twitter, 4.4 more on Instagram, 4.1 more on Vine, 2.7 more on Pinterest and 2.5 on Youtube. The relationship between social networks and sports not only affects how they consume information or how and when they talk about their favorite teams and sports, it also modifies the way they perceive brands in their relationship with them. Thus, a brand that knows how to talk about sports and is committed to gambling issues achieves a much closer relationship with these consumers and, above all, increases their engagement .


The study confirms that sports lovers are much more willing to commit to a brand that claims to follow or support a team . Half of the respondents would like a brand like this. The relationship with sport also touches on the actions that companies take: 43% of those surveyed would follow a brand that runs prizes with sports-related prizes and 44% would Forex Email List support a cause or a charitable action that had the support from your favorite sports club. Conquering these consumers is quite important because, once done, they are quite open to continuing the conversation with the brand. 80% assure that they will act beyond following or liking the profile of a brand, 46% talk about it, 38% share its content and 35% buy the products of that brand.

It can determine luck or failure The interest of sports followers in social networks had already been demonstrated in practice as well. Big brands make efforts to capitalize on, for example, big sporting events to make them impact their brand. The Soccer World Cup had, for example, an impact on social networks of 815 million interactions on Facebook and moved 300 million tweets globally . Companies like Google created a specific infrastructure even to be better and more positioned in the associated social content: they had a special website on which they published trends and data (based on an analysis of their high volumes of data) and they did it in a way that could quickly turn into a tweet or a status change on Facebook. In fact, and although the World Cup was broadcast on television, it was social networks that capitalized on consumer interest and where the event was ‘lived’ . Key moments of the World Cup, such as one of Messi’s goals, achieved figures as high as over 236,000 tweets in just one minute.

But examples of the importance of social networks in the world of sports are not only associated with major sporting events or moments that attract millions of dollars of attention on Facebook or Twitter. Social networks have shown that they can be the key element for the failure or success of an initiative. It all depends on whether or not you know how to understand the new playing field. This is what has happened with El chiringuito de jugones , one of the sports programs that has received the most echo on television in Spain in recent years. Part of the secret of their success – if not everything – is in how they have been able to use social networks. The broadcast is a leader in what has been dubbed a social share and that could be translated as an audience on social networks. They have become a machine for creating trending topics and have achieved a loyal audience, despite their name and chain changes. In addition, they have understood the potential of the internet and the program can be followed online without geographical limitations.

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